Good Grief!

From The Fix at The Washington Post:

Ted Cruz doesn’t care if John Boehner hates him. He likes it.

Ted Cruz is running for president.

No, he hasn’t announced it yet. But if you can tell a man by his actions […].


The latest example […] came Wednesday, when WaPo’s Bob Costa reported that Cruz was actively encouraging conservative House Republicans to oppose the spending bill pushed by Boehner aimed at addressing the crisis of undocumented children crossing at the southern border.


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Boehnerworld didn’t comment to Costa on Cruz’s move — but you can imagine that they were less than pleased.


As Costa notes above, this is hardly the first time that Cruz has intentionally stuck his finger in the eye of the Republican leadership in the House and Senate. Earlier this year, Cruz forced Republican leaders to collect 60 votes to limit debate on a debt ceiling increase — forcing a handful of GOPers who would have preferred not to be on the record in support of such a measure (or at least the procedural vote that allowed such a measure to pass) to do just that. As far back as late 2013 — amid the government shutdown showdown — Cruz was acting as a sort of de facto ring leader of the tea party conference in the House.



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12 responses to “Good Grief!

  1. Hey nonnie! Good grief, Cruz isn’t fit to run for anything more than employee of the month at the local Taco Bell…

  2. Hey Nonnie! It’s always good to see you in my inbox!

    Cruz is such a putz. He makes me believe strongly in term limits for some pols — 0 for him would have been about right.

    • how ironic that cruz is such a huge putz when his actual putz is probably the tiniest little thing anyone evah saw!

      always good to see you, elyse! mmwwahhhhhhhh!

  3. Friend of the court

    screwballs playing football in DC. what a world. will charlie orange ever learn?

    • i honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry hysterically like boohoo boehner does. it’s so sad that someone like cruz could lead stupid people even more astray and stop the business of the entire country. wonder when batshit bachmann will realize that she is giving up her tea party crown to cruz, and it is not in her best interest to go to his pizza parties.

  4. maggiejean

    Hi nonnie. Always good to get an email from you.

  5. aFrankAngle

    Hey There Nonnie!!! Glad to see you posting.

    In my own warped view of the world, it would do Republicans good to nominate Ted Cruz.

    • hiya frank!! 😀 i guess we share the same warped view, because i think a ted cruz candidacy would be fun!! just watching the rethugs twist themselves into pretzels explaining why it’s fine for a canadian-born cuban to run for the presidency would be worth the price of admission!