Honey, They Skunked the Kids

From The Boston Globe:

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Tuesday confirmed school choice advocate Betsy DeVos as Education secretary by the narrowest of margins, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking a 50-50 tie in a historic vote.

Two Republicans joined Democrats in the unsuccessful effort to derail the nomination of the wealthy Republican donor. The Senate historian said Pence’s vote was the first by a vice president to break a tie on a Cabinet nomination.


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Democrats cited her lack of public school experience and financial interests in organizations pushing charter schools. DeVos has said she would divest herself from those organizations.

Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska fear that DeVos’ focus on charter schools will undermine remote public schools in their states.

Despite the win, DeVos emerges bruised from the highly divisive nomination process. She has faced criticism, even ridicule for her stumbles and confusion during her confirmation hearing and scathing criticism from teachers unions and civil rights activists over her support of charter schools and her conservative religious beliefs.


Emotions ran high ahead of the vote as constituents jammed senators’ phone lines with calls and protesters gathered outside the Capitol, including one person in a grizzly bear costume to ridicule DeVos’ comment during her confirmation hearing that some schools might want guns to protect against grizzlies. Her opponents also charge that DeVos has no experience to run public schools, having never attended one or sent her children to a public school.

DeVos has provided few details about her policy agenda, but she is sure to have a busy job. DeVos will have to weigh in on the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act and possibly undo some of the previous administration’s regulation initiatives on school accountability and spending, which have been criticized by Republicans as federal overreach. Rules on such things as accountability already have been on hold.

She will have to address several hot-button issues in higher education, such as rising tuition costs, growing student debt and the troubled for-profit colleges, many of which have closed down, leaving students with huge loans and without a good education or job prospects. Observers will pay close attention to how DeVos deals with sexual assault and freedom of speech on campuses.

DeVos will also have to react to Trump’s campaign proposal of funneling $20 billion of public funds toward school vouchers.

Expect to see only Amway cleaning products in all schools from now on, and Blackwater will be supplying the security guards.


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11 responses to “Honey, They Skunked the Kids

  1. Senator Collins has a completely undeserved reputation as a moderate, but she always hides her pro GOP vote. This time, she voted FOR deVos in committee — where it mattered, but against her on the floor when she could look like a woman of conscience. Rather, voting against deVos in committee would have enabled Collins to kill the nomination.

    • Suze and her cartoon voice always gets more credit that she deserves. She makes a little fuss, gets a lot of atta-girls from our side, and then she toes the Rethug line. She’s just like Lindseypoo and his boyfriend Captain Underpants.

      • Agreed, with both of you!

        Most of the “moderates” or “mavericks” on the GOP make meaningless gesture-votes, or that kind of thing. They make some noise, but then get in line to vote.

        McCain endorsed Trump after Trump literally attacked him for his military service. If that doesn’t show that he’s a “fall in line” kind of guy, I don’t know what does.

        • Hiya Ken! So good to see you! 😀

          There are no moderates or mavericks in the Rethuglican Party. There are only smoke and mirrors. As you say, lots of noise but no action. Yertle and his henchmen have figured out a way for those in more moderate states to look more reasonable while not risking any of the outcomes. I have to admit that I was fooled until Elyse opened up my eyes with her comment above. Raisinettes are so smart! I learn so much from them.

  2. Hoo boy DeVos is dumber than dirt. It will be interesting to see how she runs the Department of Education. It will either be a huge flop or a narrow squeeze to keep things equal for state wide education. Frankly I think she is a disaster waiting to happen.

  3. Well done nonnie. Volume one is right, there is much more insanity to come. These people have no limits whatsoever. Until the complete collapse of civilization, of course…