There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Twitler’s White House

Steve Bannon. Do I need to say more? Hell, no! Because I can sing instead!!

To the tune of If I Only Had a Brain by Harold Arlen (music) and E.Y. Harburg (lyrics):

🎼 If my lips move, then I’m lyin’
Or I’m Holocaust denyin’,
Don’t care if that’s profane,
Because hour by hour,
I’m amassing so much power,
All of D.C.’s my domain.♫


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♪ Kellyanne is much too shrewish,
Jared Kushner-ugggh! He’s Jewish!
Reince is just a big shit stain,
Spicer’s like a kid with colic,
But me? I’m so diabolic,
And my boss is inhumane.🎹

♬ Oh, I could tell you why, it is Adolf I adore,
Why my buddies and I wish our world was more,
Like back in Niiiineteen Forty-Four.♫

♩ I am plotting an alt-right chart,
Like I did over at Breitbart,
While the bigots pop champagne!
If you think I’ll disappear,
Well, you haven’t got a prayer,
‘Cause my boss don’t have a brain.♪


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17 responses to “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Twitler’s White House

  1. Wow this is a good one. love it.

    • Thanks PPL! I haven’t written a song parody in a while. I can barely keep up with all the outrages.

      • You really missed your calling. A stand up political comic. I just read where (I think is was the Yates person, a hold over from Obama admin.) that was fired for not following jack ass’s order re: ban on immigrants. I can’t wait till his own appointees begin to rebel. But you have to wonder if that will happen.

  2. Oh god. How will we gets through this.

    • I’m thinking of taking up a hobby. Maybe ax throwing, maybe drinking, maybe both.

      • Well, I was going to give up drinking, but I don’t know how. So maybe I will give up ax throwing. instead.

        • The tricky part is throwing the ax without spilling your drink. Of course, after a number of drinks, you don’t really care.

          • After 10 days of Trump, I already don’t care

            • I plan on throwing the axes at myself. His reign is exhausting. They always talk about the first 100 days of an administration. This is just 10 fucking days, and everything is in chaos.

              • He really is certifiable. Evil and crazy is not a good combo.

                • Not sure if it’s insanity. I don’t think Twitler really cares about anything other than being worshiped and making money. He leaves all the decisions to whomever happens to have his ear on a particular day. What’s truly frightening is that the Rethugs are allowing him to do whatever he…I mean, Bannon wants. The system breaks down when the branches of government don’t do their duty of checks and balances.

  3. the loony tic

    such talent. now all you need is a gold brick road for him to prance down.

    • Trump will build a yuuuuge gold brick road as soon as he figures out how to make Dorothy pay for it. Maybe he’ll just put it on Bannon’s credit card and get reimbursed later.

      On the other hand, stores that sell clothes and razors probably don’t take MasterRaceCard. It would explain why Bannon generally looks like he lives behind a church dumpster.

      • Trump would be the Whizzard of Oz, of course. But the man behind the curtain is Putin.

        • 😆 Make Dorothy pay for the gold brick road!!! 😆 That’s perfect!

          Remember when the Rethugs made such a big deal over how people dress in the Oval Office. Obama dared to take off his suit jacket? Gasp! Not a word about that fat slob Bannon looking like he just rolled out of his cardboard box next to the dumpster. Should we be surprised? They went ballistic over Michelle baring her arms, but not a word about Nekkid Melanoma.

    • I’m sure there will be plenty of goldbricking to go around.