Lock him up! Lock him up!


Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has told the Senate Intelligence Committee he is willing to be interviewed about the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia in return for immunity from prosecution, a Congressional official told NBC News.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Flynn had told the FBI and Congress he was willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity.


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In a statement tweeted Thursday, Flynn’s lawyer, Robert Kelner, confirmed that discussions had taken place with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, and said “General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it.”


Kelner then accused the media of being “awash with unfounded allegations, outrageous claims of treason, and vicious innuendo.”


In September, Flynn told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, “When you are given immunity that means you’ve probably committed a crime.” He was talking about aides to Trump’s opponent in the general election, Hillary Clinton.

Flynn, a retired Lt. Gen. who headed the Defense Intelligence Agency before being pushed out by the Obama administration, advised the Trump campaign beginning in 2015. He served as President Trump’s national security advisor for three weeks before resigning for what the Trump administration said was misleading Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak.


Flynn was paid $45,000 plus expenses to speak at the 10th anniversary gala of the RT television network in Moscow in December 2015, while he was already an advisor to Trump. The U.S. considers RT, which is state-sponsored, to be a propaganda outlet.

Prior to Trump’s inauguration, on the day that President Obama announced sanctions against Russia as punishment for interfering in the U.S. election, Flynn spoke on the phone with Russian Ambassador Kislyak.


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18 responses to “Lock him up! Lock him up!

  1. Flynn better watch out for his life, Somebody from the ivory tower will hunt him down. I hope mightly that he does testify. Won’t it be interesting. Then T will say he made it all up because he was fired by the T team for lying. Talk about a twisted case of political treason. Probably just about everybody in T’s present cabinet and campaign is guilty of colluding or having shady dealings with Russia.

    • I hope he doesn’t testify. If he is so anxious to testify, that means that he’s scared. To me, that means other people know the facts and will be willing to take a deal to testify against him. I would rather those other people get immunity so they can testify against him and send him to jail, along with everyone else who was complicit (looking at you, Manafort and Jared!). They might all get pardoned by Twitler, but their shame will live forever online.

      • Friend of the court

        Agreed, if these guys weren’t shameless, and not in a good way.

      • Weeel perhaps you are right. You know far more than I. However, you forget that the public forgets. They sure forgot or made excuses for T. and voter that sucker into office. Anyone-with a shred of common sense should have been able to see through Trump. But party lines and placing belief into a known crooked businessman to fix America that was not broken speaks for itself. People tend to forgive and forget- especially regarding super rich. I don’t think Manafort or Jared will reap anything bad at all. I’d rather Flynn dump all the trash and see if the repubs in office will do what should be done. Maybe it will get extremely interesting. I’m curious. What “gate” name do you have planned for the Trump fiasco and the upcoming testimonies, that is if they really occur?

        • I don’t anything more than what I read online and see on TV. The public didn’t forget about Watergate, and Nixon was gone as a result. With Nixon, the cover-up was worse that the crime, but in this case, the crime and the cover-up are equally bad. Twitler has an all-time low approval rating, so other than Rethugs in Congress (and not all of them at that) will be anxious to cut him or is cronies any slack.

          #Russiagate is already all over Twitter.

          • Russiagate- nice. I don’t do Twitter. I just don’t have time for that or Instagram. I’m doing good to keep up with blogging. I go to FB but very seldom post an animal thing if do post there. I just read other people’s stuff. I must re-connect my TV. Love CNN and get back to reading the paper. Will one day subscribe to on-line Washington Post. I think I like it better than NYT or The New Yorker.

            How do you stay so informed- that is if I may ask?

            • I watch MSNBC and read online blogs like Daily Kos, and I check out some of my blogging buddies to see what they’ve found. Twitter and Facebook often lead me to stories I might not ordinarily see. Of course, Google is my friend.

      • I would rather those other people get immunity so they can testify against him and send him to jail

        Unless Flynn’s own testimony can nail Trump himself. Remember, the biggest issue here is whether Trump was actively working with the Russian attempts to meddle in the election. If he was, Flynn probably has the details, or can lead investigators to those who do.

        “Widespread corruption, Paramount assholery” — is there anybody in Trump’s circle who doesn’t have some kind of sleazy connection with Russia? That’s why a lot of the Trumpanzees may not be so willing to forgive and forget if there’s real substance to this — they still associate Russia with Communism, and this kind of collaboration stinks, even to them. Same with the less-corrupted Republicans in Congress.

        St Basil’s there looks like it’s following Trump around like Laputa, hah.

        • If Flynn can nail Twitler to the wall, then I will settle for a court-martial and immunity on the civilian side. It’s all a matter of high up the food chain Flynn actually was.

          It’s really amazing how it seems that everyone Twitler knows has a connection to Russia. They even vacation there! Curiouser and curiouser.

          You have very good eyesight. I didn’t think anyone would catch ‘Paramount Assholery.’

          Your remark about St. Basil floating reminded me of this picture Matt Keay posted on Twitter with this commentary:

          Rare photo of the UK leaving the EU.

      • I agree. Plus if he DOES testify, there is no way that info can be kept from the folks who can really put him in jail, where he obviously belongs because hey, he wants immunity and that means he committed a crime ammirite????

  2. I DID hear a report (from an anonymous source cause I was listening to TV on the radio) yesterday morning that claimed that there is evidence that the Ruskies DID try to manipulate actual votes in Wisconsin and Michigan. No evidence that they succeeded, though. This whole scandal gets curiouser and curiouser.

    • If the Russkies are so in like Flynn (see what I did there?) with so many Rethugs, why on earth should we believe that they didn’t collaborate directly or indirectly with Rethuglican Attorneys General, Rethug state committee leaders and even Rethug state commissioners of elections?

      By the way, I am wearing those glasses with Groucho’s fake nose, mustache and eyebrows galsses so I can blog anonymously. Can’t be too careful these day.