The Cowardly Ryan

Just like we figured, kids, Speaker of the House Eddie Munster…I mean, Paul Ryan put on his kneepads and announced he is voting for the vile one, Donald Trump. I think Rethugs need to put “Party Before Country” on their logo.


Original image

And in case you are curious, yes, there is an actual Donald Trump medal!


#FlaccidDonald (I am hoping that catches on!)


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8 responses to “The Cowardly Ryan

  1. BeninSC

    Thank you, nonnie. (I tried to email you, did you receive it? 🙂 )

  2. Exactly. What a flaming coward. But Ryan is not a coward in the cuddly way of the Cowardly Lion. He is more like the Nazi officials who skirted off to Brazil when the gig was up.

  3. Politicians do what politicians do … that is, following the drum beat of the party (whether they like it or not). However, gotta love that medallion! Hope all is well.

    • Hey Frank! ❤ In ordinary political years, I can understand politicians doing what politicians do. However, the Rethugs are now backing a blatant racist! There is not excuse for that. A leader has courage. The Cowardly Ryan is a wimp. I had little respect for him before, now I have none whatsoever. Same for Yertle McConnell who couldn't even call a racist a racist today. Instead, he says his party wants to win, even if it is led by a racist. Disgusting! 😡