Kids, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry (Boohoo Boehner always goes with the latter). Do we celebrate the demise of Widdle Ewic Cantor’s political career, or do we mourn the fact that Teabagger fruitcake David Brat just might be the next asswipe in Congress?


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From National Journal:

Eric Cantor is gone, and if they’re not careful, John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy could be next.

The earth-shattering upset in Virginia’s seventh district Tuesday night means that Cantor, the House majority leader who has long been considered the heir-apparent to Boehner as speaker, won’t be back in the next Congress.

And his loss is a significant victory for a growing group of frustrated House Republicans who have been plotting to shake up the GOP leadership structure ahead of the 114th Congress. Those plans have centered on ejecting Boehner from the speakership, and then hoping for a consensus candidate to emerge who could either challenge Cantor for the top job, or at least slide in behind him as majority leader.

But Tuesday night’s shocker turns those plans upside down.


Those conservatives, suddenly smelling blood in the water, might now be emboldened to push for a wholesale change in leadership – ousting Boehner and McCarthy in this November’s conference elections, and entering the next Congress with a new top three.

“It should frighten everyone in leadership,” one conservative House Republican, who exchanged text messages on condition of anonymity, said shortly after Cantor’s defeat was official.


The approach taken by Boehner and Cantor may yet help Senate Republicans take back the majority. Ironically, it also might have ensured that they won’t be around to work across the Capitol with them.

What’s that old expression about a petard and hoisting oneself upon it?


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18 responses to “Brat-worst!

  1. By any means necessary. Amen.

    Curtis L. Walker


  2. Hey nonnie, great to see you! Personally, I see this as another ominous shift rightward, to a place no one should wish to go…

    • Hello cynical one! I feel like I am visiting old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, so I guess I should thank Widdle Ewic for that. πŸ˜‰ I hope that this primary was just a reflection on the very few people who voted in it and not a snapshot of Virginia as a whole.

  3. Good Morning, Nonnie!!! Always a pleasure!!!

    Playing both sides of the GOP fence caught up to Rep. Cantor. This could be an opening for the Dems if they have a credible candidate in that district. Our rep lost 2 years ago by surprise, but the Dems had practically nothing to gain the seat.

    • Hello, my dear friend! :0 The Dems really need to go back to the 50 state strategy and have people on the bench in every race. I am hoping Brat starts spouting nonsense so that the moderate Rethugs will be afraid to send him to D.C. and will force themselves to vote for a Dem. We can only hope.

  4. Friend of the court

    cantor could do a lieberman and quit the repubs. run as an independent or start his own party. maybe the “underpants three sizes too small’, party.

    • πŸ˜† I think that party would be a good fit for Widdle Ewic, FOTC. Unfortunately, Virginia law will not allow Widdle Ewic to change parties and run for his seat. His only hope is as a write-in, and that ain’t gonna happen.

  5. Great to see you, Nonnie! As a Connecticut Yankee living in Virginia, I am delighted to see Eric Cantor go. But I fear it means that the southern part of the state is just becoming more bigoted and intolerant.

    • Hi Elyse!! It’s like a family reunion!! How are you? I have the same fears as you do. I don’t know what is going on in this country. It’s like we are going backwards. I hope the pendulum starts swinging back in the other direction soon.

  6. I came back to just to see if you included the token on Cantor. You didn’t disappoint. Now, all of the religious diversity will be on the Democratic side of the aisle.

    • thanks for noticing, neon vincent! i included the token with a little tear in my eye, because who knows when i will ever be able to use it again?

  7. Welcome back, Nonnie. Missed you girl! I’m in Virginia and “Arrogant Eric” getting the ax was an answer to my prayers. Boehner is frightened which is why he’s trying the impeachment stunt. Elyse is right: Southern VA is hardcore Tea Party. Any friends I had down there, I’ve lost. Northern VA carried VA or Obama (we’re densely populate). Crazy times. I hope you’ll be sticking around.

    • eleanor! missed you, too (though i see you on facebook now and then). i don’t know if widdle ewic is the stuff of dreams or nightmares. it will be business as usual with mccarthy taking over for him in the house, and i fear the guy who beat him will win, and there will be one more extremist in the house. widdle ewic was (and is) an asshole, and he was only pandering to the teabaggers, he wasn’t really one of them, so he could be pragmatic when push came to shove. while the new guy won’t have a powerful position, he will still be on the side of the do-nothings. we shall see,


  8. Sedate Me

    With all the highly gerrymandered seats out there, results like Cantors loss show that most people now have more impact voting in primaries than the actual election itself. First, it is far easier to defeat moneyed up douches like Cantor on the cheap (I think Cantor spent more on steak dinner than the other guy did in his entire campaign!). But with a defeat like this, you have a ripple effect on the entire nation. You can change the narrative of an election and get issues talked about.

    It’s like how the right wingers have moved to purchase state government politicians. Cheaper, but arguably more effective.

    • you’re a clever one, sedated one! the dems miss opportunities by only concentrating on the “big” offices. the rethugs (well, actually, people like the koch brothers and their cohorts, the average rethug strategist is more lucky than smart) have realized that the way to make inroads to the higher offices is to control the small stuff, like school boards and county commissions. the dnc needs to bring back howard dean and ditch debbie wasserman-schultz. he understood that you have to cast a wide net, not set your sites on a few seats that you think you can win.