Happy New Year, Raisinettes!

macho 2014


by | January 1, 2014 · 11:55 pm

16 responses to “Happy New Year, Raisinettes!

  1. And a Happy New Year to you and yours! (Is Macho yours? Sorry, I haven’t been around much lately.)

    • happy new year, john! macho is actually my sister’s, but he lives with me. she has 4 dogs, but the county says you can only have 3. if you’re caught with more than that, you can get fined $50 a day for each extra one. originally, i had honeybear for a year and a half. she is a total sweetheart, but she goes nuts when she sees a squirrel or another dog. she’s a lot bigger than macho, and when i would walk her, and she would see a squirrel or another dog, she would pull. after i fell the 3rd time, i realized that i couldn’t keep her. it broke my heart, because i love her with all my heart. so, anyway, i switched her for macho around 6 months ago, because he’s a lot smaller and a lot easier to walk. however, he’s a pain in the ass. i can’t leave him alone in the house or he whines and barks and gets stressed out. however, he’s very sweet and absolutely adorable, so i fell in love with him, too.

      • Sound like you need somebody who speak dog fluently, but doesn’t have one and is getting tired of my .. er .. HIS 9 cats. Somebody who doesn’t have work conflicts. Somebody who just froze his butt off shoveling a couple inches of snow, with more coming. Somebody whose wife would welcome a few days without me .. er … HIM underfoot.
        Wish I could suggest somebody specific …. 😉

  2. Happy New Year … and thanks for the adorable pic!

  3. Happy New Year! Great picture.

  4. Cheers to you too, nonnie. 🙂

  5. Barbara

    Love the pic and love my Macho!!

    • you wouldn’t love him right now. he just threw up in the kitchen and the living room, and now he’s whining, because he wants to get up on the bed. take him back!!!!!!!

  6. Sedate Me

    “Happy”…Wat dat???

    I predict 2014 will be even shittier than 2013, but that’s about as hard a prediction as predicting that Donald Trump will do something to draw attention to himself . Perhaps the best way to make 2014 slightly less sucky would be for your website to be more active than in 2013.