What Budget Cuts?

From NY MAG:

After a long week of rubbing shoulders with the leaders of the Western world despite having no formal role in her dad’s administration, Ivanka Trump and her husband — along with her brothers, Eric and Donald Jr., and their respective wives and children — will reportedly descend upon the unsuspecting town of Aspen, Colorado.


There was some discrepancy about the number of Secret Service agents that travel with them — one source said “about 100,” while another said “quite a bit less than 100,” so it could go either way.

Meanwhile, President Trump is set to spend his fifth weekend at Mar-a-Lago, which will cost taxpayers about $3 million.


Original DVD cover

So, let’s break this down, kids. We don’t have enough money for Wheels on Meals to feed Grandma, there certainly is no money available to help people get health care, and if little kids want to watch educational TV, let the little bastards get jobs. However, there is plenty of money for daughter-wife Ivanka, her  brother Darryl and her other brother Darryl  brothers Beavis and Butt-head, the elephant slaughterers, and their families to take a vacation ski trip to Aspen. So what if Ivanka’s other husband is a billionaire? That doesn’t mean he should pay for his own family’s vacays.   Melanoma Melania sits in her gilded prison in Trump Tower like Rapunzel just waiting to let down her hair while she tries to blink for the first time in 8 years and costs taxpayers a shitload of money for security for her and her guaranteed child support check Barron. Meanwhile, Tiffany repeatedly climbs over the White House fence trying to see any member of her family.

To sum up–the Twitlers believe they are royalty. If by royalty, they mean “welfare queens,” they are correct.


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16 responses to “What Budget Cuts?

  1. I am so glad to be funding the exploits of this charming family…oh, wait.

    • They are so tone-deaf, it’s not funny. Typical of some people who grow up rich and having absolutely no clue what it is like not to be able to afford things that are necessary, like food, insurance, health care and childcare. They don’t understand why people are resentful when they see these asswipes having a swell old time on the taxpayers’ dime. They honestly believe it’s necessary for them to go on vacation, but other people are just whining, because they can’t afford the basics.

      I despise these entitled shitheads. 😡

      • Yep, and they’ve turned into a mafia taking over our gov’t. They’ll be even richer when they’re done with it, and we’ll be lefting holding the bag. Grrrr indeed.

        • That’s the only way Twitler knows how to run anything. He learned from his bribe-paying father and Roy Cohn who had lots of Mafiosos as clients. He only know how to lie and cheat, and if someone threatens to fight back in order to get what is due them, he threatens them.

  2. They suffer “bigly” from a sense of entitlement. In the meantime Father Twitler and his fellow comrades continue to whittle away at benefits for the poor, the sick, the old, the young and, the immigrant and etc. etc.

    • Amazing how royal families have gotten away with this shit for centuries, while the peasants starve in order to finance them. Amazing, too, how many of the peasants think that system is just fine and dandy.

      • Yep, there are waaay too many folks that think it’s ok to take from the poor and let the rich run rampant over the lowly. They just don’t seem to understand that ultimately it is affecting them but maybe these folks are either ignorant or too proud to admit that they’re being used.

        • I think there are some who think they are going to win lotto one day or will find out they have a long lost billionaire relative who left them their fortune. When that happens, they don’t want to pay taxes, and they feel no obligation to people who are in the same present situation as they are in. The Rethugs constantly tell those people that all of that is possible. St. Ronnie will come down and bless them, and they will become rich. They just don’t tell them how they are going to be rich when school budgets are getting cut, and continuing education is unaffordable. I guess they all figure they will wind up on Shark Tank with the invention that will make them all billionaires.

      • Medieval peasants were brainwashed, uneducated, and kept unaware of “subversive” ideas by illiteracy. Not unlike the Trumpanzees, except that the illiteracy is replaced by an inculcated distrust of non-wingnut sources of information.

        I assume that’s elephant blood on the sword? The little dancing elephant seems to be staring at it rather disconcertedly.

        And yes, this DVD would be a DUD. We pay attention to these people because they’ve suddenly acquired the ability to impose themselves on our lives, but no one would watch them for fun.

        • There’s a reason there is a Roman Catholic Church and a Church of England. Helps to keep the peasants in line if you tell them that their rulers were destined by the big guy upstairs. The miraculous thing is that people still buy into that in this day and age.

          Yes, that is blood on the sword, and thank you for noticing. I wanted to replace the sword with an elephant gun, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to make the glove (or is it a gauntlet?) look right. So. I gave up on that and hoped that someone would notice the blood and the frightened look on the poor elephant. Thanks for looking at the poster with a magnifying glass, Infidel! I am so happy when my little jokes get noticed. You made my day! 😀

          • I always look closely at the details of your works. I know it will be well rewarded. I also noticed the “BS” rating, from which I can tell you used a DVD cover from Ireland.

            Overall this makes me feel sorry for Aspen. Ivanka looks ditzy indeed, but aside from chipmunky Tiffany, the rest of the family appear positively demonic.

            • Infidel, do they have a BS rating in Ireland? I used to have a bunch of little images I would stick onto DVD covers or movie posters, including reworked studio logos. When my old computer crashed, I lost them all. 😥

              I really appreciated your examination of the silly posters. Little jokes aren’t funny if I’m the only one laughing at them. 😉

              • I meant I noticed the Gaelic writing in the blue octagon, which carried over from the original DVD cover. Foreign languages always kind of jump out at me.

                I still have an old, years-dead computer I’m keeping around in case I can someday recover the images I had stored on it (I make frequent flash-drive back-ups now). Hope springs eternal.

                • Gotcha! If I had a nickel for every hour I spend looking for fonts, I’d be almost middle-class. 😉 A lot of the time, I can’t find a matching font, so I just make letters out of the existing letters and hope that they look okay. I had tons of fonts on my old computer, and I printed out samples of each so I could look through my book and see which fonts matched what I was making. The the crash happened, and those were all gone, too. I would back everything up, but I honestly don’t know how. When my son comes down to visit, I’ll ask him to back everything up. My iPad isn’t backed up either. I keep getting messages that my iCloud storage is full, and when I try to update apps, I am told there is not enough memory or some such nonsense. I can’t be bothered with all that, so I just wait until the next disaster and then start all over again. At least I have all my posters in Photobucket.