Out Like Flynn


Donald Trump is lot like a cockroach – and not just because he’s generally chock-full of horse excrement. You can step on the guy all you want, but he always seems to scuttle away completely unscathed. And he’s survived more nuclear fallouts in the past 70 days than any other so-called politician would ever hope to see in ten lifetimes.

Cabinet resignations, court defeats, legislative setbacks, thousands of lawsuitsallegations of rape, mass protests and the lowest approval rating for a generation are just a “no, never mind” to him. Up until recently, it seemed like Trump’s ego, shameless ambitions and grip on power simply could not be killed.

But Michael Flynn might just be the industrial-grade pesticide the world has been desperately praying for.


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Flynn was a three-star army general turned ardent Trump warhawk. The two sparked quite a bromance over the course of 2016, and so it was hardly surprising when Trump named Flynn America’s top national security advisor after The Donald was sworn into office.

Within 24 hours of that appointment, Trump fed his friend to the crocodiles and kicked him out of the White House after it leaked Flynn had some alleged dodgy dealings with the Kremlin.


Michael Flynn and his new, aggressively anti-Trump lawyer have volunteered to tell members of congress and the FBI everything there is to say about America’s greasy new president and his supposed links with Moscow – but only under the sole condition that Flynn is guaranteed total immunity from being prosecuted for what it is he has to say.


Donald Trump has completely and utterly desecrated the integrity of his office. He bathed the American people in snake oil in a desperate bid to reach what he perceived to be the top, and he stepped on a whole lot of friends along the way.

Well, Mr President, karma sure is a bitch – because it looks like Michael Flynn might have been the wrong friend to step on.

Senate insiders have already dismissed Flynn’s immunity offer as “wildly preliminary”, but members of the House Intelligence Committee sound quite keen. And unless this is all just some sort of pathetic Hail Mary to get his job back, Donald Trump should be pretty damn worried about this guy.

About that attorney…from THE DAILY BEAST:

There is no love lost between Gen. Mike Flynn’s lawyer and President Donald Trump.

“After the November apocalypse, it will fall to those Republicans who opposed Trump (those few) to gather the ashes and rebuild,” Robert Kelner tweeted in July. “This finally explains how Trump won the nomination. Turns out most of the voters are actually dead. #Zombievoters,” he added the next month.

Kelner is a longtime Republican, and a prominent election lawyer for the party. But in the 2016 presidential cycle, Flynn’s lawyer was outspoken in his criticism of Donald Trump, and vocal in his support for third-party candidate Evan McMullin.


Another time, he attacked the president for refusing to release his tax returns. “Question for Rudy [Giuliani]: If Trump’s tax avoidance is laudable ‘genius,’ why has Trump fought so hard to hide it?”

And sometimes, his criticism was even more brutally blunt.

“Win or lose, aiding and abetting Trump is not a morally acceptable option,” he wrote in September.

Kelner is a respected lawyer in his field and no bleeding-heart liberal. He’s written articles about congressional investigations and the vetting process for presidential appointments, and how early voting helped Trump. And, during the election cycle, he dished criticism to both camps, albeit saving his most outspoken disdain for the Republican nominee.


“Rob Kelner is a very good lawyer who knows when a client needs immunity,” wrote Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias on Twitter. “And if Rob says Flynn has a ‘story to tell’, WH should watch out.”


The questions surrounding Michael Flynn keep increasing. Now it turns out that Donald Trump’s former national security adviser failed to disclose he received payments from the Kremlin-funded television network RT. He also received payments for speaking engagements with two other firms that have Russian ties, Volga-Dnepr Airlines and the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Government Security Solutions.

The payments are listed in an amended financial disclosure form that Flynn filed on Friday and the White House revealed on Saturday, more than a month after he stepped down from his position.


Considering all the twists and turns in the Flynn story, little wonder that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham seemed a bit flabbergasted when he talked about the former national security adviser in a town hall meeting on Saturday. “We’re going to talk about the Flynn deal,” Graham said at a town hall on Saturday. “It’s getting weirder by the day, isn’t it? Yeah.”


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25 responses to “Out Like Flynn

  1. Let’s hope so. Trump really has been way too good at avoiding the consequences of his stupid actions. Guess he’s had lots of practice, since he’s been rich all his life.

    • Well, his daddy is no longer around to bail him out, and I don’t see any of the banks he owes money to rushing to his defense. They can’t. I think Twitler thinks he has all the freedom in the world now to do anything he damn wants, but I think he’s actually painted himself into a corner. He’s surrounded himself with idiots who have no clue how the government works. He may think he has the Justice Department on his side, but the career lawyers there are not beholden to him. Neither are the Attorneys General in the states. He’s never gotten this much scrutiny before, and it only makes him more paranoid. Paranoid people are not known for their clear thinking and often dig themselves deeper holes. Someone throw the asshole a shovel.

      • I heard a Republican on Fox News today–of all places and people–stating that the Trump administration is “rookie mistake after rookie mistake.” This was someone with years of political experience. I think many people are ready to hand that shovel to him 🙂

        • The Rethugs still in elected office will cheer Twitler and his decisiveness, while those who are no longer running for anything will wring their hankies over his impetuousness. Of course, they’ll say that the adults are in the room, too, meaning McMasters and Secretary Mattis. However, does Twitler listen to them or that asshole Jared who still has the same haircut he had in 2nd grade? The missile launch in Syria will dominate the news for a while, and the talking heads will say that Twitler looks and sounds presidential, and his poll numbers might go up for a day or two. You can govern from day to day, though. You need a long-term plan, and Twitler has shown that he has no patience for that and his attention span is not long enough to hear about how actions now will reverberate for decades.

          • Exactly. Even a broken clock occasionally shows the correct time, so he might do one or two things that seem presidential…the problem is it’s all part of a larger chaotic non-pattern, which means we’re all doomed anyway. And with that…have a great weekend?? Heh.

            • I would love to know the definition of the word “presidential” as it is used by the TV talking heads. For some reason, to them, it never seems to correspond to seeking peaceful solutions to problems. Instead, it is always about launching missiles and bombing people. If it had been Hillary (who might have done the same thing BUT with a long-term plan in place), I have to wonder what adjectives Van Jones, Fareed Zakaria and all the assholes on Faux News would have used. 😡

              • I’m sure she’d be “warmongering”…because, ya know, Hillary was EVIL for some reason.

                I think for Trump not jumping around and making monkey noises pretty much translates to “being presidential.” That’s what happens when you have an extremely low bar….

  2. Lady I enjoyed this one “hugely” For some reason I’m assuming you are female and I have no idea why. Heck you could be from outer space. 🙂 But back to your genius. I hope that all your talents are not wasted in blogging posts. The fake CD or movie ad poster is the funniest that I’ve seen here. I absolutely love the photos that you picked of the attorney, Flynn and, Graham. The titles are so appropriate. T. looks like a slimy roach.

    I still hope that Flynn testifies. I know that in one reply to me you wrote that you hoped he would not. If he can pile more dirt on T. I’m all for Flynn getting the chance to let his lips flap- bigly.

    Of note; I have adopted bigly and hugely as my new odd and not actual words or maybe they are. T. used those like popping M&M candy. He used the hell out of very, fake, winning, great and, bad. That is a short list- lots more over used words in his limited vocabulary that he used respectively. He sounded like broken record.

    • Although I understand wanting to hear Flynn testify, things all get murky when someone grants a guy like him immunity. They did it with Oliver North in the 80’s, and were never able to prosecute him. Now he is on flippin’ TV, and heralded as a hero instead of the criminal he is. My guess is Flynn will testify eventually on his own. Cause he’s going down and my guess is he will want to take The Donald down too.

      • I have to agree with those thoughts, I forgot about North who paid no price for his actions. I hope you are right but things are dragging on as T continues to Twitter his disdain for the media, keeps bringing up Clinton, and in general says everything is a lie and fake.

      • They did prosecute and convict North, but it was overturned. From Wiki:

        North was tried in 1988. He was indicted on 16 felony counts, and on May 4, 1989, he was initially convicted of three: accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and ordering the destruction of documents through his secretary, Fawn Hall. He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerhard Gesell on July 5, 1989 to a three-year suspended prison term, two years probation, $150,000 in fines, and 1,200 hours of community service. North performed some of his community service within Potomac Gardens, a public housing project in southeast Washington, D.C.[28] However, on July 20, 1990, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),[29] North’s convictions were vacated, after the appeals court found that witnesses in his trial might have been impermissibly affected by his immunized congressional testimony.[30]
        As North had been granted limited immunity for his congressional testimony, the law prohibited a prosecutor from using that testimony as part of a criminal case against him.
        While the defense could show no specific instance in which North’s congressional testimony was used in his trial, the Court of Appeals ruled that the trial judge had made an insufficient examination of the issue. Consequently, North’s convictions were reversed. After further hearings on the immunity issue, Judge Gesell dismissed all charges against North on September 16, 1991.

        • damn you have a great memory…

          • Nah, I have Google! I do remember that he was convicted, but I had to google to see if he ever served any time.

            I forgot to add above that I think you made an excellent point about these latest investigations have just started, and we have a long way to go. I would be really interested to see what Eric Schneiderman has on Twitler up in New Yawk, because I think he’s been on the case longer than anyone. I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

            • There is a new cog. The Post just posted an article tying Erik Prince (Betsy DeVos’ brother) to a back channel brown Putin and Trump 9 days before the Inauguration.

    • Happy that you enjoyed the poster. I was lucky, because I only had 2 pictures of Kelner to choose from, and one was just big enough to be fudged to fit the picture.

      Yes, I have always had ovaries, and yes, I am from outer space. 😉

      I was probably imprecise in my previous comments. I want Flynn to testify. I just don’t want him to get immunity. If it is necessary to give him immunity in order to get the big cheese, then I’m okay with that. I will settle for him getting court-martialed and being disgraced publicly that way.

      I remember the days when Dubya introduced strategery into the vocabulary. I also remember thinking that he must be the dumbest president ever. I never saw the present moron coming.

      • Mercy you are too funny. Strategery made me laugh. I had not remembered that one. Dubya could butcher the English language like no other. Then as you say, along came the model T. and it seems he has little to no language at all. Very, bigly, hugely, winning, fake, lies, lock her up is repetitive, literally on a daily basis. Dubya is looking a whole lot better but only in certain aspects. His ranch is about 25 miles west of where I live. We had frequent helicopters over head on the week-ends. Nothing like watching the Marine choppers making their way to his Crawford ranch. Cheap entertainment. My city even had to name a parkway for him. As far as I know he never even paid a visit to the Baptist U. here not that it mattered but one of his fellow repubs became head knocker and a year or so ago had to resign in disgrace for being complicit about allegations of rape that involved the football team. Heads did roll and it is still not quiet on the home front. I deviate here but these are all those goody two shoes board (regents) repubs who met and decided to give the football coach his walking papers. It was/is a scandal.

        • There’s a yuuuuge difference between holding up traffic in Crawford TX and jamming 5th Avenue in NYC or the main roads in Palm Beach. I think Crawford probably did more business during the 8 years Chimpy (that’s what we call Dubya at The Raisin) than they ever did before or after. On the other hand, it’s costing a fortune to protect Twitler Tower and Mar-o-Lago, and it is negatively affecting businesses in both areas.Even Jared and Ivanka’s new neighbors are miserable. Of course, the royal family couldn’t care less. Selfish assholes.

          • Noonie you are right about the traffic and the difference in costs for the government. It is a virtual nightmare with Model T and his family. The debacle of Model T’s reign is mind boggling. Love the names of Twitler Tower and Mar-o-Lago. I refer to the latter as Merry-o- Leggo.

  3. Nonnie, I agree with Pets above that this poster is one of the best. Just fine work, lady.

    And I’m loving the image of Flynn just twisting in the wind, worrying, waiting. I hope they never grant him immunity, but just tell him that they will send him to Danbury min. penitentiary instead of Leavenworth where I’m thinking he won’t do so well…

    • Thanks Elyse! ❤

      I like your idea of tempting Flynn with a nice country club prison instead of pounding rocks at Leavenworth. Throw in a court-martial and him giving up his government pension and paying a yuuuuuge fine with all those rubles he earned,and I'll he fine with that.