Original DVD cover

Yes, this is the same movie as 4 years ago. The hair is a little grayer (both President Obama’s and mine), but the emotion is the same.


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35 responses to “Deja-whew!!!!!!

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    I’m thrilled Akin and Mourdock have been defeated. Looking forward to things getting back to normal. This is a lovely poster nonnie…sheer perfection.

    P.S. Diane Sawyer was trending all night on Twitter…everyone was tweeting she was drunk while delivering results with Stephanopoulos…did anyone notice? I tuned in and she did seem a bit tipsy, but I wouldn’t have noticed had Tweeters not pointed it out. Maybe she was celebrating! 🙂

  2. And it wasn’t even close — 332-206 and a convincing popular-vote margin. Akin and Mourdock flushed away, Warren and Baldwin in, gay marriage won everywhere it was on the ballot. Too bad Bachmann survived, but one can’t have everything.

    Now excuse me, I’m off the the right-wing blogs to enjoy the exploding heads.

    • I’m seeing a lot of talk of “secession” and “armed resistance” today. I’m thinking it’s just big mouths and hurt feelings talking.

      • Sedate Me

        Probably, but those mouths ain’t gonna stop such talk anytime soon.

      • KarenZipdrive

        I live in Texas, where our ignoramus Governor Rick Perry was the guy who started all this secession bullshit. I guess he had another “ooops moment” because he obviously didn’t factor in the cost of Interstate highway maintenance, Border Patrol to protect us from foreign countries like Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Mexico; social security, Medicare and Medicaid; the need for a Texas military, and an Income Tax bureau, ad nauseam.
        I wish that creep would resign and move to Miami Beach where he could follow his dreams of snorting his fill of cocaine and having sex with hundreds of hunky young Latino men.

        • Karen, I’d just like to offer you my services in helping you learn to express yourself. You seem to REALLY be holding back here – are you hinting you’re not 100% satisfied with your beloved governor? 😉 😀

          • KarenZipdrive

            Oh, John, if you knew me from way back when you’d be amazed at how much I’ve mellowed. But the fact is, Rick the Prick Perry is indeed a dimwitted closet case with a penchant for cocaine abuse. He never speaks to the media in Texas, so we were as shocked as any state to discover just how dumb he was when he made his absurd appearances during the GOP primaries.
            His extemporaneous speech in New Hampshire, where he was obviously high and his effeminate side came out, was the most hilarious political gaffe in history. All that was lacking was him trying to give the syrup bottle a blow job.
            So abysmal was his performance on the national stage, when he returned to Texas the embarrassed GOP handlers and powerbrokers told him to start packing up his office and to just shut the fuck up until his term ends.
            Nobody has heard a peep from him in the media since.
            If Dan Quayle was swarthy and secretly gay with a huge cocaine habit, he’d still be sharper than Rick the Prick.
            Perry needs to return to his hunting lodge called Ni**erhead and stay there. Forever,

            • Oh, trust me, Karen, I’ve got friends who live in Texas, and they share your … how shall I put this …. less than favourable outlook on – what’d the one person call him? – “Peckerhead Perry”.
              And of course you’ve mellowed. Women and fine wine only get better with age! 😉

        • But all those secessionists have been saying that Texas could be a “self-sufficient state”.

    • It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The right-wing heads have been exploding all week, with no sign of slowing down. We’ll have ample blogging material!

  3. Good news nonnie, congrats! The Elizabeth Warren win has me smiling as well. Now if only Stephen Harper can get lost on his way back to Parliament…

  4. And against the threat of a potential Dooms Day, the sun has come up once again … and Joe the Plumber only got 24% of the vote.

  5. Snoring Dog Studio

    JOY! More women in Congress, the morons on the religious right gone, President Obama back in the White House. And in a couple of states, people can go get some recreational mary jane. I’ve already encountered a few angry Republicans who might benefit from a nice, mellow high.

  6. Friend of the court

    GOP = Gone Off Poutin’.

  7. Not only was I glad to see Obama win, but several other personal faves won, especially Tammy Duckworth from Illinois. A vet who lost BOTH legs, she is one lady who KNOWS how to take care of our returning vets.
    And I’ll say no thanks to Annette Benning, I’ll stick with YOU, Nonnie! 😉

  8. Excellent pic, Nonnie. I raised a glass of champagne to you and air toasted you as I danced around the living room like a drunk chicken. I too am thrilled about Duckworth (I love her!), Warren (I really love her), the Senator from Wisconsin (her name escapes me), and all the candidates who beat the “rape brigade.” Now the challenge is to keep the Prez safe for the next 4 years, because the wingnuts are angry as hell and they are packin’!

  9. jay

    It’s nice to see them dance to the sound of all these billionaire donors crying.

  10. Sedate Me

    As with all sequels, they’re half as good and twice as expensive.

    This election took 2 years, cost (I heard) $6 billion and got half the country throwing their poop at the other half worse than caged monkeys. The result? Almost EXACTLY the same as before.

    There’s NO reason to think we’ll see anything different from the last 2 years.

  11. fran

    I can’t determine which is sweeter, Obama winning, therefore Romney losing, or the GOP & Fox snooze having their panties in a bunch in a total meltdown.
    In any case, I am in a particularly good mood.

  12. I couldn’t stay up very late on Tuesday, but I was relieved when I heard the results on Wednesday morning. While Obama’s performance was by no means perfect these past four years, he has achieved some good things. To boot, a right-wing Romney/Ryan White House would have been unthinkable. Thank goodness there’s still some sanity left in my country!

  13. jeb

    But, But, But… Communism, Socialism, Muslim, oh my God, can’t you all see how horrible? Oh God the sky is falling. It’s the end.

    But seriously, now I can watch a football game on Sunday without all of the damned political ads. Oh and I got to vote for the Dream Act and Marriage Equality. Obama wins and I get to help with social justice. Not a bad week.

  14. hi kids! just a drive-by comment to say hello to everyone. i didn’t get home until the wee hours. i’ve been at my sister’s house cakeballing like a maniac. i baked over 25 cakes yesterday. honeybear is very confused, because she’s not sure where she lives anymore. anyway, i’m headed back to my sister’s in a little while. have to get ready for thanksgiving, and my niece is getting married saturday (and i really need to find something to wear).

    if i’m not back before thursday (and i probably won’t be, because the offspring is taking my computer with him to hopefully figure out what’s wrong with it), have a safe and happy and healthy thanksgiving! love you all!! ♥

  15. commentor

    Hey there nonnie, miss you at OND