Princess Twitlerella

From International Business Times:

US President Donald Trump is keen to use the Queen’s royal carriage to travel down The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

I thought pumpkins turned into coaches, not ride in them! Anyway, here’s what Twitler is imagining. Wait until Prince Philip finds out that Twitler expects him to caddy for him.


Original image

UK security sources have warned that it poses a “monster” security operation, according to a Times report, leading to a lockdown of areas in central London.

The Metropolitan Police are preparing for one of the largest public order operations in years, as hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come to Westminster to protest at Trump’s state visit, which was postponed from earlier this year.

If they think the UK security forces are pissed off, just imagine how the Secret Service feels! Twitler wants themย to blend in.


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In 2011, Barack Obama arrived at Buckingham Palace, travelling in an armoured motorcade, protected in a bullet and bomb-proof car.

“The vehicle which carries the president of the United States is a spectacular vehicle. It is designed to withstand a massive attack, like a low-level rocket grenade,” a source told the Times.


If the Diamond Jubilee State Coach is used, it has bullet-proof windows, covered with gold leaf, with door handles inlaid with 24 diamonds and 130 sapphires, according to the Daily Mail.

Hundreds of armed US Secret Service personnel will also be protecting the American president.

Elizabeth is about to find out who the real queen is.


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19 responses to “Princess Twitlerella

  1. darkblack9999

    Brilliant! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Your cartoon/poster is excellent. I had a good laugh. Model T’s presence is a problem where ever he goes. Imagine the cost of the Secret Service protection and all that the trip entails. It is mind boggling.

    • And this is the guy the media wants to tell us is so manly and tough. He’s a little princess with tiny hands.

      • The media says he’s manly? I have missed that. Yes he has tiny hands and doesn’t cut that shaggy hair. His hair alone is not manly. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • The media is constantly going on and on about how people voted for him because he is a throwback to what was considered manly in an era gone by. Remember when Dr Oz announced Twitler’s testosterone level on the air? Every time he bullied someone, they said it was just Twitler being Twitler instead of pointing out that he is just an insecure bully who is terrified of strong women.

          • In the past and that was years ago, I watched Ozzie MD but I stopped watching when I thought he was toeing or jumping the line on ethics. Some of his shows were like a side show. So no, I didn’t see any of the Model T’s testosterone level being touted by Ozzie, MD. That is ludicrous. I have no doubt that Ozzie, MD sold himself to the highest bidder. If Trump was on the show, I bet Ozzie, MD was paid extra under the table. But yes, Model T. is very much a bully and it continues to amaze me that his “followers” can not see through all his hot air. He uses and belittles women and that is the ultimate degradation. I remember when, during his pursuit to becomg the repub nominee, he said of the women that was also trying to become a front runner, “look at that face. Who would vote for that face?” That one statement should have been a red flag to voters but mercy, people paid no mind to his insults and his overall bullying of women and his fellow contenders. I am still in disbelief.

            • I don’t watch Dr Oz. I think he, like a lot of other TV doctors, are charlatans trying to get famous to make money. I never watch his show, but heard about the testosterone, because people were talking about it online. I would never, ever buy a product he endorses. I think he does way more harm than good, because people think if someone is on TV, especially a doctor, then what he says is true.

              • You are so correct. If anyone has any sense at all they would not be taken in with all the fake/bogus offerings on TV.

                Os sold out to the highest bidder and he could make more money on TV and put in fewer hours and have less stress- that is what I think. He was a fairly well know MD but I think he was one of Oprahs’s protegees.

                • Ugh! Even more reason to ignore anything he says. Oprah is responsible for giving us that moronic Dr, Phil, too, not to mention Gayle King and Rachel Ray, all of whom I can happily live without.

        • I’ve thought his hair was ridiculous since I was a little girl.

          • Hello brindlemom,

            Welcome to The Raisin! ๐Ÿ˜€

            If only his hair was the most ridiculous thing about him. ๐Ÿ˜ก

            Hope to see you around here again soon!

  3. Donald Watson

    Ha Ha! This one really cracked me up Nonnie!

    • He just makes it too easy, Don. The only ones not laughing at him are the Secret Service. What a nightmare this asshole and his family must be for them. Did you hear they want a $60 million increase to protect him and his grifting family?

  4. On the plus side, with the number of horse posteriors to be seen near that carriage, terrorists will never be able to tell which one is the real Donald Trump.

    Those Secret Service agents “blending in” are hilarious (though the teal bow is rather fetching). I notice you had to let Cinderella’s gown out quite a bit to accommodate the orange dingbat’s exalted flab.

    What an embarrassment this man is.

    • The shit that comes out of the other horses’ posteriors can be used to fertilize plants. The shit that comes out of the orange horse’s ass is of no use whatsoever.

      I did let Cinderella’s gown out, but Twitler still had to tie his corset really tight to get into it. Unfortunately, Ivanka usually doesn’t make dresses for big girls, but since it’s for Daddy-Husband, she made her Chinese seamstresses work overtime to accommodate his fuller figure.

      He truly is an embarrassment. I can’t imagine anyone else (except maybe the whackadoodle in North Korea) worrying about the vehicle he is going to ride in during a state visit. Someone needs to give him some glasses to wear that makes everything around him look like it’s covered with gold-leaf.

  5. Friend of the court

    at mid-night, the queen turns back into a thug from Queens.