1st Presidential Debate: Trump Well-grounded

So kids, did you watch the presidential debate at Hofstra University last night? In case you missed it, Donald Trumpelthinskin snorted, sniffed, drank, gesticulated  and then snorted, sniffed, drank and gesticulated some more. And Hillary Clinton? Well, this is all you really need to know.


Seriously kids, I never said “Holy shit!” that many times in one day, and that includes when I was in labor for 14½ hours. The only thing more astounding than  Orange Foolius’s performance was Kellyanne Conway’s explanation of how her boss was awesome. Then there was Chris Christie spinning so hard he almost threw up the whole pizza he devoured right before going on camera.



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11 responses to “1st Presidential Debate: Trump Well-grounded

  1. the loony tic


  2. Friend of the court

    Lester Holt should have told Trump to shut the f*ck up.

    • I’m thinking that it’s good Lester allowed him to be the asshole and bully he truly is. I didn’t think Holt did a bad job. He phrased some of the questions just right, so there was no question of what was true–for example, that Hairy Cheez Doodle supported the Iraq War.

  3. He kept drinking water and wiping his upper lip with his finger. I think it was a distress signal for Hannity to save him. He’s such a baby man with his vienna sausage fingers.

    • Hello Crissy!

      Welcome to the Raisin! 🙂

      I think the Hairy Cheez Doodle and Little Marco could have a real pissing contest now, after all the water we’ve seen them both consume.

      His hand was shaking, too, when he lifted the glass of water. I think the great diagnosticians who were able to figure out what was so horribly wrong with Hillary would agree that it must be Parkinson’s disease or maybe the DTs. Or, as Tonehenge over at Daily Kos opined:

      Here’s the latest rumour…Trump has Snifflus!