Chrissy Boy

From CAMPAIGN 2012 at The Washington Post:

SAYREVILLE, N.J. — Since Hurricane Sandy devastated his beloved state, Chris Christie, the bombastic, shout-first-worry-later Republican, has gone soft on President Obama.

When a resident in this hard-hit town approached Christie on Wednesday to complain that FEMA had failed to help his neighborhood in the past, the governor assured him that his buddy in the Oval Office would make it right.

“Don’t you worry, pal,” said Christie […] “I will be with the president this afternoon.”

Hurricanes are scary!!


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The sudden love-in between Christie and Obama entered its second day Wednesday, when the two surveyed the destruction from helicopters that glided over submerged streets, blown-out windows, and homes flattened and aflame. They walked together and posed for photos with locals and schoolkids along the coast, with Christie taking the lead, connecting physically and emotionally and acting like the president’s ambassador to his cherished New Jerseyans.


At a subsequent news conference in front of a pile of boats at the Brigantine marina, Christie thanked the president for their “great working relationship” and said Obama had “sprung into action immediately.”

Christie would spring into action, too, but his springs broke about 100 pounds ago.

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A Springsteen-quoting Jersey native, Christie has won the hearts of conservatives for pushing tough fiscal measures, including deep cuts that were setbacks for unions, through a Democratic legislature. He has also relished his role berating anyone and everyone who stands in his way.

That has often included the president. As a leading surrogate for Republican Mitt Romney, Christie has been a regular critic of Obama on the campaign trail.

At a Romney rally 10 days (and a seeming lifetime) ago, the governor offered that Obama is “blindly walking around the White House looking for a clue,” adding that “he’s like a man wandering around a dark room, hands up against the wall, clutching for the light switch of leadership, and he just can’t find it.”

Now he is more apt to describe his relationship with Obama as “wonderful,” as he did in the aftermath of the disaster.

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Whether or not there is a political motivation here for the governor, there is certainly a potentially big benefit. Insofar as he is talked about as a serious contender in the 2016 presidential race — he nearly took the plunge this year — putting himself above politics to help his home state in a time of disaster is the sort of thing that voters tend to admire.

The friendship is also not a bad development for Obama. With only a week until the election, the president doesn’t seem to be the least bit bothered to have one of the most charismatic figures in the Republican Party at his side. The obvious odd man out is Romney.


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33 responses to “Chrissy Boy

  1. I like the way Gov. Christie handed it too Fox & Friends.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how he is being vilified in the GOP? Because he is doing his job? Because he is cooperating helping encouraging the President who has the power (and God help us will KEEP it) to help him. This just demonstrates how self-absorbed the GOP is. They just don’t give a damn about their people, it’s just about their offices and their ideology.

    • what’s even more amazing is that there are idiots out there who watch that and still refuse to admit that the rethugs care only about having power, not about the people they’re supposed to represent.

      • KarenZipdrive

        I just adore that the most palatable Republican on the scene today has to avoid wearing black and white clothing lest he be recaptured by SeaWorld and dropped back in the Shamu tank.
        I also adore that the teabaggers in their tinfoil hats are starting to be ignored by the rank and file GOP. Wimps like Grover Norquist, Karl Rove and the Palin family of grifters may soon be relegated to the same no-man’s land that Dan Quayle and George W, Bush were exiled to after they proved to be utter morons.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio

    I agree with Elyse. So what if Christie has been effusive with his praise? My gosh, this world is filled with the most cynical people and most of them are in the Republican party.

    • it’s not cynicism, sds, it’s selfishness. they only care about keeping their cushy jobs and getting their handouts from big business. i’m a pretty cynical person, and i can’t stand chris christie. however, even i can admit that he really does care about his state and the people who live there.

  4. Hey Nonnie, I love Christie’s expression, too funny. As Jon Stewart said, he came down from BS mountain because he had to, for once, confront reality. All the best.

    • hey cynical (and peerless) one! christie is big enough to be a bs mountain all on his own. jon stewart was correct. christie had no choice but to get off his high horse, push his partisanship to the back burner, and help new jerseyans. like i said to sds, i can’t stand the man, but i think that he’s doing what he’s doing mostly for the right reasons. of course there’s a political calculation, but i’ll still give him credit for reacting correctly.

      • You know the old saw that conservatives are liberals who got mugged?

        Now it looks like the Republicans don’t welcome doses of reality. From TPers and Paulites who are trying to say that FEMA is worse than a hurricane to “Heck of a Job Brownie” asking what the hurry was to react, to the recent Mark Steyn column which called the storm “a stiff breeze” (I kid you not … 100+ death toll and that creep trivializes the storm), the whole thing is fantasy.

        For whatever reason, Gov. Christie is doing his job. Unlike Mitch McConnell, whose #1 priority was not doing his job, Christie remembered that he’s the governor of NJ, not a Republican, first.

        Christie also had the guts to stand up to Limbaugh, which no other Republican ever does. I’m not sure what that means about his 2016 aspirations. I kind of hope that it means Oxycontin Man is in decline.

        • the rethugs will have to deal with a big hunk of reality now, and they won’t like it at all! i almost wish i could stand to watch faux news, because the head explosions are gonna be so much fun to see. i wonder what injustice they’ll scream about. the poor things–their attempt at voter suppression might have backfired.

          • I saw a video of Karl Rove exploding at Fox for calling Ohio.

            I kind of hope that this will show that he’s good at spending lots and lots of money, but lousy at reaching human voters. I wouldn’t mind him going away and never coming back. I fear that that’s wishful thinking, though. If Dick Morris, who hasn’t been right in a single prediction that I can remember since changing parties, still gets on the air, all bets are off.

  5. I think the whole Christie/Obama thing is wonderful, no matter what Christie’s motivations. It’s about time a Republican actually worked in a bipartisan way. Of course it is to his benefit to do so, but still -it has to have offended the GOP “base” that would rather all of NJ sink into the ocean than make Obama look good.

    • the GOP “base” that would rather all of NJ sink into the ocean than make Obama look good.

      I have nothing to say that beats that, Mauigirl! Very well said.

      This is what leadership is supposed to look like. Putting aside differences to do their stinkin’ jobs when the world falls apart. That it offends anyone is beyond disgusting.

      • that reminded me of texas right after 9-11. high school football games weren’t cancelled. it’s like new yawk and the entire northeast are not considered the “real u.s.” in the eyes of many in the red states. they don’t realize that what happens on the eastern coast affects the entire country.

    • hey mauigirl! 😀 long time, no see!

      i agree that the new bromance is what should always happen. why do we have to wait for a disaster for rethuglicans to finally do something for the benefit of the american people?

  6. SO, answer a debate between my wife and I. Does Christie have his name and title embroidered on EVERYTHING he wears, so he can get instant recognition in the press, or because he keeps forgetting who the heck he is? 😉
    You know, I betcha they could take his bathrobes, shove a stick up through the middle, and house a family of four in each one… 😯 (Hey, I’m fat too, so I can call my own out! 😀 )

  7. Sedate Me

    Isn’t it swell that Boutros Boutros-Christie chose to do his job instead of acting like a partisan robot as so many others would in such a situation. He sure looks good next to what Romney’s doing, eh? (fake donation photo-ops, a-la Ryans fake photo-op at the soup kitchen)

    Sadder still, because of this he may surpass Romney as the Republican most hated by Republicans.

    • not only is rmoney a complete phony, he’s stupid, too. he showed his cards by only calling governors in the red states to see how they were doing. he just reinforced that he plans on being president for only a select few people.

  8. okjimm

    oh oh oh shit&whiskers…. that last photo was . ah. ah . ah FANTASTIC…. NO I CAN GO AND REALLY ENJOY A BEER! GOOD ON YOU!!

  9. Is it me or does it seem as if Romney pissed off Christie in some way? Rewind the interview on Faux News and pause on Christie’s face when the Fox interviewer asks him when Romney will “tour” the NJ devastation with the Govenor. Christie’s reaction was more than impatience with a stupid question, there was genuine disdain toward Romney. Me thinks something went down. But whatever it was, it works for me. Even an idiot can see that in times of crisis such as this, we all need to work together and anything else is just stupidity.

    See you election night, my friend. Get those cake balls ready and I am chilling the champagne! 🙂

    • i think the only reason christie agreed to give the keynote speech and endorse rmoney is that he saw it as his steppingstone to 2016. i don’t think he ever liked rmoney. mittsie is not his kind of guy. mittsie would have picked on christie in high school.

      the cakeballs are at the ready, chill that champagne!!! 😀

  10. Okay, Ms. Nonnie–I’ve got the champagne. How are those cake balls coming along? Whoo-hoo! 4 more years! 🙂

    • i made a whole new batch tonight! 😀 in fact, i just got home. what flavor would you like–chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, lemon, orange, carrot, pumpkin, funfetti? how about a couple of each? 😉

      i am soooooo relieved and so thrilled, not only by the obama/biden win, but by the senate seats we picked up and some of the house members who were kicked to the curb. now where’s that bubbly? 😀

      • Might I have a carrot, and a red velvet for Amy?

        By the way, I’ve often said that I’ve never voted for a winning Presidential candidate and only once for a major-party candidate. Can’t say that anymore … I’ve now voted for a major party candidate twice, and one winner. Just to get it out there.

  11. jeb

    Late to the party, but I think the GOP reaction was “Jesus Christie!”