Chairs are people, too, my friend!!

Even with a screwed-up computer, you didn’t think I could pass up commenting on the Rethuglican National Convention, did you, kids?ย  How hilarious was it that Clint Eastwood’s chair was less wooden that Mittsie?

From the Chicago Tribune:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Months of careful planning for the Republican National Convention were hijacked by actor Clint Eastwood as traditional and social media erupted in a frenzy of scratched heads and parodies that experts said largely overshadowed presidential contender Mitt Romney’s moment in the spotlight.

Eastwood’s rambling, unscripted address at Thursday’s convention to an absent President Barack Obama in an empty chair inspired an instant satirical Twitter account, @InvisibleObama, that quickly went viral, demonstrating the power of social media to upset tightly scripted image control.



Original DVD cover

Some 30.3 million Americans watched Thursday’s prime time addresses on cable and broadcast television, according to final Nielsen data.

But by Friday, it was “Dirty Harry” star Eastwood’s performance that was capturing the popular attention. The Twitter hashtag #eastwooding – mostly pictures of empty chairs – was also one of the top-trending topics on the microblogging site on Friday.

Paul Levinson, professor of media and communication studies at Fordham University and author of the book “New New Media,” thought Eastwood’s performance was “the biggest story by far from the convention, including Romney’s speech.”


Marty Kaplan, professor of politics and pop culture at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School, said Republican planners were likely regretting they had invited Eastwood to speak.

“They’re having to spend a huge portion of the time that ought to be a celebration of (Romney’s) convention, and instead they’re doing damage control. It’s a distraction and I can’t imagine they’re happy about that,” Kaplan told Reuters.


In a world of political advertising, image control and political spin, the power of social media as exemplified by the Eastwood parodies was “a very healthy thing for democracy,” Levinson said.

“You can’t program social media. You can put up YouTube videos and set up Twitter accounts and Facebook pages but there is always something unpredictable that goes viral and that carries the day as to what the public takes away,” he said.

Kaplan described Eastwood’s appearance as “the juiciest thing” to come out of the convention. “When you use pop culture and Hollywood and those kind of figures, you’re licking the razor, you’re taking a risk, and politics, to some degree, is about controlling risk,” he said.


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  1. Hey, I blogged about this, too!

    Also, it’s a new day when I am notified of your post via Facebook. That’s a first!

    • i think everyone blogged about this. i’m way late, but it takes forever to make a poster, because i have to keep saving changes every minute in case the computer turns itself off without warning.

      i was wondering if anyone even saw the links at fb, now i don’t feel like i put a link there for nuthin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I love the title. cute play on the li(n)e.

    This was all really, really weird. If the convention was going to be this weird, anyway, why not let Gov. Palin speak? She would have fit right in!

    • thanks, wken! i was going back and forth between this title and the manchairian candidate.

      i think it’s hilarious that they didn’t invite princess sarah, because they didn’t want her to take attention away from mittsie. good thinkin’ on choosing ol’ clint instead. i guess they figured they had their teabagger bases covered with ryan and the idiot governors they had speaking.

      by the way, did you hear that faux news is thinking of not renewing princess sarah’s contract? seems like she doesn’t pull in enough ratings to be worth the $1 mil they pay her. she’ll probably work for free, because faux news is her lifeline. i suspect she’ll be nothing more than a trivia question very soon. that is, unless willow gets knocked up.

      • It’s about time her 15 minutes came to an end.

        She has long overstayed her welcome.

        • her 15 minutes should never have occurred in the first place. i can’t think of anyone less deserving of all the attention she got. how sad is it that she has to send her totally untalented and not too bright daughter onto reality shows just to remain relevant.

      • jeb

        The Manchairian Candidate //spews water through nose on keyboard//

  3. Oh Nonnie we need to take up a collection to get you a new computer. However will we get through the election without you?

    • I like the crowd signs in the background — 1% and $ and TEA…..

      Nonnie, you might want to consider the collection idea. A computer is only a few hundred dollars. If you put a “donate” button on your site you might actually get there.

      • thanks for noticing the signs, infidel. they were a last minute addition.

        you’re a sweetheart, but there’s no need for a collection. i love you guys for looking out for me, but everything will work out. see my reply to elyse.

    • you’re so sweet, elyse, but i really don’t need a new computer. this computer is new (and it is soooo cool-looking!). my son built it, as he did my 2 or 3 former computers. when it works, it’s fabulous. the problem is that it keeps turning off without warning. it’s probably a problem with the power source. my son will fix it, but he has to take it with him. that means i’ll be without a computer for a week. i was supposed to borrow my sister’s laptop, but she can’t find it.

      what breaks my heart more than this computer not working as it should is the fact that i still don’t have my image files from my old computer. my son is still working on figuring out how to get those back. he’s a computer genius, but he works so many hours he doesn’t have time to actually do all of that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      all that said, i’ll do the best i can with what i have. we’ll still have fun. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m so glad you weighed in on this, nonnie! Love the cover art! Brilliant. The Republicans reliance on rich white guys to tell their story is a bad idea. I’d love to read a Republican’s take on that.

    • and i’m so glad you visited, sds! oh, how i miss my wonderful raisinettes when i don’t get here often enough!

      i think it’s hilarious that the rethugs had minority speakers, and then they’d pan the audience, and everyone was white!! the people who really should have been speaking for the party were the billionaires who were comfortably ensconced in the expensive seats upstairs.

  5. maybe, it was so that attention would be diverted from mitt. romney is one dull bulb. what if he had delivered his boring address and no one had said anything the next morning? at least this way, mitt gets talked about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • i don’t think they’re smart enough for that to have been a strategery for getting the focus off mittsie, fotc. the focus has always been off mittsie, because he’s so damned uninteresting. he’s phony and more wooden than clint eastwood’s chair.

      • have your computer guy check the “sleep” setting on your computer. i had one that would go to “sleep” at most inappropriate times.

        • elizabeth3hersh

          It could also be over-heating…you may need a computer fan. My daughter’s computer shuts down regularly when she is uploading loads of pics. HP has a model that doesn’t overheat (or so they say).

          • it’s not overheating, because it’ll turn itself off when it hasn’t been on overnight. i think it has something to do with a special little gizmo he put in there to make sure that it doesn’t get fried if there’s a power surge. the message i get when i turn it back on indicates it’s something like that.

        • my computer guy is my son, fomlpoma (fruit of my loins, pain of my ass). it’s not that, because it’ll turn off quite often right after you turn it on. it’ll be okay sometimes for hours and hours, and other times, it’s turning off every few minutes. there’s no rhyme or reason.

  6. Nothing quite like an imaginary opponent to match their imaginary solutions. Obama’s response was perfect and I want him to keep his seat! Thanks nonnie! What can we do about your computer?

    • hey apples!! ๐Ÿ˜€ i read an interesting article about how an empty chair was a method of psychological therapy back in the 1940s. i think that’s fitting. their ideas are out of some fictional 1950’s sitcom, so why not borrow their embarrassing display from the past?

      as for the computer, i’ll keep smacking it to get it to turn on again, and the raisinettes can cross their fingers for me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. fran

    Fern E. Chure!
    Ha! Nonnie you are hilarious!
    Loved the part where Eastwood goes off on the “Tell Romney to go do what to himself?”
    The camera panned out across the crowd & some of the Stepford Women had looks of shock & disgust on their faces.
    How will they explain what Eastwood just said during primetime to the children ????
    If the Dems did a similar thing, they’d be flooding complaints to the FCC about inappropriate insinuations. But for the GOP, it was *just good fun*.

    The GOP has a penchant for unqualified has-been actors- Aaahrnold,
    Jesse Ventura, (although he was an “Independent”, may as well have been a repug). and of course the biggest actor of them all– St. Ronnie.

    I hope you can get some computer magic done to make it behave/live again.

    By the way– the chair has a higher rating in the polls!

    • i was hoping someone would notice fern e. chure! ๐Ÿ˜† i wracked my brain to try to think of some name that would work for the chair.

      i was surprised to see some of the men in the audience looking shocked at what eastwood said while the other star-struck idiots looked like teenagers at a justin bieber concert.

      there are so many hilarious tweets about the chair. i think eastwood did the dems a huge favor. that’s all anyone is talking about.

  8. maggiejean

    So happy to have this post and am happy with anything you manage to put together. I agree with Elyse. We need to take up a collection or something. We need you to help us get through this election.

    btw, Fern E. Chure? LOLOLOL

    • oh, sweet maggiejean, i love my raisinettes. so generous. i thank you and everyone else who wants to help, but you can see from my reply to elyse that the computer problem will eventually be solved. i would like a new countertop and sink in my kitchen though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Well, it’s been an interesting few days sofa as I’ve watched Clint throne to the lions. I think it was La-Z_Boy thinking on the GOP’s part to let Eastwood ramble. But I love anything that makes Mitt take a back seat to controversy. (Okay, that one was a bit lame.) But maybe it’ll work to Obama’s divan-tage. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Okay, I think I hurt myself there. I gotta go rest my overheated brain.
    Love the poster. And I think a collection would be GREAT. Heck, I’d even pay for it! (Well, not much, ’cause I’m broke, but every little bit counts, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    • someone was reading your comment over my shouder, john, and loved it. i would tell you who it was,but i don’t want to be a stool pigeon. i thoroughly enjoyed your comment, too, so 3 chairs to you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Bill Ender

    Love the mini-pachyderm in the seal, Nonnie! Details rule!


    • hello bill ender,

      welcome to the raisin! ๐Ÿ˜€

      i’m all about the details. i love to stick little things into the posters to see if anyone catches them. i’ve used that seal in color several times before. i really enjoy reworking the studio logos, so i’m very happy when someone else appreciates them.

      hope you’ll visit again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. elizabeth3hersh

    Eastwoodโ€™s shtick was more entertainment than substance and a little too puerile for my tastes…alas, I hit the fast-forward button and missed the bulk of his โ€˜speech.โ€™ I have a hard time viewing/digesting/participating in any event that involves applause and nauseating adulation (kudos to Obama for doing a more effective job of masking his ego…not even sure he had an ego before becoming president). Conventions more resemble sporting venues than academic affairs (we are not there to learn…anything?). What surprised me most was my expectation to enjoy Rubio and detest Ryan…quite the opposite, I found myself (somewhat) cheering Ryan at the end of his speech as I found him far more rousing and charismatic (basing this on emotions only and not the issues). My daughters were just howling in the car two nights ago reflecting on how โ€œMama is a vegetarian environmentalist, Whole Foods shopper, who vehemently rails against corporate American…and yet will vote Republican if she likes the candidate…HAHAHAHA!!!!โ€ So there you have it. Well, I did watch Rachel Maddow the other night (thank you nonnie for MSNBC) and found her intelligent and engaging. That said, I am sorely tempted to write in my candidate of choice: Michael Bloomberg (whom I might applaud [once] and then sit down and listen).

    • i only saw parts of the convention. i watched eastwood’s monologue on youtube. i can’t classify it as entertainment, because i thought it was boring and not at all funny. that said, i think the aftermath is friggin’ hilarious!! i was never an eastwood fan, but i might write him a fan letter, because he’s unleashed the funniest political story in recent history.

      i didn’t see the rubio or ryan speech. i honestly can’t stand either one of them. when i hear rubio, i wonder (as a resident of floriduhhhh) what the hell he’s done to merit so much attention. he hasn’t done a damned thing as a senator. how sad is it that just being hispanic qualifies you to be considered as vice president? as for ryan, he’s a liar, plain and simple. when you can’t even tell the truth about your marathon time, then how can you ask people to listen to you ramble on for an hour? besides, something about his wife creeps me out, and i don’t think i would have survived the cuts to her sitting in pure adulation of her husband (by the way, if it was up to me, no spouses or kids of the candidates would be allowed inside the convention hall, let alone on the stage).

      i wish more conservatives were like you, elizabeth. you’ve take some harsh criticism here at the raisin, but you continue to keep an open mind and state your case eloquently. i respect that, even when i disagree with you. i think the other raisinettes do, too. i’m very glad that you’ve been watching rachel maddow. i admit that sometimes, i get bored watching her, but when there’s an issue i don’t understand, she explains it better than anyone else. she’s very smart and i think she’s pretty fair.

      as for bloomberg, he doesn’t thrill me at all, but i completely and wholeheartedly agree with him when it comes to the gun issue.

  12. Nonnie –

    We need to start a fundraiser to get you another computer.



    • thanks for looking out for me, 10G, but see my reply to elyse above. of course, if people really want to send me money, i’d like to redo my bathroom! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Clint Eastwood, who supports same-sex marriage, has had an illustrious TV and movie career spanning some 60 years. His directorial talents are without a doubt. His performance in 1992’s ‘Unforgiven’ reexamined the violence in westerns and deconstructed and demythologized it. Eastwood’s stunt in Tampa — empty chair, stream of consciousness, represents a sad end to an important and unique, American entertainment career.

    • i’ve never been a clint eastwood fan. i always found him a bit creepy. that said, i have enjoyed some of his movies. i won’t lose any sleep knowing that he’ll now be known for that pathetic comedy routine instead of the film work he’s done.

  14. Woo hoo! I go on vacation for two weeks and return to find you back in the saddle! Hi Nonnie!!!

  15. LOVE this one. Hilarious. Poor Clint. At least he’s more entertaining than Mittens.

  16. I haven’t been here in ages, but the humor has not changed one bit. Love it! Keep up the great work, Nonnie.

    • omigosh!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ it really has been ages!! what a great and happy surprise to see you here, zirgar! i hope that you are well. please come back whenever you can. โ™ฅ