The Tale of the Tape

From John Cassidy at THE NEW YORKER:

Back in the late eighties and early nineties, when I worked for the LondonSunday Times out of New York and Washington, I sometimes wrote about Donald Trump […]


Since Trump’s voice, even then, was instantly recognizable, it’s hard to conceive of him pretending to be somebody else, such as a fictional spokesman. But, evidently, that is what he did when dealing with some reporters, calling himself John Miller or John Barron. Now the Washington Post has surfaced a tape of one of those conversations, which took place in 1991 with Sue Carswell, then a reporter for People magazine.


Original poster

On Friday morning, Trump denied that he was the person on the tape. “It doesn’t sound like me on the phone, I will tell you that. And it was not me on the phone,” he said on the “Today” show. But anyone who listens to the recording will quickly discover that it sounds very much like Trump. It’s full of braggadocio, narcissism, and scarcely believable claims.


Trump has gotten away with a lot, of course, and he will surely remain brazen during this flap. On the “Today” show, he affected outrage that anyone would bring up such an old story. “You’re going so low as to talk about something that took place twenty-five years ago, about whether or not I made a phone call?” Trump said. “Let’s get on to more current subjects.”

Coming from someone who is constantly harking back to stories about Bill Clinton that are decades old, this was a rich response, and it won’t quell the media furor. That’s partly because there’s an actual tape for news outlets to play and for people to share online. But it’s also because Trump is now the presumptive G.O.P. nominee, and every aspect of his persona is going to be examined anew.

You can read the full article at the link, or you can see tweets that prove John Miller is a real person here. It’s worth the click, believe me (as Donald Trump….oops, I mean John Miller….no, I mean Donald Trump would say).


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17 responses to “The Tale of the Tape

  1. aFrankAngle

    There’s not much good I can see in the Trump candidacy, well … except giving you endless material! Good choice … and I hope all is well with you!

    • Hi Frank. All is well in hot and humid Floriduhhh. Hope all is well with you. There is actually one other good thing that comes from a Hairy Cheez Doodle candidacy. It has unmasked in a stark manner the racism, misogyny and homophobia that brews all over this country. What cannot be denied can hopefully be addressed and erased,

  2. …not to mention that his “real” middle name is John, and of the other alias that he uses, “John Barron,” is his latest son’s name “Barron” Trump. This idiot needs to order a better imagine along with a brain, and decent character. So glad you’re back! Trump should give you endless material.

    • Eleanor! ❤ The first thing I said to my sister when we read this story is that his son's name is Baron. The Hairy Cheez Doodle is a combo of the characters in the Wizard of Oz–no brain, no heart and no courage. Plus, his hair looks like he was caught in a tornado! 😉

  3. Friend of the court

    hello, good to see you, if that is you?

    • Sorry, but Nonnie9999 is not available at the moment. This is her spokesperson Bonnie8888. I will tell Nonnie9999 that you asked about her when she is done turning down George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and Paul Rudd, all of whom are trying to date her. Believe me.

  4. vincelamb

    Welcome back! Nothing like having a WordPress account so I can like your post!

    • Hi, Neon Vincent! ❤ My WordPress account never seems to work when I go to other WordPress pages. I am sure the problem is not with WordPress, but with me. It took me almost as long to post this as to make the poster. It's been so long since I posted that I forgot how. It didn't help that they changed things. Maybe I had better post more often so I don't forget what to do.

      • Friend of the court

        no doubt. to know her is to love her. However, when did nonnie9999 ever need a spokesperson?

        • Friend of the court

          this reply belongs up thread somewhere. It has been a while, you know.

        • I (Ronnie7777) found your reply. Nonnie9999 is doing tremendously well and needs a spokesperson to handle all the requests and to keep track of all of her husbands.

  5. the loony tic

    yay! you’re back! 🙂

  6. Good to see you!

    All Donald has to do is produce the body. I mean the actual John Miller (or Baron). Then he can put the story to rest. Of course, there is no such person…

    • Hi Elyse! So happy to see you! 🙂 The Hairy Cheez Doodle, by his own account, is so good to the people who work for him that I am sure John Miller and John Barron will be around any day to clear this all up. I am also sure that unicorns fart glitter, and there are no calories in food if you eat standing up.

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