The microwave’s not spying, but there’s a reason my freezer’s named Frigid-ear!


Kellyanne Conway said she was “not Inspector Gadget” or “in the job of having evidence” when quizzed on television about wiretapping claims.

In a bid to make light of her suggestion that Barack Obama could have spied on Donald Trump using a microwave, she referenced the 1980s cartoon character who had thousands of high-tech gadgets installed in his body.

“I’m not Inspector Gadget,” she told CNN. “I don’t believe people are using their microwave to spy on the Trump Campaign. However, I am not in the job of having evidence. That’s what investigations are for.”


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Mr Trump has claimed that Barack Obama had ordered wiretaps be placed in Trump Tower during the presidential election. He has not provided any evidence to back up his suggestion.

Mr Obama’s spokesman has strenuously denied the claims and FBI director James Comey has privately urged the Justice Department to dispute Mr Trump’s claim, although has not come forward to do so himself.


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14 responses to “The microwave’s not spying, but there’s a reason my freezer’s named Frigid-ear!

  1. Friend of the court

    that hat looks like the Family Salad Bowl, from the pizza delivery guy.

  2. Katemcg

    The man needs a cone of silence

    • Hello Katemcg,

      Welcome to the Raisin! 😀

      A cone of silence would be nice, but I think a plastic bag over his head might work better. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again soon.

    • Hey, a “Get Smart” reference! I thought something similar, which is that if Kellyanne Conway is not Inspector Gadget, she’s Maxwell Smart doing the “would you believe” routine. It never worked for Agent 86 and it’s not working for her, either.

      • Maxwell Smart was funny and endearing, even if he was an idiot. Kellyanne is neither funny nor endearing. She’s an opportunist who will do anything and say anything in order to be close to power. She has no real convictions, just phony outrage and hair-flipping.

  3. Imold

    I think a hat of aluminum foil for the microwave.

    • Hello Imold,

      Welcome to the Raisin! 😀

      We all know that you can’t put aluminum foil in the microwave. That’s what makes them so dastardly clever. Whoever “they” are.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will comment again soon. 🙂