Happy Holiday!!!

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to all the Raisinettes who celebrate, with love from Macho, Honeybear, Pudgie and Rocky…

macho easter passover

boobear easter

pudgie easter bonnet

rocky easter bunny


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12 responses to “Happy Holiday!!!

  1. when i was a little girl, my favorite Passover treat was almonds and…..you guessed it….raisins!! i still love it today!

  2. Jeff Weiner

    Did you know that people miss you back at the Great Orange Satan?

    Well, we do…

  3. Hey nonnie! Happy holiday, cheers and top of the morning to you.

  4. Hey hey hey … Greeting to you as well, Nonnie …. and I hope you had a wonderful Passover. I’ve got the feeling the cakeball business must be still going well, so cheers to your effort! I miss you!

  5. Sedate Me

    What? You only just dropping by for holidays now?

  6. Friend of the court

    does cantor leaving congress count as a holiday? i am celebrating a little.

    • omg!!! 😯 i didn’t watch the news this evening, and i thought you were kidding when i saw your comment! i can’t believe he lost!! wowza!!!! what will the rethugs do without a token jew in the house?

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