Peggington Noonington Flutters Her Eyelids…

…and that’s never a good thing.


Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan denounced Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in a blistering blog post on Tuesday.

Noonan, who has been increasingly agitated over the GOP candidate’s missteps –notably saying she thought he “looks like Richard Nixon” — used the scandal over Romney’s comments about the “47 percent” to give him a talking-to.



Original movie poster

Speaking about Romney’s leaked fundraiser video, she wrote, “This is not how big leaders talk, it’s how shallow campaign operatives talk.”

Noonan said that the misstep was indicative of a broader rot within the campaign:

It’s time to admit the Romney campaign is an incompetent one. It’s not big, it’s not brave, it’s not thoughtfully tackling great issues. It’s always been too small for the moment.

Ironically, Mittsie’s campaign is very cheesy and is lacking in grit.


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56 responses to “Peggington Noonington Flutters Her Eyelids…

  1. jay

    It seems shame is one of the many emotions this cheesy twit can’t experience.

  2. Romney has declared the video debunked since it’s all true and he owns it. Half of America is REALLY lazy and not self-made like him. Now wait a second, he’s gotta find another shit pile to step in. πŸ™„

  3. I thought I had heard someone else call his campaign “embarassing”, but maybe the reporter was paraphrasing.
    I think the new GOP logo should be a roll of duct tape, since a mute Romney might actually win….. πŸ˜€

    • a lot of rethug talking heads are calling his campaign embarrassing and worse. i think even faux news is going to have a problem defending him. i just hope that his constant screwing up affects the down-ticket races.

      i think i’m going to buy stock in popcorn futures.

  4. I love it!

    Thanks Nonnie for letting me know about this poster, it’s fantastic!



    • i have to let you know, my dearest 10G. you and dcAp have the trademark on peggington noonington. every time i see her on tv, i expect the moderator to address her by that name. πŸ˜†

  5. Sherry Shirk

    Opening Owl tonight and finding you and your poster was like early Christmas. What a gift!

    • i was hoping you’d be at nightowl tonight so i could surprise you. hell, i surprised me, because i honestly didn’t know i was going to post at the big orange today. 😯

      mmmmwwaaahhhhhh!!!! love ya, kiddo! β™₯

    • wow! the cheesy grits remark was all the way back in march? time flies when you’re having a meltdown! oh, how i miss george carlin. i completely agree with him about grits. they look gross. i remember driving down from new yawk to floriduhhh to visit my grandparents on winter vacation and stopping at restaurants in the south and getting grits. we didn’t order them, but they automatically came with breakfast. to this day, i’ve never tasted them.

  6. fran

    I’m loving the fact Mitt’s campaign is self imploding.
    He’ s so efficient, he’s offended just about everyone in one fell swoop.
    Funny, though HE should bring up paying taxes & personal responsibility….
    let’s talk about offshore & foreign bank accounts, Eh?

    • what boggles my mind is that they learned absolutely nothing from capt underpants’s disastrous campaign last time. the rethugs used to be really good at the mechanics. the mechanics masked their horrible policies. last time and this time, though, the policies smack you in the face, because they screwed up everything else. what they screwed up more than anything else is that they picked 2 guys who are just not that bright. i don’t care how many degrees mittsie has. i think his daddy must have bought and paid for them, because he’s not a thinker. as for eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan, he’s a cult member who only recites what he’s heard from other people.

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    I want to give an award to the person who taped Mitt’s hateful speech. Mitt’s imploding – what entertainment! Now I really have to question the intellect and psyche of anyone who’d vote for that man. What more are people waiting for from him? He’s already mistreated dogs, lied a gazillion times, insulted our global partners and most ethnic groups – does he have to drop a baby on its head?

    • hi sds! πŸ˜€ so sorry to take so long to reply. my niece is getting married, and my sister and i were running around taking care of her bridal shower stuff, the shower was yesterday, and it turned out really well.

      i’ll second your sentiment about the secret taper deserving an award. i love it that mittsie got punked by one of his own. unless, of course, it was one of the peons waiting on all the rich asswipes. that would be even more sweetly ironic.

  8. Robert

    Good to hear from you Nonnie,I hope you soon will have your computer fixed,so we can hear from you on a daily basis.Mitt just managed to to blow up his whole campaign,and thank you for the world looks a little brighter.P.S.hope your hand is all right.

    • thanks robert! πŸ™‚ the computer is still ailing, and i don’t want my son to take it for a week until i get an i-pad or something. i’d probably go into shock if i couldn’t get online for an entire week.

      it turns out that most of my hand problems are really tennis elbow. i discovered that, if i wrap a bandage tightly right beneath my elbow, the pain is a lot less. it’s still pretty sore, but it’s sooo much better than before. thanks for asking!

  9. Great one Nonnie. Poor Mitt – he simply can’t admit that he’s like the snob at the country club. It would seem easier for him to admit who he is rather than trying to be who he isn’t. Meanwhile, the 47% comment wasn’t a gaffe – it is simply a true statement on what he believes and what many in his party believe.

  10. FYI: Noonan blasted him again today (Friday).

  11. You know, Peggy is right –“it’s how shallow campaign operatives talk.” And she is the master.

    that poster is brilliant.

    • thanks elyse! πŸ™‚

      i very rarely agree with peggington noonington, and i can barely stand looking at her. she’s as phony as the rMoneys. however, in this case, i agree with her wholeheartedly. the dems need to just step out of the way and allow all the rethugs to sling arrows at each other.

  12. distributorcap

    as the wheels come off the bus (in the car elevator) of the romney campaign, all Mittens can do is say “we dont need a re-set, things are going great” – (this week on 60 minutes) – and he gave his staff bonuses for the bang up job at the RNC (i think i will put an empty chair in my boss’ office and ask for a bonus)

    he is a true CEO of a vulture capitalist firm – he knows it all and just knows the deal will be closed – despite what the world is showing or what Peggington says.

    i dont know who is more delusional – Mittens or Palin? these are Klingons orbiting Uranus.

    when mittens wakes up on Nov 7 i bet he will think the contract for his presidency will be on the desk – as Ann of a Thousand Days serves him his coffee — oops Mormons dont drink coffee

  13. jeb

    As Andy Borowitz noted the other day, Mitt is one politician who could really use a good sex scandal right now.

  14. Nonnie. So glad to see you out and about (so to speak). I am willing to wager a rather large bet that it was one of the “help” that video taped the Mitt 47% event. The questions from the guests were as horrifying as Mitt’s answers. I can just hear the sotto voce chatter of the wait staff as they seethed with anger over being talked about as if they weren’t in the room and than summarily held in contempt. I have a feeling there will be more to come about this jerk because Mittens was speaking from the heart. I’ve never seen him so relaxed and in his element. Thanks for putting your very special spin on his absurdity.

    • i was very surprised to see that there was not an orchestrated attempt by the “help” to suddenly trip and spill hot coffee on some very prosperous laps.

  15. Heh-heh — “Peggington Noonington”. πŸ™‚

    • i got that from distributor cap and tengrain from mock, paper, scissors. they always call her that, and that’s the name that comes to mind when i see her.