Gall In the Family

From Think Progress:

There’s supposed to be a firewall between President Trump and the business he continues to own, which is being run by his his two adult sons, Eric and Donald Jr. Both Trump Sr. and Eric have recently made public statements about their commitment to making sure the presidency doesn’t becoming a money-making venture for the Trump family.

But there’s already been indications that firewall isn’t as firm as it should be.


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During a February interview with Forbes, Eric admitted that he plans to give his father quarterly financial updates about how Trump’s sprawling business empire is doing. And earlier this week, Donald Jr. told the Associated Press he “has spoken to his father more frequently in recent weeks.”

A new Washington Post report citing 21 of Trump’s aides, confidants, and allies suggests that not only are Eric and Donald Jr. talking with their dad about his business, but they — along with Ivanka Trump and fellow White House staffer Jared Kushner — are exerting their influence to make sure his flagging presidency doesn’t destroy the family brand.


The Post report also comes on the heels of Eric and Ivanka separately defending nepotism during interviews.


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7 responses to “Gall In the Family

  1. Heh…good luck with that flagging presidency thing. I have a feeling it will turn into such a dumpster fire in the end, the Trump brand will be damaged for years to come.

  2. The Model T family does not have any scruples. It has always been about money and will continue. I think their empire of money making businesses will crumble when Model T. causes the US to be destroyed by a nuclear bomb.