Jonesin’ For Power


Alex Jones and Roger Stone blamed “President” Jared Kushner for the Syrian airstrike ordered by his father-in-law, Donald Trump.

The InfoWars founder hosted the political dirty trickster — who’s under investigation for possible ties to Russian intelligence — on his program Friday to discuss the military action.

The conversation followed a conspiratorial trail that led from Syria through the West Wing to the Upper West Side, and all the way to Silicon Valley, and fell apart when Jones blamed Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, for every bad decision made so far by the president.


With sincere apologies to Normal Rockwell (Freedom From Fear)

“It’s them, it’s them — it’s his daughter and son-in-law who are literally enemies of the Republic!” Jones shouted.

At the start of the discussion, Stone suggested the chemical weapons attack, which Trump used to justify the military action, might have been staged as part of a conspiracy to draw the president into war in the Middle East.

“What’s interesting to me is this push by the generals, which I believe is aided by the president’s son-in-law (Kushner), to essentially shed the non-interventionist position that he stuck to very closely in the campaign and become George W. Bush,” Stone said. “The people, if they wanted a neocon, they would have elected Jeb (Bush).”

Jones blamed “President Kushner” for the torrent of media leaks from the White House, which he described as a “jihad” to go after “hardcore conservatives and patriots” like Steve Bannon for opposing the airstrike.

“I can absolutely certify that Steve Bannon was opposed to this intervention in Syria, and he obviously lost an internal argument,” Stone claimed.


Jones agreed Kushner and his wife appeared to be part of a broad Democratic conspiracy to shut down right-wing sites — which he described as guardians of the republic, and which the FBI is investigating for possible ties to Russian agents.


Jones used a series of code words to warn his listeners that Kushner, who is Jewish, was trying to undermine his father-in-law, the president.

“He is surrounded by weak, foppish, left-wing New York socialites,” Jones said, and Stone picked up the thread.

“Meanwhile, we see Jared dining with the head of Google with one of the toniest restaurants in Manhattan,” Stone said. “This is more disturbing to me than anything else because the future of the Trump administration and his efforts to make America great again completely pivot off access to the ‘net and the ability to rally the same people who elected him.”





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8 responses to “Jonesin’ For Power

  1. Sherry Shirk

    oh god, nonnie – capping off the day in great form. Love you. Sherry

    On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 12:18 AM, HYSTERICAL RAISINS wrote:

    > nonnie9999 posted: “From RAW STORY: Alex Jones and Roger Stone blamed > “President” Jared Kushner for the Syrian airstrike ordered by his > father-in-law, Donald Trump. The InfoWars founder hosted the political > dirty trickster — who’s under investigation for possible ties to Ru” >

  2. Sure Mr Jones didn’t get his crazy ideas going as he had expected. Model T made the terrible mistake of pulling Russia sympathizers and hard core alt-right wingers into the White House with him. I feel his daughter and Kushner will at least try to steer Model T, hopefully in the right direction., I have been very worried that Bannon, Stone and Jones and some other crazies were going to turn the US into little Russia. My comment doesn’t mean that I am fond of what Model T is doing. He has undone many laws that were enacted and that is the tip of the iceberg.

    The cartoon is excellent. Made my day or rather my night. 🙂

  3. Friend of the court

    World Wrestling Federation’, Ringling Bros. went out of business because they couldn’t compete with the three ring Trump administration.

    Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms”, series is masterful illustration, and you have created a masterful update. Looks like Putin is looking up mom’s skirt. LOL.
    the Don won’t like that.

    • I didn’t even realize that Pootie-Poot was O’Reillying the daughter-wife! 😆

      I used the painting once before (with Dubya and the parents), but I missed some of the details back then. When I did the poster this time, I enhanced the headline to see what it said, and I was surprised to realize that it fit the present situation perfectly.

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