Labor Pains

Thanks to our old friend Tengrain over at Mock Paper Scissors  (you should be visiting there often, dear Raisinettes), this is how I spent my afternoon. 


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(You will have to click over to MPS to see the tweets that inspired me, because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to embed them here.) Anyhoo, let’s get acquainted with Mr. Putz…I mean, Andrew Puzder. From SALON:

This article originally appeared in In These Times.

Andrew Puzder, Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, is uniquely unqualified for that job. As secretary, he’d be charged with enforcing health and safety, overtime and other labor laws. But as CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., he’s made his considerable fortune from violating these very same laws, according to a report by the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United released last week.


A recent national survey among non-managerial women working in fast food found that 40 percent of such women have experienced sexual harassment on the job. Under Puzder, the problem could worsen: A whopping 66 percent of female CKE workers ROC surveyed had faced sexual harassment. Harassment came from supervisors, co-workers or — most often — customers, and took the form of sexual comments, groping, unwanted sexual texts and pressure for dates.

CKE is known for its sexist advertising, which depicts women in skimpy bikinis devouring cheeseburgers. And, certainly, imagery contributes to the culture, but when harassment is as pervasive as it appears to be at CKE, there are usually more structural problems at play.


Of the CKE employees who participated in the ROC survey, nearly one-third said they did not get meal breaks that are mandated by law; around one-fourth had been illegally forced to work off the clock or had timecards altered; almost one-third had been illegally deprived of overtime pay.

The ROC survey also found widespread health and safety violations. Nearly one-third of those surveyed said they had become sick or injured on the job.


Appointing Puzder as labor secretary is like inviting Tony Soprano to serve as attorney general. Let’s hope this enemy of working people will face humiliation and defeat when his confirmation goes before the Senate. His hearing, originally set for Tuesday, may now be postponed until February.





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14 responses to “Labor Pains

  1. tengrain

    Thanks for the shout-out! — Tengrain

  2. Friend of the court

    it’s like Snydley Whiplash has tied the working poor to the railroad track and then it slipped his mind. Have a burger so stupid big, that you wallow in every swallow.

    • FOTC, that’s so funny! I’m watching the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing while I am on Twitter. I tweeted that Lamar Alexander sounds like the name of someone who would tie a damsel to a railroad track, not a United States Senator. Later on, I tweeted that all he needs is a mustache to twirl (after he said he wouldn’t treat a Rethug nominee the same way he would treat a Dem nominee). Then I come over hear, and I see that you referenced Snydle
      y Whiplash. I swear we were separated at birth! 😆

  3. Oh Nonnie . . . it just keeps getting worse and worse. The good news is that it looks as if the election of “he who shall not be named” is waking up people by the droves. The resistance has begun. We ALL need to keep writing, marching, bombarding, and challenging him and his administration every inch of the way. Keep up the good work! We need you now more than ever.

    • Back atcha, my dear Eleanor. I think we need a stash of names for “he who shall not be named.” I know I can’t bring myself to even type it. So far, my list is (from personal use, friends and from the internets:

      Orange Turd (thanks to my friend Linda for that one)
      Mango Mussolini (from a Facebook acquaintance)
      Hair Furor
      Hairy Cheez Doodle
      Short-fingered Vulgarian
      Cheeto Jesus
      Crockwork Orange
      Tangerine Tyrant
      Putin’s Puppet
      Herr (or Hair) Gropenfuhrer

      Add your own, kids!

      Logic is not going to work. Ridicule gets under his orange skin, so that’s the route I will take. Not only does he have to be ridiculed, but every one of his spokespeople, supporters, family members (no longer off-limits, except for the youngest kid. Tiffany would have been excluded, but she and her mother tried to trade publicity for hair and makeup services) and anyone else who speaks in his favor should be ridiculed as well.

  4. Wait, didn’t Trump nominate Tony Beauregard Soprano for AG?

    But seriously, it is hard to decide which cabinet post has the worst future, ummmm, leader. Of course, I’m sure that is all designed to make Putin’s President look better by comparison. As if anything could make that orange turd look like anything other than 💩

    Praying for a meteor, a lightening bolt. Armageddon.

    • Can you even imagine Little Jeffy as a Mafiosa? Tony Soprano called his bowel movements Beauregards (little known fact, because I just made it up, because facts don’t matter anymore).

      Ever see the new TV show Designated Survivor? I’m just asking a random question, not implying anything. 😉

  5. Sherry Shirk

    oh god, nonnie, I love you! That is hilarious and made my day.