If the Tiara Chaffetz, Wear It


In defending the new Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz suggested in an interview with CNN on Tuesday that lower-income Americans could face a choice between a new iPhone and their health-care insurance.


Original TV poster

Citing the Kaiser Foundation, host Alisyn Camerota had asked Chaffetz whether it worried him that fewer people would be covered under the Republican bill.


[…W]hat we want to do is make sure that people have access to the quality health care that they want.”

“Access,” Camerota pointed out, “doesn’t equal coverage,” and lower-income people could find themselves without coverage.

Chaffetz countered […] that Americans have choices. “[M]aybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest in their own health care,” he said on CNN’s “New Day.”

And that’s why this asswipe has one of the most punchable faces in D.C. Wonder if taxpayers pay for his iPhone or just his health insurance.


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6 responses to “If the Tiara Chaffetz, Wear It

  1. so effin depressing.
    it’s like we’re constantly being electrocuted with 110V/low ams with daily jolts of 220V/lethal amps just to remind us they ain’t effin around and will kill you whenever they decide.

    the sad/funny part is the vast mass of the idiots who voted for the orange turd will likely go first.

    somehow, though, that thought no longer cheers me up.

    • I keep hoping that asswipes like Chaffetz are talking themselves out of their jobs. There’s a Rethug who is going to challenge him, as well as Kathryn Allen. She’s a Dem and a medical doctor. Women make most of the medical decisions for their families. Maybe they will put their pussy hats on and vote en masse to get rid of the shithead. We can only hope.

      • boruch ashem as my russian brethren say.

        i am rather dubious here, nonnie, if you’ll forgive my skepticism: chaffetz notoriously said that if he supported trump, he wouldn’t be able to look his daughter in the eye. or something along those lines. by that time he had already flipped for from being against. then after that flip, he flipped back to support the orange turd,

        and Utah, as Mormon and forgiving as it is, forgave him even that. i am not sure about his daughter, but these days, chaffetz avoids any human contact, avoids mirrors and lights. and sleeps in a coffin. but we digress.

        point is, Evan McMullin & Hillary were supposed to split Utah away from the turd, what with Mormons being so horrified by trump’s lack of integrity and all things latter-day-jesusy. and yet, they looked past the turd, swallowed hard and swallowed the turd too.

        imho, Chaffetz is a far more familiar and already pre-digested for them.

        but we shall see.
        insha allah
        (as my russian sistren say)

        • As my mom always says, we live in hope and die in despair.

          Utah is such a blood red state that things won’t change overnight. However, Twitler couldn’t even get 50%. I have to believe that, as the older folks die off, the younger ones will have a more progressive outlook and will hopefully vote. 10,000 women marched in the snow in the dead of winter to protest Twitler, so who knows what might happen?

        • Friend of the court

          you have a talking sistern? ours’ just makes bubbling sounds, from time to time.

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