Strings Attached

From Crooks & Liars:

Senator John McCain went full Trump on Thursday, telling reporters that President Obama was “directly responsible” for the massacre in Orlando. Seriously?


Democrats responded swiftly, denouncing his statements.

Senator Reid tweeted that McCain’s “unhinged comments are just the latest proof that Senate Republicans are puppets of Donald Trump.”


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While President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with the families of the 49 victims, first responders and the survivors of Sunday’s mass shooting at a gay Orlando nightclub, one-time rival and Arizona Republican Senator John McCain was joining with his party’s new leader, Donald Trump, in accusing the president of being “directly responsible” for the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.


“Barack Obama is directly responsible for it, because when he pulled everybody out of Iraq, al-Qaeda went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama’s failures,” McCain said, according to the Washington Post.


Of course, McCain’s comments come one day after Trump tweeted a dubious Breitbart article to essentially making the exact same argument to prove that President Obama is responsible for the attacks in Orlando.


In contrast, however, Arizona’s freshman senator, Republican Jeff Flake, joined with other prominent Republicans to forcefully rebuke Trump’s response to the attack in Orlando earlier this week.

“That’s beyond the pale,” Flake said of Trump’s suggestion that President Obama is any way linked to the shooting in Orlando. “I mean really, just particularly, particularly disgusting to imply that that the president was hiding something,” Flake said.

Captain Underpants should have handed in his responsible politician card when he picked Princess Sarah Palin to be his running mate. He is responsible for turning American politics into a laughable reality show. HE is directly responsible for the Hairy Cheez Doodle who now leads his party. Instead of retiring and spending his wife Cindylou’s money, he is either so power-hungry or so desperate to remain relevant that he is trying desperately to get reelected to his senate seat. He is willing to hitch his wagon to a cartoon of a man who said he was not a war hero, because he was shot down. On top of all this, he is using a heartbreaking tragedy for his own political survival. Captain Underpants can flush any remnants of respectability down the toilet.



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7 responses to “Strings Attached

  1. Friend of the court

    Nice freakishly tiny hand on the instrument! LOL

    • If you check the original, you will see that all the hands are smaller. That was the hardest part of making the poster, but how could I not do it? 😉

  2. Well said nonnie. When I read McCain’s comments I thought, well, he’s finally gone mad. Then I remembered his former choice of running mate…

    • It’s really not much different, cynical one with no equal. He picked Princess Sarah, because he was so desperate to win. He still defends that pick, because he refuses to admit he was wrong, while she has no compunction about throwing shade at Capt. Underpants. He will do anything to remain relevant, even backing a bigoted asshole whom he knows would put this country in peril should he ever (heaven forbid) be elected POTUS. He is a self-centered narcissist, much like the Hairy Cheez Doodle.

  3. charles mann

    John McCain is a Rethuglicans a racist in a suit a man with out honor he has become senile and fools the older he’s gets. It time for someone who cares about the ppl he represents❗

    • Hello Charles,

      Welcome to the Raisin.

      I don’t know if McCain is a racist or not, because I can’t see into his mind or his heart. I can only judge him by what he does. And from what he does, I can definitely say that he cares only about retaining his seat in the Senate. It has nothing to do with the country. If he gave a damn about the country, he would never support the Hairy Cheez Doodle. I hope Arizona gets out and votes for Anne Kirkpatrick. It’s way past time for McCain to go.