Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alt-Right


Hillary Clinton will make the case in a speech Thursday that Donald Trump’s campaign is led by people who propagate extreme and racist viewpoints that belie Trump’s recent attempts to pivot to the center ahead of the election.

“[Trump] is taking a hate movement mainstream,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN Wednesday. “He’s brought it into his campaign. He’s bringing it to our communities and our country.” Clinton said Trump has “courted white supremacists” and is “very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia.”


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Clinton campaign officials say the speech will “call out” Trump’s embrace of an “alt-right” political philosophy propagated by his new campaign chair, Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of the conservative website Breitbart News.

“Trump’s newly installed brain trust of Steve Bannon, Roger Ailes and Roger Stone completes Donald Trump’s disturbing takeover of the Republican Party,” said John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair, in a statement to Yahoo News. “We intend to call out this ‘alt-right’ shift, and the divisive and dystopian vision of America they put forth, because it tells voters everything they need to know about Donald Trump himself.”


“Alt-right” stands for the Alternative Right, and is defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “a set of far-right ideologies, groups and individuals whose core belief is that ‘white identity’ is under attack by multicultural forces using ‘political correctness’ and ‘social justice’ to undermine white people and ‘their’ civilization.”


Since Bannon joined the campaign together with Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager, Trump has made some gestures toward moderating his tone. […] He also began making a direct appeal to black voters, saying that voting for Democrats had not improved their economic standing. “What the hell do you have to lose?” he asked, addressing African-Americans, although speaking before a mostly white crowd in Michigan last week. Trump even appeared to walk back his hardline stance on immigration, saying he might be open to“softening” his plan to deport every undocumented immigrant from the United States.

I am sure Melanoma can attest to all kinds of softening when it comes to Trumpelthinskin, but in this case, there is no softening. He has hardening of the Breitbart-eries.

As you know, Hillary did give her speech yesterday, and let me say, if you didn’t see, make sure you make a point of watching it. Dr. Ben Carson would envy her deftness with a scalpel as she surgically took Trumpelthinskin and his merry band of racists apart.

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