The Price Is Wrong

From Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog at MSNBC:

The reason there’s so much interest in who Donald Trump will choose for various positions in his administration is a simple principle: personnel is policy. We want to know what the Trump/Pence administration will do once it’s in power, so we keep an eye on his cabinet and White House selections to get a sense of the next White House’s substantive agenda.

And when it comes to health care, the president-elect apparently intends to go in a very dangerous direction.

President-elect Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he will nominate Georgia Rep. Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services.


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I’ve been following Price’s career for years, and it’s hard to overstate just how conservative he is on, well, practically everything. The Georgia congressman, for example, is virulently anti-gay; during the BP oil spill, Price sided with the oil giant; and in 2011, he helped create Congress’ Tea Party Caucus.


But Price, an orthopedic surgeon by trade, is primarily focused on health care – which for the American mainstream, isn’t good news. The Republican lawmakers has spent several years crusading to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and now Donald Trump is positioning Price to do exactly that.

Note, it was just a few years ago that many House Republicans endorsed the ACA provision that requires insurers to accept all applicants, regardless of pre-existing conditions. “It’s a terrible idea,” Price said at the time.

As the Huffington Post’s Jonathan Cohn explained, Price did release his own ACA alternative – which was never endorsed or embraced by his party’s leaders – which seems especially relevant now.

The “Empowering Patients First Act,” as it is known, would gut Obamacare’s regulation of insurance plans, reduce the total financial assistance going to people buying private coverage and rescind entirely the law’s expansion of Medicaid for the poorest Americans.
What’s more, note that Price recently said he expects Republicans to move forward with a proposal to privatize Medicare out of existence as early as next summer.


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9 responses to “The Price Is Wrong

  1. Friend of the court

    figures, of all the things this Greatagainfucker doesn’t back out on…..Now he is taking the Circus to Ohio, to do his end zone dance.

    • I hope he is protested wherever he goes. The ones who should be protesting the loudest are the imbeciles who voted for him. He promised to drain the swamp, and instead he is swamping the drains. This shithead, Beauregard Sessions, the King of Bankruptcy and the Goldman Sachs guy. Oops, almost forgot Mrs. Yertle, daughter of a billionaire Chinese shipping magnate and Betsy De Vos, wife of Amway scammer and sister of Erik Blackwater Prince. I read that his cabinet picks so far are worth $35 billion. But don’t worry, kids, they feel your middle-class pain. Of course, the MAGA die-hards will excuse all of this, and the others will come around, just like Mittsie was happy to swish the orange turd’s balls in his mouth at dinner last night.

  2. As a patient I am so deeply terrified of this guy and this administration. They want to:
    – Repeal Obamacare
    -Eliminate Medicare and Medicaid
    -Cut regulations on pharmaceuticals
    -Leave a patient with no remedies except the courts (which exists only AFTER an injury
    -Cap judicial remedies so as to not hurt businesses.

    What’s not to like here? 😬

    • It really is terrifying. It’s like someone handed him a list of the absolute worst people for each position, and he chose every single one of them. Racists, homophobes, anti-vaxxers, bigots, neo-nazis, etc.. But, no worries, Nikki Haley will make sure all federal employees answer their phones with, :”It’s a great day in America!”

      Fuck them. Fuck them all. I stand by what I said over at Eleanor’s blog a few weeks ago.

  3. the loony tic

    over the baby boomers’ dead bodies which is what we’ll be when the ‘earned benefit’ we paid into for 40 years (medicare) goes away!

  4. We shall see…..we shall see. All we need is three Republican Senators to vote against the repeal of Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid, and it can be blocked. Considering how the loss of those programs would devastate rural, red-state populations (their constituents), that shouldn’t be too difficult.

    And if the repeals do go through, and millions of Trumpanzees lose access to health care — well, we’ll know what our issues are for 2018 and 2020.

    • Looks like the Trumpsters are just as fickle as their glorious leader. On one hand, I don’t feel sorry for any of the morons who voted for him and will be losing their health insurance. On the other hand, I feel sorry for everyone else who has to suffer because of their stupidity. I am really at the point where I think Texas and California should secede and start their own countries. The rest of the states can choose which to join.