Blood on Their Hands



by | December 3, 2015 · 11:06 pm

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  1. That’s all I have to say. Fuck you, NRA and all the politicians who do your dirty work.

    • Friend of the court

      hay nonnie.

      • Hey my friend. I am so disgusted. What’s the sense in even bothering to say anything?

        • BeninSC

          The sense, dear one, is that arguments – yes, even graphic ones like yours – carry weight, and they plant seeds. The seeds may not come to immediate fruition, but they’re there, all the same. Disgust and frustration and despair notwithstanding. I believe. And I think you do, too, or you wouldn’t fight so hard and so brilliantly.

          • Ben!!! ❤ So happy to see you! Truthfully, I have tears in my eyes reading what you said. I just hope that you are correct. I think that most people are frustrated and angry about the lack of gun control, the constant attacks on Planned Parenthood (from politicians as well as gunmen) and so many other things. However, the only ones who seem to be heard are those who follow people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. There really is a silent majority in this country, and I don't know what it will take to make them roar, but they had better roar fast.

    • I think that that’s all anyone should need to say.

      That does really cover it all.

  2. Well said nonnie, I share your feelings… Great to see you.

  3. Hey hey Nonnie!!! Greetings! I think the GOP in Congress are relying on thoughts and prayers for solutions.

  4. Sara

    Nonnie, good to hear from you. Canada is too cold. My husband suggests Ecuador if we need to escape.

  5. They do soak in it on a daily basis.

    But, fear not! For the industry is making crap-loads of money, and so that’s good for … well, … them.

    • Ken!!!

      What a nice surprise. Hope you, your wife and all the kids are well.

      It’s all about the money. I don’t know how those whose products are made to kill people sleep at night. Of course, they will say they make guns so people can protect themselves, but nobody needs an arsenal in order to feel safe.