@JasonInTheHouse will soon be out of the House!

Jason Chaffetz, the most punchable face in D.C. is giving up his seat in the House. He wants to spend more time with his family. That’s his official explanation, but almost everyone finds that…well, a little curious…


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While some have speculated that President Donald Trump is the one that ate Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s (R-UT) career, Amber Phillips at the Washington Post reports it might actually be his ego that took the hit.

As the chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Chaffetz expected to lead investigation after investigation into presumed 2016 presidential winner Hillary Clinton. Trump dashed Chaffetz’s plans to become a household name.

Republican strategists think Chaffetz is bored investigating his own people. Given the blowback Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) experienced for being too close to the Trump-Russia investigation, he was forced to step down. Chaffetz could have faced the same calls to step aside, effectively neutering his public profile.

Chaffetz has also been put in a difficult position as Trump demands Congressional investigations for each conspiracy theory de jour he decides is real based on a Fox News report.

He also hinted he could seek a higher office at some point. The Utah governor’s seat is an open race in 2020, which gives Chaffetz ample time to run from the GOP’s record in the House and save himself from being on the wrong side of an unpopular president.


It also means he won’t have to face any more angry constituents at town hall meetings.

All of the above is very possible, but I like Wonkette’s explanation.



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9 responses to “@JasonInTheHouse will soon be out of the House!

  1. Jason Chaffetz stepped off into some deep doo-doo when he involved himself with Model T. There is no winning when you think you are doing you party a favor by telling all to the President. You will be burned no matter what and come away looking worse than stupid. Also I think that he does not want to tarnish his “good name” any further if indeed he is seeking a higher state post He knows he is not as popular as he originally believed so this is just another reason to get out of congress.

    Chaffetz is a blabber mouth who thought he would make brownie points. Playing crooked does not get one anywhere in the end. The end will get you!

    • Chaffetz would have won reelection, because he’s from Utah, and Mormons stick together. That’s why you have to wonder why he suddenly decided to quit. Either he’s hiding something, or he’s just lazy. Taking potshots at Hillary earned him points with his base, but he doesn’t want to take on the pussy-grabbing liar. He’s either a lazy hypocrite or he’s got skeletons rattling in his closets.

      • He’s both. A lazy hypocrite and he has skeletons in his closet. I think he has plenty to hide from the FBI, CIA, etc. I think that is why he is moving on. Or he wants to distance himself from Model T in an effort to cleanup his image so that he can run for the governorship of Utah. He knows that people tend to forget and past ideas and actions will indeed be a thing of the past. But just maybe he is leaving for other unseen reasons. It’s no telling what is in his infantile mind. Actually, I think he is a weasel.

  2. jeb

    “Jason Chaffetz, the most punchable face in D.C.”

    Dear God, have you not seen Stephen Miller?

    • Eddie!!! 😀 It’s been so long since you stopped by!

      There are so many punchable faces in D.C. and so few fists. Louie Gohmert, Steve King, the ironically named Virginia Foxx, Kellyanne Conway, and most especially Twitler himself. There are so many others, and that’s doesn’t even include some of the talking heads. I’d love to have 5 minutes alone with a baseball bat and Hugh Hewitt. He’s so vile. Throw in Roger Stone and Jeffrey Lord, too. I want to throw all of them at rocks.

      P.S. Did you see the Marine Le Pen post and poster? I was thinking of you and Gery. 😉

      • jeb

        Yes, I’ve been following them all Nonnie. Just clicking like on them on FB and staying out of the commenting business.

        You had a nice eight year vacay but time to get back to the Nonnie movie poster biz again. So much material and so little time. As much as I hate what has caused your return, I’m loving the work.

        • I do see when you click Like on Facebook, and it is appreciated, but it’s always nice to see you over here.

          Joyeux anniversaire, Gery et Eddie! ❤