Branding Iron(y)


Eric Cantor, the often combative second-ranking Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, sought on Tuesday to rebrand himself and his party, voicing hope that they can work with President Barack Obama for the sake of all Americans.

While not wavering from his conservative principles and desire to tame the record U.S. debt, Cantor expressed a new eagerness to help the needy in such areas as education, health care, immigration and moving up the economic ladder.

“Over the next two years, the House (Republican) majority will pursue an agenda based on a shared vision of creating the conditions for health, happiness and prosperity for more Americans and their families,” Cantor said in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington think tank.

Because Widdle Ewic and his merry band of Ayn Randian teabaggers are all about health, happiness, and prosperity for everyone [insert eyeroll here].


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(From Left to right in back, top row: Paul Broun, Trent Franks, Joe Wilson. Bottom row: Louie Gohmert, Steve King)

Some Democrats mocked Cantor’s bid to “rebrand” his party, with House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer noting that it was at least Cantor’s fourth time to do so.


The House Republican leader did not endorse immigration reforms backed by Obama but voiced an openness on the matter.

Cantor said he favored providing “an opportunity for legal residence and citizenship for those who were brought to this country as children and who know no other home.”

That appeared to represent a reversal for Cantor, who in 2010 voted against the Dream Act, which would have cleared the way for such young people to remain in the United States.

Cantor gave little ground on any of the other differences between House Republicans and Obama in his speech, which his office billed as a major policy address. But he offered a marked change in tone and a new willingness to get things done on a number of fronts important to voters.


As Cantor spoke, Republicans and Obama exchanged barbs in their latest standoff over deficit reduction, one likely to lead to $85 billion in damaging across-the-board budget cuts in March.

Cantor made only passing reference to the bitter fights with Obama over “cliffs, debt ceilings and budgets” in which he has played such a visible role.


Cantor, 49, from Virginia is widely seen as a possible successor to Ohio‘s John Boehner, 63, as House Speaker, the chamber’s top job.

While the two insist that they have a close working relationship, at times they have offered competing visions. On Tuesday, however, Boehner said they were on the same page.


During the past two years, the White House has tried to make Cantor the face of the unpopular Republican House, and has made it clear that Obama prefers working with Boehner.


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15 responses to “Branding Iron(y)

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    I’m not buying it. What I am buying is Launched late 2010, No Labels is a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and Independents whose charter and mission is to promote non-partisan problem solving and to ensure the SUCCESS of the presidency. No sales tax and free delivery make this organization even more palatable.

    • not so sure i’m buying no labels either, elizabeth. while i think some members are sincere about actually compromising, i suspect some of the members are just politicians who couldn’t get their party to vote for them. in some cases, it might be that they truly feel their former party has gone wrong, but in others, i would bet the motive is personal political ambition.

  2. Hey nonnie, good to see you! As I heard one pundit describe it, it’s called rebranding for a reason. You can change the label, but what’s in the can stays the same. Or in this case, gets more concentrated…

    • good to see you, too, cynical one. this is like when the tobacco company changed its name to altria (or something like that). the product is just as deadly, and the people pushing the product are just as vile. it’s throwing perfume on a huge pile of excrement. it ain’t gonna work.

  3. Don’t you just wish Eric Cantor would crawl back under his rock and leave the rest of us in peace?

  4. Friend of the court

    hope the voters don’t fall for the “new improved product”. slim hope, since they went for these phonies in the first place.

    • keep on hoping, fotc. after all, new coke was an immediate failure. i think people are starting to see through the goopers. the ones who don’t are the ones who don’t want to.

  5. Snoring Dog Studio

    Cantor gave little ground on any of the other differences… Of course not. It’s only the immigration issue that concerns Republicans, knowing that they have to pander to the Latino voters. Glad to see you back, nonnie!

    • always glad to see you, dear sds. 😀 cantor has no core beliefs other than doing anything that will further his career. if i were boohoo boehner, i’d sleep with one weepy eye open, because widdle ewic is gunning for his job. the only reason he didn’t try to depose boohoo this time is that he knows that the teabaggers are out of control and would make his job impossible. dr. frankenstein, meet your monsters.

  6. Fran

    Cantor opposed the Dream Act– so does that make him a Nightmare act??
    How befitting his name is CAN’Tor & he belongs to the Party of NO.
    They can’t get anything done, can’t get enough votes to win the big office, and can’t stop demanding tax cuts for the rich.
    How pathetic they make media appearances saying “we need the Latino/Hispanic votes”- not even pretending to care about any issues of importance to those voters– they just want the votes!
    I hope that brutal honesty bites them in the ass.
    Whatever he’s selling, I ain’t buying it.

  7. Cantor rebranding himself “voicing hope that they can work with President Barack Obama for the sake of all Americans.” LOL … very funny! First of all, he’s also admit he intentionally didn’t work with President Obama in the first four year. Secondly, it’s a ruse.

    Hi Nonnie!

  8. TPK

    Did you see him reading his speech? Afraid of the teleprompter hypocrisy thingy they created? So he looks extra insincere as he reads that he weewy weewy cares about hispanics and, what are those little humans called again? Children? Yeah, that’s it.

    (And thanks for makin’ Louie the short chubby one. 😉

  9. You might have to redo this poster to include Dave Agema, who reposted a homophobic rant by a Holocaust Denier, then doubled down on it for two weeks. If you don’t have any ideas of how to lampoon him, I’ll give you a hint. His nickname on Michigan Liberal is Goat Killer. Seems he skipped a key vote to kill wild sheep in Siberia.