Oil Slick

From Bloomberg:

Newly installed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt closely coordinated with major oil and gas companies, refiners and groups linked to the billionaire Koch brothers to combat environmental regulations during his time as Oklahoma attorney general, according to thousands of pages of e-mails released Wednesday.

The documents, released under court order to the Center for Media and Democracy, a nonprofit watchdog, follow a pitched battle over whether Pruitt should lead the Environmental Protection Agency, culminating in a narrow 52-46 vote Friday to confirm him.



Original seal

Overall, the 7,564 pages of e-mails the center published online reveal a chummy relationship between Pruitt and an array of companies, including oil and gas producers active in Oklahoma. Officials at Devon Energy Corp., Koch Industries Inc., the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers [AFPM] and others at times counseled Pruitt on the best strategies for combating environmental regulations meant to protect the air and water — rules he is now tasked with overseeing as the EPA administrator.


In a July 13, 2013 e-mail, an AFPM official asks Pruitt to file a petition with the EPA challenging biofuel quotas.


But Pruitt has maintained that environmental regulation and energy development can go hand in hand — most recently in an address to employees at the EPA’s Washington headquarters.


In a February 2014 e-mail, Stuart Solomon, president and chief operating officer of American Electric Power’s Oklahoma subsidiary, wrote to personally thank Pruitt after the EPA withdrew a then-proposed regional haze rule designed to protect the air around national parks.


Other documents reveal Pruitt’s office maintained communications with the conservative, free-market think tank Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, frequently asking the organization to promote the attorney general’s op-eds.


Pruitt’s office also connected with Koch Industries senior counsel Dean Kuckelman, scheduling a conference call between Kuckelman and Houston, First Assistant Attorney General Tom Bates and and Solicitor General Patrick Wyrick on Dec. 13, 2013.



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13 responses to “Oil Slick

  1. What is it with department seals? Some of them are really shitty looking.

  2. Yes, maam we have now slid all the way to no EPA. Might as well have no agency. Close it down. It has a name and that’s about all. We’ll all be succumbing to asthma attacks, cancer, waters that are poisoned. I might as well stop here for the list is long. We’ll have all sorts of species dying off including humans.

  3. Friend of the court

    did you see what the little shit (R) from Utah is investigating? I think he wants to impeach Obama.
    I’m getting ready to burn down my lodge, but it won’t stop raining.

    • I despise that smarmy smirking little shit. He’s worried about email from a national park? How anyone can call the Rethugs the patriotic party is beyond me. Bunch of shitheads who always put their own self-interests and party over country. Every single time.

  4. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Thanks for going through all of those emails for me, Nonnie.

  5. maggiejean

    Good to see your electricity has returned nonnie.

    • Thank you, dear Maggiejean. ❤

      Funny, but after just 8 days of darkness, it took a while to get my bearings. I got used to having no power. I'm still getting used to having no clothes dryer, because it got fried. I am hoping the power company will replace it, but the electrician said I should wait until everything is really fixed (this is just temporary, they have to dig up my and my neighbors' front yards in order to replace the rotted cable that caused all of this) and then check every outlet and every else electrical in the condo to make sure I include everything when I make a claim. Not sure what to do when I run out of underwear. 😉

  6. Great one nonnie, the EDA, the perfect description for this hideous administration. Perhaps their own hubris will be their undoing, along with sustained public outcry…