Bond, WTF Kind of Bond Do They Have?


U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to skip an April 5-6 meeting of NATO foreign ministers for a U.S. visit by the Chinese president and will travel to Russia later in the month, U.S. officials said on Monday, a step allies may see as putting Moscow’s concerns ahead of theirs.


The decisions to skip the NATO meeting and to visit Moscow risked feeding a perception that Trump may be putting U.S. dealings with big powers before those of smaller nations that depend on Washington for their security, said two former U.S. officials.

Umm, ya think?


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Trump has often praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Tillerson worked with Russia’s government for years as a top executive at Exxon Mobil Corp, and has questioned the wisdom of sanctions against Russia that he said could harm U.S. businesses.


“It feeds this narrative that somehow the Trump administration is playing footsy with Russia,” said one former U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He has to play footsy. His hands are way too little for him to get handsy. But let’s go on…

“You don’t want to do your early business with the world’s great autocrats. You want to start with the great democracies, and NATO is the security instrument of the transatlantic group of great democracies,” he added.

Any visit to Russia by a senior Trump administration official will be carefully scrutinized after the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday publicly confirmed his agency was investigating any collusion between the Russian government and Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign.





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9 responses to “Bond, WTF Kind of Bond Do They Have?

  1. I’m guessing the bond was made with Gorilla Glue.

  2. WTF. I knew from the get-go that Tillerson was in the deepest pocket of Putin. What gets my goat is the fact that T’s admin makes no bones about who is important. I’m still in shock of how some many people were duped by Trump and believed all his lies. And then the ignoramuses voted Tillerson in. We as a country are in deep manure. Yes, I am repeating myself. Can’t seem to help myself.

    • They are getting bold now. Not even trying to hide by excluding the press or making up excuses. When do they start serving borscht in the White House? And when does the White House become the Winter Palace?

  3. Aaargh. One imagines Tillerson or even someday Trump coming back from Moscow waving a piece of paper à la Chamberlain.

    Trumputin must be the most loathsome “ship” ever presented on the internet — and that’s saying something.