Hotsy totsy, he’s a friggin’ Nazi!!!

From The Atlantic:

Michael Flynn and Sebastian Gorka share a couple of things. Both men are rabidly anti-Islam, and both seem to have been insufficiently vetted by the Trump White House.


Gorka is a top terrorism adviser to Trump; like Flynn, he has a long record of militant attitudes toward Islam, and like Flynn, his foreign ties are now coming under serious scrutiny. The Forward reports Thursday that officers of Vitézi Rend, an anti-Semitic, quasi-Nazi Hungarian nationalist group, say Gorka is a sworn member. Gorka wore a medal typically worn by Vitézi Rend members to a January 20 inauguration ball, but said at the time that it was a gesture honoring his late father. He has also at times referred to himself as Sebastian L. v. Gorka, using a “v.” initial employed by Vitézi Rend members.

the goebbels experiment

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Asked by The Forward and others about his affiliation with the group, Gorka declined to comment and referred questions to the White House, on what ought not be a particularly tough question. However, he has now told Tablet, “I have never been a member of the Vitez Rend. I have never taken an oath of loyalty to the Vitez Rend.”

The Forward, which had previously reported on connections between Gorka and Hungarian anti-Semites, speculated that Gorka could be jeopardizing his immigration status if he is a member of Vitézi Rend but did not declare it upon entering the country, as required by the State Department, which considers it a Nazi-linked group.

Setting aside the question of immigration status, the story does force the question of how Gorka made it through the vetting process.

One answer is that he had friends in high places. Gorka was previously national-security editor at Breitbart, whose former CEO Steve Bannon is now President Trump’s top strategist. His views on Islam also closely align with those of the president and many of his top aides.


Another answer is that Gorka didn’t entirely make it through the vetting process. The Associated Press reported in February that he did not have appropriate security clearance for his work, and it’s not clear that he has any clearance at all.


Despite the apparently loose standards of vetting in the White House, a huge number of executive-branch jobs remain unfilled. As they work to fill those jobs, officials in the Office of Presidential Personnel might want to make sure they ask prospective candidates whether they have any ties to Nazi-affiliated groups. You know, just in case.


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12 responses to “Hotsy totsy, he’s a friggin’ Nazi!!!

  1. “A greasy oily film” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The only kind of film Bannon could produce!

    And this time there was no need to edit out the swastika…..

    • Good observational skills, Infidel! 😀 Most people don’t look for the little details. That’s usually where I have the most fun. I’ve used the “greasy oily film” quite a few times, but I’m not sure how many people noticed it.

      Nope, no need to edit out the swastika. In fact, it might call for an even bigger one!

  2. Politicians don’t care about the vetting process. And sure as hell, the present government has been infiltrated by the Russians and individuals that are Nazis. It is plain as day and you don’t need to be well educated to know where our country is headed.

    • I have to disagree with you, PPP. Politicians usually (and should) care very, very much about vetting. Better to get rid of a nominee before s/he becomes a part of the administration and then serves only as an embarrassment, or worse, a bad actor that can threaten the security of the country (looking at you, Mike Flynn). Isn’t it better to find out that someone might be blackmailed before s/he is working for you and has been compromised? That’s one of the problems with Twitler and his band of merry men. They know nothing about how government works, so they don’t know where the pitfalls are. In fact, they don’t care. They want chaos, because in chaos, there is the opportunity to overthrow everything and remake it according to their own visions. As for Twitler, he doesn’t give a flying shit about this country. He just wants to make money.

      • I applied the not caring about vetting in a general sense. I really meant T and his posse or should that be pussy or pussy footing around or skirting the issues? T. is a total mess and as the top rep for the US he is a complete embarrassment. I watched some of the inter action between T. and Merkel and I just had to stop watching. I wonder what Merkel was thinking. Anyhow I am sorry to have written that politicians don’t care abut vetting. I know the democrats do and I would hope that most if not all repubs do as well. But in my opinion they hastened some of his appointments right on through such as DeVos and some of the 0ther un-qualified appointees. That’s merely my opinion and I’m not claiming to know all that much about politics but I generally can spot a bad apple but by hearing them talk and watching facial expressions. And I’m not bragging. 🙂

        PS: I love the name Twitler. Very fitting.

        • I don’t think any of the politicians, Rethug or Dem or Independent are particularly fond of vetting. I am sure they would just love to hire the people they like and be done with it. However, most are smart enough to know that bad hires can cost them a career, and some might even have enough real patriotism in their hearts to actually not want to harm the country or its citizens.

          I wasn’t home for most of the day, so I didn’t see a lot of news. I did see snippets, and Twitler treated Merkel horribly. He’s like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum.I am sure she was thinking that he’s an ass, and she can’t believe anyone voted for anyone as moronic as him. She was probably also thinking that, if he tries to grab her pussy, he was going to have to have a German shoe extracted from his ass.

          I wish I could take credit for thinking up Twitler, but alas, I cannot. I saw it online and have used it ever since. It’s so fitting.

  3. Imold

    Drumph and all his people are Nazis!

    • They all have the Nazi mentality, but this guy (and i suspect Bannon, too) is an actually Nazi!! He even wore a Nazi pin to the abominati….i mean, inauguration. Apparently, he doesn’t feel the need to hide it. Makes me think of Laura Ingraham and her Nazi salute at the convention that she conveniently turned into a wave.

  4. Nice work on a real ‘piece of work’, Nonnie!


  5. Donald Watson

    Seems to me that the reason they are so slow at filling positions is they can’t find enough Nazi’s that have the proper qualifications. to them being a Nazi is feature, not a bug.