Angry Turds

From The New York Times, The Opinion Pages:

David Brooks gave St. Ronald Reagan a tongue bath before he got to this:

The mood of the party is so different today. Donald Trump expressed the party’s new mood to David Muir of ABC, when asked about his decision to suspend immigration from some Muslim countries: “The world is a mess. The world is as angry as it gets. What, you think this is going to cause a little more anger? The world is an angry place.”

Someone who used the name El Jamon from New York posted this response. I wish I knew who he was so I could give him a giant hug:

I am not a wealthy man. According to Donald Trump, I would be a loser. I changed diapers. I am an attentive, nurturing father. I built a modest business. I am devoted to my spouse. We’ve been through thick and thin, better or worse and we still remain devoted and deeply in love. Our home is modest. Our car is not luxurious. I served my country and paid for college myself, without ever taking a loan or dime from my parents. And I am happy because I am grateful. Every single day, I am grateful for this life, better or worse, rich or poor. I’m even grateful for the trials and struggles I’ve had. I’m grateful for the wisdom life’s difficulties and set backs have provided. The man in the gilded tower is not grateful.

(Emphasis mine)

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He is not wise. He is steeped in fears that, though we see the same television news stations, and read many of the same papers, I do not share. Why is it that someone who had never wondered how he was going to pay for college, someone who (unlike myself) was backed by the generosity of the happenstance of wealthy parents, someone who cycles through luxury, why is he not grateful? Why is he so angry? Look at this wealthy, powerful man’s face. He is tormented, even twisted by his fears, and envy and pride, despite the evidence and, as he often brags, the rewards of his greed and gluttony. Why do I, a poor man by comparison, live in a state of gratitude, while he is in service to his envy and wrath? I view Mr. Trump’s fear, lust and sloth and I do not envy him.

Bless you, El Jamon, wherever you are. I dedicate this post to you.

Just like Twitler feeds the anger of his moronic cult members  followers while his  chosen shitheads like Kellyanne “Alternate Facts” Conway, Pootie-Poot lover Michael Flynn and Nazi-loving Steve Bannon feed his anger in order to control him.

Resist! Resist any way you can. El Jamon did it in the most eloquent way.


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21 responses to “Angry Turds

  1. All so true, Be prepared it will all get worse. Yes most poor folks are grateful but HE the Mighty one of the Tower has no clue about the meaning of gratefulness or meekness or forgiveness or, or, or and the list goes on.

    • So true, PP&L. There are some people who grew up in great wealth but still manage to be grateful for what they have and give back to the society that has been so good to them. The Orange Turd and his clan are privileged, entitled assholes (sorry about the language…but not really) have nothing but ingratitude and larceny in their souls (assuming they have souls). Twitler’s entire family and the people he surrounds himself with care only about themselves and getting more, more, more. Nothing is ever enough for them. I wish for their humiliation every waking minute.

      • They will eventually reap what they sow- I think or I hope so. No need to apologize about using “bad” language. I curse a lot but try to contain myself in “public.” I’m not always successful. 🙂

        • The walking radioactive orange septic tank, his family and those surrounding him deserve to live in the dystopian world they imagine.

            • Speaking of dystopian worlds, I went to a diner with my sister tonight. CNN was on the TV with the subtitles turned on. Michael Smerconish was doing a story about the super-rich who bought condos built inside an old missile silo in case of a catastrophe. I was shaking my head while watching it. Let me see if I can find a video and embed it. What struck me is how they made sure to make it luxurious. There’s a rock-climbing wall, a theater, a bar and a host of other things. Heaven forbid they should let in anyone who has less money. They need their room, after all. The place is in Kansas, which I don’t get. If there’s a choice between Hell on Earth or Kansas, I’m sticking with Hell. And don’t worry. In case any of the lower classes dare to try to get in there, they have armed guards 24/7. Let’s see if the video will work. Nope, won’t work, so here is a link to it instead. You must watch. It is astonishing!

              • Sound just like the ultra rich. Eff the lower classes and minorities. Storm shelters should be all over any city. Those could be built but T. is going to build a wall, ban the Muslims, try to put a muzzle on the media and God only knows what else rhe despot/s are coming up with next. I will go to the link. Thanks. Should be interesting and raise my blood pressure. Every day that passes, I become more angry.

  2. the loony tic

    another masterpiece my friend.

  3. If only we could put these jokers into a B movie — entomb the in celluloid– so that we could only see them when we choose to on Netflicks. Scary scary times.

    • Maybe we can stick them in that little film can Alternative Facts Conway is holding.

      P.S. The ratings for that B movie on Netflix–rigged!!!!

      • Just heard that a protest is organizing at Kennedy Airport in NY over banning the Iraqi immigrants. Power to the people!

        • And I read yesterday that Rethugs who were at their retreat in Philly were supposed to return to D.C. on a private chartered train. However, protesters showed up, so the Goopers, in all their courageous glory, didn’t want to walk past the protesters, so the train left empty.They were too cowardly to even enter the station! 😆

  4. Even if he also lacks political experience, El Jamon would have made a much better President than Trump. He’s self-aware and introspective and capable of humility, qualities Trump so conspicuously lacks.

    Rather fitting to put the top Trumpanzees into a show about the US under foreign domination, given Trump’s relationship with Putin.

    • El Jamon makes a much better human being that the orange shitstain. Almost anyone would be a better President. That bar is so low, citizens have to beware tripping over it.

      I’ve only watched the first couple of episodes of The Man in the High Castle. Who would have thought that it was a documentary, not fiction? 😯

  5. Ed

    Envy? I don’t think that word means what El Jamon thinks it means.