Checks & Balances? The checks all bounced, and they’re all unbalanced!

From Newsweek:

One of the great questions of Donald Trump’s presidency is how well he’ll get along with House Speaker Paul Ryan and more traditional conservatives. If the president’s meeting with congressional Republicans in Philadelphia on Thursday is any indication, the answer is they’ll do very well.

One of my sources on the inside at the retreat sent me a picture of the  Commander In Chief  Demander-and-Thief and what seems to be (from this picture) the Streaker of the House.


Original image (if anyone can tell me the name of this painting and the artist, I would appreciate it. I looked and looked with no success.)

[F]or the most part, it was all cheers—for deregulation, for promoting anti-abortion policies, for cutting taxes. Trump and Ryan were all smiles, and while the speaker may take a different tone on the idea of voter fraud or other Trump obsessions, the truth is that the relationship is already pretty solid.


Trump made note that Ryan and his GOP colleagues regularly passed conservative bills that either died in the Senate or were vetoed by Obama. Trump said Ryan is going to do “a lot of writing” that he will ultimately sign.

You can read the entire article for the list of actions Twitler and Cowardly Ryan are considering in order to destroy our country.




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14 responses to “Checks & Balances? The checks all bounced, and they’re all unbalanced!

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit

  2. the loony tic

    lmao (and crying)! they’ll grab all they can get.

  3. Friend of the court

    looks like 17th century German Baroque. Make sure you don’t search, dancing naked babies. LOL

    • Where have you been FOTC? I put up a Little Marco poster with all kinds of little hidden jokes, and I’ve been waiting for you to find them!

      As for these little bundles of joy, i tried googling Renaissance babies (you get a lot of Guy Fieri pics for some reason), Italian art, and a million other combinations of babies & art & paintings & Renaissance & different artists names that were merely guesses. I did try googling Baroque babies, but you know what they say….If it ain’t Baroque, don’t google it. 😉

      • Friend of the court

        I’ll go find Marco. I think it is German because of the ground cover. I amnearly done with a three year long law case. To be heard by the State on Feb. 7th,

        • I suspect that it is part of a much larger painting, and I cannot for the life of me find it. Maybe it’s really Twitler’s baby picture.

          What’s the law case about? Three years is a long time. My attention span won’t last more than 5 minutes.Best of luck with it. I hope you win!

          • Friend of the court

            workers’ comp fraud by occ med docs and third party administrators. I am representing myself, and it is a lot of work, just the paper chase. Looks good, as long as the judge has no Trump leanings.

  4. nonnie,
    some irrelephant comments:
    1. you are being very generous “below the equator”
    2. did you see Orange Turd’s chin photo? or his spray tanning booth photo? i mean, this is a “fuller bodied” type of a “man”.
    3. something something circle jerk.

    PS: sorry if too crude, but that’s how i am feeling these days.
    stay strong

    • Hello Epic GOP Fail.

      Welcome to The Raisin! 🙂

      1. Love the irrelephant! 😆

      2. I was generous, and I realized it while working on the image. There is no doubt that…let’s call it little Donnie…has been retouched to make it look bigger, but I could not bring myself to touch it in order to retouch it again (WordPress really needs a vomit emoticon).

      3. You cannot be too crude here at The Raisin. Crudeness is applauded and encouraged.

      4. Your tweet to me inspired a new poster that I will be publishing very soon. Stay tuned! 😉

      Hugs back.