Sean Spicer swears Ukraine was just Niles’s and Frasier’s unseen brother!

From Newsweek:

The ongoing scandal around emerging links between Donald Trump’s associates and the Russian establishment found a new twist on Wednesday. According to an exclusive Associated Press report, the former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort contacted Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in 2005 proposing a strategy to “greatly benefit” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government.


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Manafort and Deripaska forged a professional relationship shortly after, the AP report states, coinciding with Manafort’s now well-publicized career as adviser to Putin ally and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych prior to 2014. The new reports have prompted concern in the U.S. Congress where both Democrats and Republicans have been troubled by persistent reports linking Manafort and other Trump associates to pro-Kremlin forces.



[…] Wikileaks cables released in 2012 indicate that private intelligence analysts perceived Deripaska as close to Putin and he may have received benevolent treatment by the Kremlin because he married into the family of Putin’s predecessor—Boris Yeltsin.

Robert Amsterdam, an attorney who represented Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky during his case to keep his Yukos oil company from a state takeover, says that in Russia, having close ties between wealthy businessmen and the Kremlin “is not just normal, it is mandatory.”


White House spokesman Sean Spicer has repeatedly tried to distance the Trump administration from Manafort’s presence in the campaign prior to his departure in August. Speaking on Monday, Spicer said it was “a bit ridiculous” to believe Manafort “played some lasting role” or his past was evidence for “some high level collusion” with Russia and the campaign.

John Herbst, a former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine from 2003 until 2006, who met Manafort on two occasions during his station to Kiev told Newsweek the report “raised some serious questions,” particularly because during Manafort’s tenure for the campaign, Trump’s Republican party shifted its stance on Ukraine from one calling for the provision of “lethal defensive aid” to a much more benign phrasing of providing “appropriate assistance.” The latter is much more in line with Russia’s belief that Western powers should not interfere in the Ukraine conflict, where Russia is backing separatist fighters.


“I think [the AP report] is a bombshell and I have not used the term so far when speaking about the Trump campaign’s reported links to Russia,” [Herbst] says. “I knew there was a business connection with Deripaska from reading about it but the information today suggests the connection predates the Yanukovych connection.”


“The information today, that he had a plan to improve Russia’s image here, raises some very serious questions when someone under Manafort’s command [of the campaign] introduced language to the platform on Ukraine that would gratify the Russians,” he says.



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4 responses to “Sean Spicer swears Ukraine was just Niles’s and Frasier’s unseen brother!

  1. It’s business as usual with Spicer spinning lies for T. As I’ve written before ( I think) we’ll be ruled by Russia very soon.

  2. You know life has reached the point of total, unmitigated bizarre when you find yourself thinking fondly of George W Bush.

    • When I start telling myself that Deadeye Dick was not so bad, I slap myself really, really hard and remind myself that we can’t normalize this assortment of cockroaches.