Easter Basketcase

From silive.com:

As the White House prepares for its annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday, April 17, social media posts remind the world when Press Secretary Sean Spicer donned the Easter Bunny costume during George W. Bush’s administration.


With the egg roll coming up soon, some wonder if Spicer will resume his role as the White House Easter Bunny again this year.

#BeTheBunny Sean, be the bunny!


Original DVD cover


Last year’s White House Easter Egg Roll featured a surprise visit from Beyoncé; athletes from the NBA and Washington Redskins; and a performance by actress and singer Idina Menzel, the voice behind that catchy song from the movie “Frozen.”

This year, the big act for the Trump administration is the Martin Family Circus, a six-person family band from Nashville that’s driving up to D.C. for the annual event in an RV.

President Donald Trump spent weeks comparing the size of his inauguration crowds to President Barack Obama’s, yet for the White House’s first big public event — the Easter Egg Roll — officials have gone out of their way to lower expectations.

While last year’s crowd was estimated at about 37,000 people, press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that only 21,000 are expected on Monday — though the White House has ordered 18,000 eggs, “in line with past years,” according to Spicer, who participated in the event as the Easter Bunny in 2008.


Three people familiar with the effort say that planning for the egg roll didn’t begin in earnest until late February, when the White House placed its order for commemorative wooden eggs — a step taken only after the Maine-based manufacturer, Wells Wood Turning, posted a plaintive message on Twitter warning that its Easter deadlines were approaching and asking the White House to “please reach out.” (The post has since been deleted.)


Frequently, the first lady uses it as a platform to tout her pet cause — be it exercise and healthy eating, literacy or support for military families. It’s unclear whether Melania Trump will highlight a specific theme this year.

Maybe she can dedicate the egg roll to people unable to blink due to too much plastic surgery.

The Obama administration started planning its first Easter Egg Roll during the presidential transition in 2008, according to Ellie Schafer, special assistant to the president under Obama and former director of the White House Visitors Office. At the time, the new administration was also dealing with the financial crisis and negotiating the stimulus package.

Schafer said that in January and February she fielded calls from past vendors, volunteers, partners, schools, even a port-a-potty company.


Even the arranging of the musical talent has been a hasty affair.

The White House did not reach out to the Martin Family Circus about the possibility of performing until three or four weeks ago and was still nailing down the details, six days before the event. The Martins still had not figured out where they would stay or park their van, or how many sets they would play.


Part of the delay may have come from the late appointment of Lindsay Reynolds as Melania Trump’s chief of staff.



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6 responses to “Easter Basketcase

  1. I can’t wait for SNL on Saturday …

    • Melissa McCarthy dressed as the Easter Sean on last night’s show. I love her! ❤

      By the by, didja read that the Twitlers had a private Easter egg hunt for all the rich kids at Mar-o-lago? The public was not invited. Don’t want to let the riffraff in. 😡

      • Jeez, no. I didn’t read that. A special hunt–no big game involved for the Trump boys?

        I am trying to have a bit of a break for my sanity. It’s nearly impossible.

        • A private egg hunt for the rich kids. It wouldn’t surprise me if they put Little Seanie in a rabbit suit and made him run all over the premises while Donnie Jr and Eric used him for target practice.

  2. Hoo boy. It is a circus and he/they invited a band that has circus as part of its name. Maybe heads will roll instead of wooden eggs. It will be interesting

    The poster/cartoon is a good one. You are good!

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