A Few New Pics for the Pence Family Albumin

I was watching TV news this morning, and up popped a picture of Mike Pence. I don’t know what was being discussed, because all I could think of was how much he resembles an egg. Maybe you can blame it on the fact that I hadn’t had breakfast yet, or maybe it’s because….


See what I mean, kids? I wasn’t yolking. Suddenly, everything made a little more sense!


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(Uh oh! Ham isn’t kosher. What about Ivanka?)

So, anyhoo, Vice President Ovum was on Meet the Press today. Keep reading and find out how he got egg all over his face!


During his talk with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Vice President Mike Pence was asked about whether he approves of President Trump slamming the “so-called judge” who issued a temporary halt on his travel-restricting executive order.


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Never saw a guest bring his entire family with him on the show before.

“The President of the United States has every right to criticize the other two branches of government,” Pence said. When asked if Trump’s remarks were “constructive,” Pence argued that it people find it “very refreshing” to know how the president feels, and that [Judge James L.] Robart’s order was “frustrating” for blocking the order nationwide.

Todd brought up an old interview Pence gave where the former governor of Indiana once criticized President Obama for getting to wrapped up in responding to his critics. Todd wanted to know whether Trump ought to take Pence’s old advice.

Vice President Ovum answered by laughing and talking about his hair color.

It wasn’t just on Meet the Press. He can be a dickhead  an asshole  an egghead on all the channels! From CBS News:

Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday that President Donald Trump wasn’t questioning the legitimacy of a federal judge who halted his immigration executive order when he lambasted the judge on Twitter this weekend — he was “simply expressing a frustration.”


On Friday night, U.S. District Judge James Robart in Seattle imposed a nationwide hold on Mr. Trump’s travel ban, which halts the refugee program worldwide and stops immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

In response, Mr. Trump took to Twitter to criticize Robart, referring to him as a “so-called judge” and calling his ruling a “terrible decision” that “opens up our country to potential terrorists.”


Asked about an interview Mr. Trump did with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, in which he seemed to equate extrajudicial killings of journalists and dissidents in Russia to similar actions in the U.S., Pence said Mr. Trump was expressing his desire to “start afresh with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and to start afresh with Russia.” In the interview, O’Reilly called Russian President Vladimir Putin “a killer.”

“You think our country is so innocent?” Mr. Trump replied.

Pence said Mr. Trump was not trying to say the U.S. is on the same moral plane as Russia.


Asked whether he believes the U.S. is “morally superior to Russia,” Pence did not give a yes or no answer. He replied: “I believe that the ideals that America has stood for throughout our history represent the highest ideals of humankind.”



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11 responses to “A Few New Pics for the Pence Family Albumin

  1. Snip and snip until they both have had vasectomies. Oh but, wait that would take their manhood away- but I digress. Pence is but another patsy for T. and he is every bit as good as Spicer or what’s his name. I am astounded about the things that these pigs say. All of them are defending Putin. Wonder how much they were paid by Russia? I can’t help but think there is a conspiracy of some kind or the other. Everyday something whack-a-doodle is spoken and T’s mouth pieces keep defending everything that he says. If it weren’t so terrible is would be hilarious but I’m not finding all the crazy talk funny.

    • I am waiting to see what happens when the truth about Tangerine Tyrant and Russia is told. I am sure Pence has no idea what the truth is, and Bannon is playing him like a cheap fiddle. He is making an ass of himself, bending himself into pretzels to defend the indefensible. I’m just glad that it will ruin his political career and put him down in the history books as a useful idiot and nothing more.

      • I hope that you are correct on all counts. Have you heard that old adage of “playing each end of the fiddle against the middle?” I read the some important British government official is nixing T. speaking to the House of Parliament or something to that effect. I read hastily and might have gotten that wrong.

        • I just saw a headline over at Daily Kos that said that he won’t be speaking to Parliament. NBC and CNN’s headlines say he is unlikely to address Parliament, but The Mirror in the UK says that the House of Commons Speaker does not want to invite him, CNN would not allow Kellyanne Conwoman on their Sunday show. Maybe everyone, politicians and the media are finally standing up to the orange shitbag and all the liars who support him. One can only hope.

          • Good for CNN. Now the others need to follow CNN’s lead. Don’t give the dirt bags air time. That would help stop some of the propaganda that T and his mouth pieces deliver to the public.

            • Well, we know Faux News won’t follow CNN’s lead. They just got rid of George Will. because he’s a conservative, but he dared to speak ill of the infant king.

  2. Friend of the court

    what a blessed fox tail in our national sox.

  3. the loony tic

    did you see pence dressed up as humpty dumpty in a super bowl commercial last night? he’s cracking and oozing from all the ‘alternative facts.’