Police Brutality Can Be a Good Thing!


At a Senate hearing on gun violence Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was humiliated by a police chief who abruptly interrupted his talking points to insist that he’s “wrong” on how enhanced background checks for gun buyers would work.

Echoing the National Rifle Association, Graham argued before the Senate Judiciary Committee that enhanced background checks are not needed because the laws currently on the books are not enforced well enough.

“When almost 80,000 people fail a background check and 44 people are prosecuted, what kind of deterrent is that?” he asked. “I mean, the law obviously is not seeing that as important, if it’s such an important issue, why aren’t we prosecuting people who fail a background check?”


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Prepare to get spanked, Lindseypoo!

“Just for the record, from my point of view, the point of a background check…” Milwaukee police chief Edward A. Flynn began. “Senator…”

“How many cases have you made?” Graham pressed. “How many cases have…”

“You know what?” Flynn said. “It doesn’t matter. It’s a paper thing.”

“Can I ask the questions?” Graham interjected.

“I want to finish the answer,” Flynn replied.

“I want to stop 76,000 people from buying guns illegally,” he said. “That’s what a background check does. If you think we’re going to do paperwork prosecutions, you’re wrong.”

The Senate committee’s audience erupted into applause, which committee chair Sen. Dianne Feinsten (D-CA) asked to quiet down.


At a prior Senate gun hearing in January, Graham bragged that he personally owns an AR-15 assault rifle, the same customizable assault rifle platform that was used to kill 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut.

Oh, Lindseypoo, are you really that frightened of getting primaried by some whackadoodle Teabagger?  Is keeping your seat in the Senate more important than protecting little kids and innocent people?  Or do you just think that having an AR-15 assault rifle actually makes you look manly?


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19 responses to “Police Brutality Can Be a Good Thing!

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    Dianne Feinstein can speak for me anytime on any topic (lifelong Feinstein fan), however, there are a few other equally compelling views on the topic of gun regulation – those of neuroscientist Sam Harris which can be found here:


    …and the not so futuristic science of 3-D printer technology enabling gun manufacturing from the comfort of one’s home:


    A quick scan of the NYT article would indicate we need a societal paradigm shift on regulation and a quick scan of Harris’ blog reminds us of the reality of the criminal mind.

    (Love Feinstein, love Harris, love the New York Times science section and love nonnie.)

    • statistics can say just about anything you want them to say, so i just go with my gut. my gut tells me that there is no reason for anyone to own an assault weapon or have magazines with a ton of bullets in them. maybe it’s because i wasn’t raised around guns. i don’t like them, and i don’t want one. i don’t understand some people’s obsession with them.

      i remember about a year or so ago, there was a leak coming up from the floor in my kitchen. i went down the street to get the guy who was president of the condo association at the time. he started walking back from his place to mine when there was a thud. i looked down and saw that he had dropped a gun. i don’t why he felt he had to take a gun with him. was he going to shoot the leak? it’s not like we live in a high crime area. by the way, he used to have a lot of guns, but someone broke into his place and stole them all. i’m sure they’re in very good hands. 🙄

      that said, i understand that there are people who live or work in high crime areas and feel they need protection. there are others in rural areas who can’t depend on cops getting to them in a hurry in an emergency. maybe i would want a gun under those circumstances. however, if i had a gun, i hope that i would be responsible enough to learn how to handle it properly and that i would store it where no child could get it.

      newtown just broke my heart. the thought of little kids, those who died and those who lived, being so terrified makes me cry. there’s just no sense that can be made of it. what possible reason did the murderer’s mother have for owning all those weapons?

      there are lots of questions and no answer that will solve everything. however, we have to do something. we’re past the point where any solution can be called a knee-jerk reaction. i just hope something is done.

      sorry for blathering. that’s what happens when i’m tired.

      (p.s. i ♥ you, too, elizabeth!)

      • Friend of the court

        sounds like the president of your condo association is related to deputy Barney from Mayberry.

        • he’s not here anymore. he was actually a nice guy, but he did tend to have a redneck kind of mentality–guns, pickup truck, and boots. of course, the 3 little poodles didn’t quite fit the image.

  2. Prosecute people for failing a background check? No, they just don’t let them buy a gun. Does he think we should prosecute people who fail a driving test? Actually, I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that.

    More spanked-Republican images please.

    • hey infidel! nice to see ya!

      lindseypoo is just playing a role for the teabaggers. he’s terrified of losing his senate seat, because, honestly, does anyone really want to see him as a tv pundit? besides, how could he see his boyfriend, capt underpants, every day if he’s not in the senate?

      i actually lol’ed at your request for more spanked-rethugs. you get some really nasty results when you go to google images for anything spank-related. 😉

  3. The site of Lindsey Graham always makes me ill. You just sense that he and people like him are just walking pathologies. Good job nonnie. 🙂

    • you and me both, cynical one. lindseypoo probably got beat up a lot in high school, and he holds onto his senate seat as though it will protect him from the bullies. he even made one of the biggest bullies in the senate his bff–capt underpants–as if testosterone will rub off on him.

  4. jeb

    The trend has been for the NRA to trot out every sheriff who speaks out against Federal Gun Regs. Of course, sheriff is a political office and those guys are usually cuddling up to the NRA base for political survival. From what I’ve seen the real police professionals want to the government to help them make it safer for them and everyone they are there to protect.

    • the rethugs pick and choose their sheriffs just like they pick and choose their other witnesses. i would hazard a bet that most sheriffs would be for an assault weapons ban, background checks, and outlawing high-capacity magazines. too bad that pieces of shit like joe arpaio get all the airtime. the media likes drama, not facts.

  5. Just another in a string of moves that Sen. Graham shows he is worried about being primaried … unfortunately, this won’t be the last. Just another example of how politicians favor the personal futures over the country’s future.

  6. Can we please take Lindsay Graham and John McCain and drop them off the planet. I am so sick of listening to their opinions on anything. A fart is worth more than either’s opinion on anything.

    • i can’t understand why they’re om practically every sunday squawk show practically every single week. do they volunteer? aren’t there any other more interesting people who could show up?

      p.s. a fart would smell better, too.

  7. Nonnie, you have one of the few blogs where the comments are just as much fun as the blog. I have to read every one and your answers. I can’t believe that the neighbor helping you with your leak dropped his gun while walking with you. What if it had accidentally gone off and shot you? I think guns give people a false sense of security. I still remember the horrid story of the minister who heard a noise in the middle of the night and accidentally shot his teen age daughter to death who was sneaking back into the house because she’d missed her curfew. The man’s wife left him and he eventually lost his mind.

    I’m still sick to my stomach over Sandy Hook. Hell, I’m still sick to my stomach over Va. Tech, the school my daughter went to, and who was there recruiting for her company a few weeks before V-Tech’s world turned upside down–it has never been the same. I’m sick to my stomach over all this madness caused by gun violence. Lindseypoo has lost his mind and has clearly sold his soul to the Tea Party. Keep speaking up because a change has to come about for the sake of Sandy Hook and for every person who has been murdered because of our inordinate fear and lust for guns. Great post–as always.

    • the raisinettes write the best comments, eleanor (present company included, of course)!

      i was so shocked to see the gun that it took me a minute to wonder what might have happened if it had gone off. there are little kids who play outside. how would he have felt if one of them had accidentally gotten shot?

      there are so many stories of innocent people getting shot because someone got scared and just happened to have a gun. add all the little kids who play with guns and shoot themselves or one of their friends and all the other stories you read about homeowners “protecting themselves” and shooting someone who was doing nothing wrong.

      i think lindseypoo is pathetic. he was pathetic before, and he’s even more so now. his desperation to hold on to his seat at the expense of innocent people proves that he hasn’t sold his soul to the teabaggers, because he has no soul.

  8. Wow.

    This is pretty special.

    Maybe if the police had infinite resources then they could pursue every single situation like this. But I guess they’re too busy responding to actual shootings to deal with chasing down people who weren’t allowed to buy guns.

  9. Why don’t Islamic terrorists ever bomb NASCAR events?