I think it’s the GOP that made a rookie mistake


WASHINGTON — Alarm and condemnation erupted Thursday from European capitals, the White House and leaders of Donald Trump’s own party after the Republican presidential nominee suggested the United States might abandon its NATO military commitments if he were elected president.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who backed Trump at the party’s national convention only two days earlier, said he totally disagreed with the statement but was willing to “chalk it up to a rookie mistake.”


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McConnell called NATO “the most successful military alliance in the history of the world,” in a Facebook interview with The New York Times.

In Brussels, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance agreement was crystal clear: “We defend each other.”

“I will not interfere in the U.S. election campaign,” Stoltenberg said. But he pointedly added, “Two world wars have shown that peace in Europe is also important for the security of the United States.”


House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) had little to say in response to Donald Trump’s comments about defending the United States’ NATO allies.


“The speaker believes the U.S. should defend our NATO allies,” Ryan spokeswoman Ashlee Strong told The Washington Post in an email.

Ryan joined the list of Republicans who have rebuffed Trump’s comments, which includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush.

Watching Lollipop Guild member Jeff Beauregard Sessions on TV right now, and he doesn’t agree that it was a rookie mistake at all. According to Jeff-Beau, the strong leader Hairy Cheez Doodle will click his ruby slippers together three times and make NATO countries pay us lots of bucks, and everything will be fine. Or something like that.


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14 responses to “I think it’s the GOP that made a rookie mistake

  1. Friend of the court

    I’m starting to get a little cynical .

  2. For whatever strange reason, I ignore The Donald.

    • Hey Frank! 🙂 As painful as it is to pay any attention to Hairy Cheez Doodle, I think it’s vital to do so, not only to watch how dangerous he is, but to keep tabs on how dangerous the media coverage is. This election, and to an extent, the past few elections, has been treated like an telenovela by the networks. it’s all been about ratings, never the truth. They stir up controversy whenever they can, just so more people will tune in. Les Moonves, the head of CBS, even said that Trump is dangerous for the country, but he’s good for ratings. That’s like saying meth is bad for people, but it’s great for profits. Poking fun at Hairy Cheez Doodle is fun, but this is a very scary situation.

      • The one thing that scares me more than The Donald is the constituents he plays, too. Whew … a reason to lose faith in humanity.

        • I totally agree, Frank. He’s not scary, because he’s a very stupid man who thinks loudness makes up for ignorance. However, the fact that people are so willing to follow someone so racist, misogynistic and all the other -ists and -istics is downright horrifying. I don’t like to compare anyone to Hitler or the Nazis, because that is very personal to me, and I think wearing out that comparison lessens the horror that was done to people during WW2. However, seeing the reaction of the crazies who would follow Hairy Cheez Doodle off a cliff is mind-boggling. It’s easy to see how someone like Hitler was able to seize power. You would think that we would be smarter now, especially with all the access we have to history and the lessons it should teach us, but I guess hate and fear are easier than actually learning.

  3. Nonnie, welcome back, Girlfriend! Your are so right that you shouldn’t ignore The Donald. I think people like Morning Joe (for example) has given this joker millions of dollars in free air time. It’s Trump time all the time every time. He’s so good for ratings. And suddenly, our non-thinking citizens think this is a reality show. As I said in my post this week: this is not a rehearsal! God help us!

    Glad to have you back. You’re needed to keep the alarm sounding.

    • Hello Eleanor, my sweet friend! 🙂 It’s disgusting how Hairy Cheez Doodle (HCD for short) got billions of dollars in free airtime so that he was able to continue to perpetuate the lie that he is self-financing.

      The media is just as corrupt as he is. All they care about are ratings. My sister and I went to the rally yesterday, where Hilly (that’s my sister and my nickname for her) and Tim’s made their first official appearance together as running mates. We were up in the cheap seats, but after the speeches, we were able to get down to the lowest row of the upstairs section. The TV cameras and reporters were just below us filing their stories. I just happened to be right above CNN. The cameraman was recording some putz reporter in a suit, and i screamed as loudly as I could “Hey CNN! Why did you hire Lewandowski and paying him just to push more Trump propaganda?” They were not very pleased with me, because they had to do another take.

      Before we went inside the venue, some guys asked us if they could interview us for “The Circus” on Showtime. I don’t know if we will make it to air or not. Today, they just reran the story about HCD and the Rethug clusterfuck of a convention. I’ll let the Raisinettes know if we are actually on TV (if we don’t sound too stupid, don’t ask me what I said, because I don’t remember).

      Anyhoo, the entire HCD campaign is nothing but an extended infomercial. Do we need any more proof than HCD’s girlfrien….I mean, daughter hawking her dress at Macy’s after she gave her sprinkler-head influenced teleprompter speech?

      So glad to see you over here, Eleanor. I hope to keep the Raisin a little more active. I just hope some more of the old faithful visit from time to time. ❤

      • Nonnie, this is so exciting that you went to the rally. Send me a message via Facebook if you end up on TV. What do you think of this Debbie Wasserman (what’s her last name?) debacle. It pisses me off that someone in her organization questioned Bernie’s Judaism (how he feels about how he serves God is between him and God). If she knew about this line of dirty tricks against Bernie then she should not open the convention tonight. I sure hope she’s gone before noon.

        • I will definitely message you at Facebook, Eleanor. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was my congresscritter, and due to redistricting will be my congresscritter once again if she wins her election (and I believe she will). I was just talking to my neighbor about this. I have a different perspective. I am probably as Jewish as Bernie. That is, I am culturally Jewish, and being Jewish has affected me my entire life. It informs the way I look at the world. My family was massacred during the Holocaust. However, I have not stepped into a synagogue in probably more than 20 years. Do I believe in a hereafter and all that? Honestly, I am not sure, and I don’t think that is what should dictate what we do here on earth. Do good deeds whenever you can, and you will be rewarded within yourself. That’s my philosophy, and I suppose Bernie’s thinking might be close to that. I looked at the timing of the email. It was sent in May of this year. By that time, it was pretty clear that Hillary would be the nominee. I think the email reflects the frustration that a lot of Dems were feeling, hoping that Bernie (who was never a Democrat) would bow out and unite the party. That said, I completely understand that the DNC was supposed to be neutral, so it was wrong. I don’t think that Bernie’s religion was under attack. I think it was strategic thinking, however misguided. As for DWS, though I disagree with some of her positions, she has been a very good congresscritter for her constituents. When she spoke at the rally on Saturday, I didn’t hear even one boo. I remember after Hurricane Wilma, many senior citizen were stranded on upper floors of condominiums, because the power was out for a couple of weeks, and the elevators were not working. I know for a fact that DWS visited hundreds of those senior citizens to bring them water and food and to make sure they had their medicines. I know, because my mom was one of those seniors. I think the DNC chair should be a full-time position and should not be held by anyone still in office. As to the emails, we don’t know if DWS ever saw them or heard about them until this all came out in the press. She is Jewish, and I don’t think she would look kindly on what was said, so I tend to think she didn’t know, or perhaps she disciplined the person who wrote it. I am sure there were thousands and thousands of emails, and to think that she would know specifically about that one is far-fetched. However, the buck stopped with her, and she did the right thing in stepping aside.

          i have rambled on too long already, but that won’t stop me! I just have to add that I am sick to death that every negative story that comes out about Dems is called a scandal by the media, while the blatant racism, plagiarism, sexism, homophobia, and just plain hatred espoused so publicly by the GOP are called errors or gaffes or blips on the radar screen. I am so sick of the media continuing Karl Rove’s and Frank Luntz’s work in demonizing the Dems. If there is a true scandal, it is that Putin and Russia interfering in our elections. Trump has a lot of dealing with Russia (according to Donnie, Jr. the elephant killer), and Paul Manafort is knee-deep in Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Hairy Cheez Doodle refuses to show his tax returns, so we don’t know how much money he gets from Russian banks and businesses. This is the real SCANDAL, but we won’t hear about that from the idiots on TV.

          • Very interesting background information that I didn’t know about DWS. It helps put the story in context. You’re right about this Russian connection with Trump an Manafort. I’m hoping this causes an FBI investigation. Maybe some good will come of all this. And whoever said those things about Bernie and tried to use that against him should be fired. I can believe DWS didn’t know about it but I think the CFO wrote that email. Mostly, I’m mad because I want the Dem Convention to knock it out of the park! Take care! 🙂

            • I think they are hitting it out of the park at the Dem convention. People we have actually heard of and real entertainers, not D-list celebs and has-beens.

              How much you want to bet that there will be no Congressional investigation of the Russians infiltrating our politics and the Putin-Hairy Cheez Doodle connection? It’s not like that’s important or anything. 🙄

  4. Ed

    Donald Trump’s RNC Speech for Democrats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-jSrS49dss

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I could only watch a few minutes. The facts are that crime is down. If you can’t deal with facts, don’t leave links to bullshit videos here. Hairy Cheez Doodle doesn’t give a flying shit about minorities. Here are his own words:

      “My entire life, I’ve watched politicians bragging about how poor they are, how they came from nothing, how poor their parents and grandparents were. And I said to myself, if they can stay so poor for so many generations, maybe this isn’t the kind of person we want to be electing to higher office,” Trump told Dowd, adding, “How smart can they be? They’re morons.”

      He doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. His whole life reflects that.