Federal Bureau of Urination?

Maybe it’s Rudy Giuliani’s prostate problems that have led to so many leaks coming from the FBI. From THE HUFFINGTON POST:

Rudy Giuliani said Friday that he knew the FBI planned to review more emails tied to Hillary Clinton before a public announcement about the investigation last week, confirming that the agency leaked information to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

I was wondering why the FBI felt compelled to change their seal.


Old FBI seal

Original peepee boy (who, by the way, has bigger hands and a bigger weewee than Trumpelthinskin and Rudy 9-11 Giuliani put together)

The former New York City mayor and Trump surrogate has recently dropped a series of hints that he knew in advance that the FBI planned to look at emails potentially connected to Clinton’s private server.


Giuliani has bragged about his close ties to the FBI for months, mentioning in interviews that “outraged FBI agents” have told him they’re frustrated by how the Clinton investigation was handled. And two days before FBI Director James Comey announced that the agency was reviewing the newly uncovered emails, Giuliani teased that Trump’s campaign had “a couple of surprises left.”


All of this has led to suspicion that someone in the FBI is leaking information to Giuliani and the Trump campaign. The Daily Beast’s Wayne Barrett explored those suspicions on Thursday, detailing how Giuliani’s ties to the agency date back to his days as a U.S. attorney in the 1980s.

Giuliani confirmed that notion Friday during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“I did nothing to get it out, I had no role in it,” he said. “Did I hear about it? You’re darn right I heard about it, and I can’t even repeat the language that I heard from the former FBI agents.”


FBI officials knew about the newly discovered emails weeks before Comey’s announcement, according to multiple reports.

Giuliani insisted he had nothing to do with Comey’s decision to announce the probe prior to Election Day ― a move that both Republicans and Democrats have condemned. He also insisted his information comes from “former FBI agents.”



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24 responses to “Federal Bureau of Urination?

  1. If only Comey (and Rudy) were Mannekin Pis-es rather than actually pissing on us and our country and our constitution.

  2. A horror show.

    An absolute horror show.

    These creeps are actually at war with the entire idea of the Republic, not even just the Democrats. They’ll burn it all down if they’re not checked. Not in some kind of figurative, potentially- useful way. More like the Injustice League or something … .

    • Ken, remember when we thought that Chimpy’s administration had brought disgrace to so many institutions by picking people like Alberto Gonzales to head the Justice Department? It seems that Chimpy and Deadeye Dick were just pikers. That seems like the good old days now. The Rethugs’ contempt for government has left a stain, and I don’t know how it can ever be removed. It makes me sad for all the FBI agents who are decent and do their jobs correctly and with integrity. It also poops over all the idiot talking heads I’ve seen on TV insisting that Hillary must appoint some Rethugs to important posts in order to bring the country together.

      • Yeah, those good old days when we thought Dick Cheney was a Fascist.

        Silly us!

        With McConnell’s contempt for the nomination process (so, the Constitution!) and the House in chaos (now they want to replace Ryan?), the Republicans are just out of control and I’m not sure that there are any grown-ups in the room.

        God help us, Mitt Romney now looks responsible and wise. But he’s not allowed in the room.

        The best thing for the country is if the Republican party dies. That will mean that the Libertarian whack-jobs become the second major party, but they might be more reasonable. And when we’re talking about fans of Ron Paul and Ayn Rand as if they’re reasonable, there’s something wrong with the universe.

        • That Overton window we hear about at work. Chimpy’s administration made the Tea Party acceptable to a portion of the population and the media, and the Tea Party made Trumpelthinskin possible. It’s like a cancer that has to be excised or it is going to spread. If Trumpelthinskin and the likes of Mike Pence no longer make us blink, I don’t want to even think about what comes next. It’s up to the Rethugs to make it stop, or they can kiss their own asses goodbye. Their seats will be filled by the alt-right.

  3. Good grief nonnie, as if this election needed more institutional unravelling. On a related note, I hear that Canada is expected to welcome an influx of refugees in the near future…

  4. This makes me even angrier now. This week has been sucking so hard….ugh.

    • I can’t accept what has happened, and I never will. I kept feeling like someone died. I think something has. America was a great experiment, and it failed. There are optimists out there saying we will survive this, but I am not so sure. There will not only be the damage from the next 4 years, but for the 20 or 30 or even 40 that a conservative Supreme Court will reign down on this country. I’m sick at heart and sick to my stomach. I wish I could give you some solace, eurorbrat, but I can’t find any for myself. There is a special place in Hell for Comey and his rogue agents.

      • Sorry for the late reply…I’ve been away from WordPress for a bit, and I’m sure my pessimism has contributed to that absence. I’m a bit weary of blogging about politics right now. I agree with you that things look bad, and I wish I could say “everything will be okay,” but I’m not sure about that one either. Hang in there? :/

        • My heart has not been in blogging lately, Instead, I leave short rants at other blogs when I have time. My mom just had surgery, so that is my focus right now. My sister and I spend the whole day either going to, being at, or coming home from the hospital. Thankfully, she is doing really well.

          You hang in there, too, my friend. I keep hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t think there is good news. I just want a train to jump in front of.

          • Please don’t do that! I would miss you and your humorous posts. I know it all seems pointless right now, and I can relate. But we all have to stick around to support each other, if for no other reason 🙂 On another note, I’m glad your Mom is doing okay!

  5. Considering the emergence of Golden Shower Gate, this entry’s title might just become relevant again.

    • I was thinking that just yesterday, Neon Vincent. I didn’t realize how prescient I am, and now I am thinking of doing some TV commercials à la Miss Cleo (may she rest in peace, wonder if she saw that coming).