Breaking News…beyond repair

From TPM:

Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren will join MSNBC and host an evening news show called “For the Record with Greta” in the 6 p.m. ET timeslot, the network announced Thursday.


The news comes just one day after Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly announced she was leaving Fox News for NBC News after a 12-year career. Kelly’s deal with NBC included a daytime program, a Sunday evening news show and regular participation in major event and political coverage.

Time for a new logo:


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I came home the other night, and I turned on the TV. MSNBC pops up, and filling in for Brian Williams was Republican Nicolle Wallace, Republican Dan Senor, Republican Michael Steele and Kristen Welker (Hillary-bashing-Andrea-Mitchell-in-training). Every other commercial is for Squinty Joe Scarborough and his handmaiden Mika What’s-Her-Name.


Meanwhile, the always fabulous and brilliant Joy Reid gets a couple of hours on the weekends. I guess she’s not blonde enough.


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17 responses to “Breaking News…beyond repair

  1. So true nonnie, the media landscape, especially in this post election kleptocracy, is indeed a barren wasteland…

    • Before and after, cynical one without equal. The coverage during the entire campaign was not just disgusting, it was almost treasonous. The networks clearly put profits over country. I guess that should have prepared us for exactly the way the new administration will operate. It will always be about what will put more money in the pockets of the very, very rich and the impact on the country and the world will be of no importance. Heaven help us all.

  2. This is distressing, nonnie. Maybe the press is why we can’t have nice things? I’m happy to see you posting!

    • Very distressing, Apples. I have given up on most of the media. CBS not only is headed by a guy who said that the orange turd is bad for the country but good for profits, but they also own Simon & Schuster who just gave an advance to a known racist misogynist. NBC and MSNBC have hired more Rethugs than the administration. I don’t watch ABC, but I am sure they are just as bad. Faux News will be the state-run news network (if that doesn’t send a chill down the spine of the entire country, then nothing will). Breitbart and The National Enquirer are now the newspapers of record. The Rethugs will not only control all the branches of government, but they will be controlling the media. This is some scary shit.

  3. Hi Nonnie, so glad to see you up and about again. Hope Hanukah refreshed you. It is getting so that I can’t abide watching Morning Joe. They are both such sycophants to Trump. I am beside myself as to who to believe or listen to. This is going to be a very bumpy four years and counting. 😦

    • Hello my dear Eleanor. I should have left a message for all the Raisinettes to explain my absence. My birthday was December 16th. My sister and I spent it with my dad. He was in assisted living and had just been put in hospice care a couple of weeks before. On my birthday, he was better than he had been in a while. It was very difficult for him to speak, but he managed to say “Happy birthday” to me. I asked for a birthday kiss, and he gave me a peck on the cheek. My sister and I left after telling him we would see him the next day. At 10:00 the next morning as I was getting ready to go see him, my sister called me. The facility had called her to tell her that my dad had passed away in his sleep sometime during the early morning hours. We went down there, and he was still in his room.

      Let me tell you something about my dad. He was vain. He always insisted that he needed VO5 hair gel, and the stores had stopped selling it. For the last few years, I had to order it online for him so he would never run out of it. When my sister and i went into his room that morning, my dad looked like he was sleeping. Instead of lying scrunched up on his side as he usually was positioned lately, he was lying on his back with his legs extended so you could see how tall he actually was. His hair was messy. It had been our joke with him the last few months that his hair was a mess, like he had combed it with a balloon like Bernie Sanders combs his hair. He would laugh, and then we would get the hair gel from his bathroom and comb his hair. My sister and I sat with my dad as we waited for the funeral home to come to get him, and we did the last thing we could for him. I went to the bathroom and got the hair gel. I put it on him and combed his hair. My sister tucked him in. It was the last thing we could do for him.

      Afterwards, we were busy with the funeral arrangements and the burial, family coming in and all the other things that have to be dealt with. I was already…trying to think of the right word…depressed? distressed? devastated?…due to the the election process and results. My heart wasn’t into blogging or just about anything else. The fog still hasn’t lifted, and the despair is ever-present. It’s not just because my dad died. He was 96, and he passed peacefully, the way most people would hope to do. We knew it was just a matter of time, but it was still a shock, because we thought the end would be weeks away. I’ll miss him, but I am grateful that my sister and I were able to reconnect with him for the last 4 and a half years after a very long estrangement. I am peace with it.

      The election is another story. I will never be at peace with it. The repercussions will last for decades, and it frightens me. If ridiculing the orange turd and his minions is all that is left to me, then I hope I can heed the call. This current turn by MSNBC to embrace the Rethugs distressed me enough to open Photoshop. I am sure there will be plenty to spur me into action every day that slimeball is in office.

      So sorry for the long explanation/rant, Eleanor and all the other Raisinettes who were bored enough to read this entire comment. I hope to be around more in the future.

      Love you guys.

      • Oh Dear Nonnie, I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad’s passing. My heart goes out to you and all your family. You are in my thoughts and prayer during this painful time. Stay strong, sweet lady.

        • Thank you, dear Eleanor.

          Maybe you can throw in a few prayers for the people at Ft Lauderdale airport. I was just there the other day to drop off my son. He moved to New Jersey in November, and he had come down for a visit. My nephew’s girlfriend was supposed to be there today, but last night she decided to stay longer, so she didn’t go to the airport. My next-door neighbor works at the airport. He had taken the day off yesterday, because someone was coming to repair his air conditioner. He went to work today, and I am on pins and needles until I see his car in the parking lot. What the hell is happening to this world? There are days when it seems there is nothing but sadness.

          • So true Nonnie. I’m still reeling from the young man that thought he was going out with high school friends and they tortured him and streamed it on Facebook. I want them under the jail–forever! I am so furious! God help us.

            • Every day we hear another horror story, and every day we say to ourselves that it couldn’t possibly get worse. Then it does. When did we get so mean? Does the evil come from frustration? A sense of hopelessness or helplessness? Does hatred live inside of us and wait until the right set of circumstances to rear its ugly head? Or does the glorification of evil make people who are thirsting for their 15 minutes of fame do their evil deeds? What if the media covered only good people doing good deeds for a change? Would that inspire people to do good things instead of checking online to see how many people they have to kill in order to have the world record? Is it the lack of leadership, or perhaps more accurately, the disparagement of decent leaders that is the problem?

              I don’t know the answer, because I don’t even know what the correct question is. For now, I am just relieved that my neighbor’s van is in the parking lot.

  4. Dear Nonnie,

    Such scary times. We will be listening to one pundit talking to another, in between film of the latest mass (and completely preventable with sane gun laws) shooting.

    I was reading your exchange with Eleanor above. You had previously let me know your Dad had passed, but I can still send you additional cyber hugs. Loss is hard, sometimes you know you’re going to feel it; other times it sneaks up and breaks your heart all over again with a song or a picture or an unbidden memory. Be good to yourself and your sister. You’re fortunate to be able to grieve together. Hugs…

    • Elyse,

      The so-called pundits don’t even talk to each other. They yell their talking points in the general direction of each other. They are, in many cases, totally unable or unwilling to answer a direct question. Tension is good for ratings, I guess. This is why we never get solutions. Nobody ever listens to anyone else. The other problem is that everyone is supposed to be willing to compromise with the exception of cranky middle-aged and old white men who live in flyover country. They are supposedly the truly downtrodden. Thousands of years of privilege is just not good enough. Let everyone else sacrifice.

      Thank you for the hugs. It’s funny how a cyberhug over the internet can feel a lot better than some of the hugs you get in person. There are certain people you connect with, even when you have never actually met them in person. Your story about your mom and dad touched me, and your posting of it fortuitously came on my birthday, the last day I spent with my dad. I commented on that post right around midnight, not knowing that that would be the last day. The day he died, you posted about the death of your friend Ray. Your blog was the first place I said anything online about my dad’s passing. It felt like my safe space, I think that was because of the wonderful story about your parents. I wanted to thank you again for posting it as well as send my condolences on the death of your friend. I wish her passing had been at an old age and as peaceful as my dad’s.

      The internet can be dangerous and nasty and harsh, but it can also be a place where real friendships can be formed and where true solace can be found. I am truly grateful to the wonderful Raisinettes and others who visit this silly little blog. I love you guys.

      • Oh, I love you too, Nonnie. And these cyber connections have become important to me, which was unexpected. I thought blogging would be an outlet for my writing, but I developed real friendships with real people. Including you.

        The story about my parents is my favorite. It helped me to heal, long after they were both gone. I post it every year. I’m glad it gave you comfort, especially knowing that the end was near. Feeling love helps.

        As for my friend, Ray, her memorial service is in two weeks. I will head north for it, and spend time catching up with old friends. I miss her laughter.

        And to return the “first,” I’m waiting for word about one of my nephews, who is gravely ill, dying, actually. He has been a raging alcoholic for many many years. I probably won’t write about him on my blog; his brother reads it. But I was never fond of Chris. It is probably because when I first saw him as a baby, I thought him the ugliest thing I’d ever seen. I had known many babies by that time, but he had a horrible, flat nose. And everybody kept saying that he looked just like me!

        Still, he is my nephew, and he is only 46. Alcoholism is a terrible disease. He was very good to my sister Beth in the last years of her life. So it will be a sad loss, my lack of affection notwithstanding.

        And so 2017 continues much like 2016, which I’m sure you will recall, sucked. 😔

        • Even when we don’t like our family members, we still love them, even if that love is buried under layers of resentment or disappointment. I am sorry to hear about your nephew. The only reason I was back in touch with my dad was that my niece died, and we tracked him down (sort of accidentally) to tell him about Kimmie. She never made it to 37. She had a terrible childhood, and she dealt with it by trying to drown the memories (a trait that ran through her father’s side of the family). She died unexpectedly of coronary artery disease. I am sure the alcohol was a major contributing factor. A couple of days before, she had gone to the ER, and they thought she had the flu, so they sent her home with meds for nausea. Alcoholism is a horrible disease, but Kimmie was always a sweet girl with a tiny turned-up nose and a tiny little girl voice to match. I remember holding her in my arms when she was a little baby, and I suspect you will remember holding Chris as well, even if he was an ugly little thing. Like you said in your comment before, loss sneaks up on you when you least expect it. When it sneaks up on you, Elyse, I hope you remember that I am thinking about you and sending love.

          • Thanks, Nonnie. I am just waiting on word. I think he’s gone, based on a Facebook entry by a relative of a relative. Sigh.

            Thanks for your message. You’re right about all of it. ☹️

  5. Noonie, I just finished reading the comments which are both sad and funny. Complete opposites of what I had expected. I’m not sure what the h— I expected. Alcoholism ran/ runs on my paternal side of the family. I thank God that I just can’t drink. Alcohol depresses me terribly after just 2oz of wine or 1/2 can of beer not to mention the awful dizziness.

    I am sorry for the loss of your family members. They were too young.

    • Hello petspeopleandlife.

      Welcome to The Raisin! 😉

      You never know what to expect here, especially in the comments. We usually don’t get this serious and philosophical. Of course, nothing is as it used to be with the threat of Mango Mussolini hanging over us.

      I just visited your blog, and any dog lover is welcome here! I have a little monster puggle, and I adore him, even though I just got tested, and I found out I am highly allergic to him and other dogs. Oh well, a little sneezing and congestion won’t kill me, right?

      You are very lucky that you can’t tolerate alcohol, given your family history. Alcoholism is an insidious disease. It robs people of so much.

      Thank you for your condolences. I hope you will stop by again when we are a little more cheerful.