The Terror of Their Ways

Shoutout to our newest Raisinette, EPIC GOP Fail, whom you can follow on Twitter, as I do. EPIC tweeted that we needed a new graphic to measure the new GOP crazy. I was inspired, because all Raisinettes know that I never shirk my duty when called to do the public a service. Behold, the new Terror Alert Color Coded System, just like the old one that has kept us so safe.


Original image

You might notice the new seal for the Department of Homeland Security. I am planning on creating new seals for all the departments as the new secretaries get confirmed. After all, in the Orange Turd White House, it’s all about appearances. Right? I mean…alt-Right?



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16 responses to “The Terror of Their Ways

  1. thank you, nonnie
    you rock.

    from now on, i am signing off here with a Ron Burgundy quote:
    “you might not realize it, but i am kinda of a big deal around here”

    spectacular job.

    PS: i still want a daily trump crazy meter ranging from Reagan to Bachmann.
    so it doesn’t start at 0. it starts at 6 and goes to 11

    • You are quite welcome, Epic. All the Raisinettes are big deals around here! I will work on a meter soon. If I forget, feel free to stop by and remind me. If you come over here often, you will know that Batshit Bachmann has been one of my greatest muses. It will be fun to welcome her back. πŸ˜‰

      • gawd, nonnie,
        i want to bury any thought of her deep, deep, deeper.
        unless u live in gohmert’s district in TX or allen west in FL, u have no idea what it’s like. of course now, w the #OrangeTurd in Office, we all know: none of us can get that shit flavor out of our mouths.

        but we digress.
        what i meant to say is thank you.
        thank you for all you do & have been doing for us.

        • I live in Floriduhhh. We’ve been stuck with a felon in the governor’s mansion and other assorted nuts and dolts.

          I mean….you’re welcome! πŸ˜‰

  2. We may need a shade or two of infrared before this is over. In the meantime, it looks like we’re stuck in orange every day. The three lowest levels at least have some compensatory entertainment value.

    The new seal for the Trumpified NASA should depict a flat Earth, of course. Maybe the one for the Energy Department should depict Chernobyl, since Rick Perry will be in charge of maintenance on all our nuclear reactors (a terror more terrifying than terrorism, right there).

    As for Bachmann, be careful what you wish for. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to nominate her to the Supreme Court.

    • i was thinking of a corndog for the Department of Ooops….I mean, Energy. Remind me of your suggestions when I get to remaking the seals. In fact, remind me about making the seals. I tend to get distracted at times. πŸ˜‰

      Not sure about being stuck in orange. I am sure that alert will be a factor every day. However, I think we have moved into red. The insulting statement about Holocaust Remembrance day stinks of Bannon and his Holocaust-denying.

      I don’t think he’ll nominate Batshit Bachmann to anything. She likes attention too much, and Twitler could not stand it if someone other than him got any camera time. I think that’s why he chose Little Ricky Goodhair for Energy instead of Princess Sarah.

  3. Well done, Nonnie. But shit! We’re at the red level already and Putin isn’t even in the picture, yet!

  4. Batshit Bachmann- are you referring to the Bachmann that wanted to become pres a few light years back? If so, I saw a pic of her someplace recently and if that woman is not a witch, I’ll eat your hat. Her eyes alone, would scare the hell out of a Great Horned owl.

    Cleaver lady you are with the meters. I’d say that we are getting near the top of it all. Every few days there is a new wrinkle added to the already complicated agenda of T. trying to run the media via his patsy mouth pieces, attempting to cozy up to the Mexican president and now he wants to smooze with GB’s Pm, Ms May or what’s her name.

    But golly he is still preoccupied with how many sub-servants came to see his “swearing in.” It looks like he’s losing sleep because he seems to have more baggage under his eyes these last few days. Maybe he spends too much time on Twitter and not enough time sleeping.

    • If you search for Michele Bachmann, you will see that Batshit Bachmann is one of my muses.

      We are already at the top of the terror color system. Bannon has taken over the White House, and the Rethugs, who are really the only ones who can stop him, are silent. I saw Elizabeth Warren speaking on the Senate floor today and shaming the Rethugs. I doubt it will do any good, because it is always party before country with that crew.

      • You must be kidding? Bachmann is your muse? You do jest- do you not? Notice all the repetition. I got that from reading T’s rhetoric. πŸ™‚ You know the same sh– over and over again. It’s called brain washing. That’s how he rooked all the deliverables/deplorablces (just kidding about deplorables. No one should be called that). He couldn’t brain wash me because my brain is already filled with suds from having lived past best used by such and such date. πŸ™‚

        I’ll look for Bachmann on your blog. Hope I can find the posts.

        • I think that a lot of people deserve to be called deplorables. Batshit Bachmann, for one. Yes, she is my muse. I don’t think a muse has to be someone positive, just someone who serves as inspiration. She was/is so easy to make fun of, and I took full advantage of that.

  5. the loony tic

    bravo! well done.