Ratcheding Down the Rhetoric

So, if you’ve been watching TV news lately, you would know that Donald Trump is softening…or hardening his stance on immigration. According to new campaign manager and supposedly brilliant strategist Kellyanne Conway, she doesn’t know shit and won’t know until Wednesday when her boss makes his big immigration speech. Will there be a deportation force to rid the country of all immigrants here illegally? Well, maybe, but maybe not, because Kellyanne said Trump hasn’t mentioned it since his speech at the convention. However, according to Trump surrogate and all-round moron Jack Kingston, the deportation force is on. In fact, Donald bragged to a crowd of lots of white people in Iowa on Saturday that he will wave his tiny fingers and get rid of all the criminal immigrants within an hour of his taking the oath of office (I am not making this up), while Donnie, Jr. the Elephant Killer says Daddy is going to take baby steps. Anyway, Trumpelthinskin apparently has the magic prescription that will end the immigration problem in this country. And, tell me, who better to dispense that medicine?


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But wait, kid, there’s more! The campaign announced tonight that Tiny Digits Donnie is going to Mexico tomorrow to meet with el presidente Enrique Peña Nieto! Uhoh, I think he had better stop and see Dr. Bornstein before he leaves. He doesn’t want any stomach upset before he delivers his big speech. Not a problem, because Dr. B has just the right medicine.


If the softening proves to be too soft, no worries, kids. He already has hardening of the Breitbarteries, so he’s covered.


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12 responses to “Ratcheding Down the Rhetoric

  1. Yes, kids, I used that picture of Nurse Ratched before, but the neck was bothering me, so I decided to redo it. I also realized that the hand was way too big, so there was that, too, but I did give you new medicine, so don’t be mad.

  2. The madness continues nonnie. I just can’t imagine a summit between The Hair and Trudeau…

  3. Doesn’t The Donald know that for several hours after he gets sworn in at noon, he’ll be having lunch?

  4. Watching excerpts of Little Donnie’s time in Mexico. Seemed to be a big yawn. We’ll have to see how he spins it tonight in Arizona. We have 75 days to go and my nerves are already shot. How am I going to make it until November? Help!

    • OMG Eleanor! I watched the speech tonight. Wait, it was not a speech. It was a hate-filled unhinged tirade. I absolutely despise comparisons to Hitler, because most of my family was annihilated in the Holocaust, and I don’t like to see the horror of it belittled. However, if anyone wants to know how Hitler and the Nazis took over an educated civilized country like Germany, all they have to do is watch that diatribe, That was so disturbing and frightening. I wish I was being hyperbolic. I honestly believe that he is dangerous. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if some of his devoted followers went out and started shooting at anyone they don’t consider American enough. I don’t know if his losing in November will be enough to bring back any kind of normalcy. He has unleashed something that is not easily contained.