The Worst..I mean, First Family

Kids, I’ll leave this here as a warning. You say you aren’t going to vote, because you don’t like your choices? You are going to vote, but you are one of those special little snowflakes who thinks voting third party is going to make a statement? Well, this is what you will be seeing in the Oval Office come January:


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Just think of it. The war between Melanoma…I mean, Melania and Lucretia…I mean, Ivanka over who gets to be First Lady. Then you have Donnie, Jr. and his little friend Pepe the Frog. Then there’s Eric the Elephant Killer who might start hunting citizens if going on safari is inconvenient. Tiffany will be there to babysit Barron, since it would be unseemly to have a nanny who is undocumented.


And, worse of all, there will be Donald Trumpelthinskin Trump.


I have no words.


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28 responses to “The Worst..I mean, First Family

  1. Click on the pic for the large version!

  2. So sorry, kids. I don’t know if Photobucket or WordPress changed something, but I no longer know how to link to a bigger version of the pic within the post itself. If anyone can help me out, it would be much appreciated. 🙂

  3. “Then you have Donnie, Jr. and his little friend Pepe the Frog.”

    Actually, it’s Eric that’s wearing Pepe in the picture–not that he doesn’t deserve to.

    • No, it’s Little Donnie wearing Pepe. By the way, i accidentally clicked on a Breitbart link, and you will never guess who they blame for linking Pepe with white supremacists. Waiting….If you guessed the Hillary campaign of the last election, you were correct! They say a Hillary staffer made the whole thing up.

  4. the loony tic


  5. Well said nonnie. A few months ago I didn’t think he had a chance, but the unimaginable now seems more and more possible as this insanity unfolds…

  6. What is wrong with us as a nation to be in this position?
    Shocking!!! They say Florida is split even. That means your vote could make the difference, nonnie!

    • Apples, you know that I am going to be out there voting my heart out. My limbs could be dangling from sinews, and I would still crawl to the polling place in order to vote. I still can’t believe so many people have been hoodwinked into voting for a megalomaniac who cares only for enriching himself and his evil spawn.

    • I’m not religious in the least, but I pray every day that there is a large silent majority that the press and the polls are ignoring. I read today that Hispanics are not being adequately accounted for in polls, because they are harder to reach. 60% do not have landlines, and that’s what pollsters use (except for Kellyanne Conway who uses a Ouija board or tea leaves or the dandruff in Trumpelthinskin’s dead beaver he wears on his head).

      But I am with you, Elyse. May the big guy upstairs help us all.

  7. Well, you know I believe in God, and I’m a praying woman, and I pray without ceasing that trumpee and his trumpets get destroyed–lose by a landslide. I do believe there are many under represented people in the polls. Pollster call be all the time and I’ve never answered a poll in my life, neither has my sister, my husband or anybody else I know and we are all voting for Hillary. Keep sticking it to them Nonnie and I’ll keep praying! 🙂

    • The way people are polled has to change. Hardly anyone has landlines these days, and especially not young people. Online polls are crap, because they are freeped by one side or the other, and lots of people don’t have computers or smart phones. TV news polls are worthless, because they only reflect the positions of the viewers, Does anyone think Faux News has a lot of younger viewers or people of color? Add to that that some polls are pure crap, because the questions are designed to get a particular result (Remember Kellyanne the Liar is a pollster). Of course, the only poll that matters is the vote.

      I’m a novice at this praying thing, but I will practice as much as I can. Can’t put the whole burden on you, Eleanor. ❤

  8. VillageMutt

    I can smell their rotten souls thru the internet.

    • Uhoh, VillageMutt. 😮 Two comments in the same day? That means you are an official Raisinette now! See? It’s a lot easier than registering to vote in many states. 😦