Not exactly Russian to judgment


Nearly a month ago, the top two officials on the Senate Intelligence Committee held a press conference to discuss their probe of the Russia scandal, and one could almost hear the sigh of relief from the political world. Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Ranking Member Mark Warner (D-Va.), acting very much like grown-ups, said their investigation was on track, and operating in a cooperative, methodical, and bipartisan way.

The point wasn’t subtle: while Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-Calif.) bizarre antics had derailed the House Intelligence Committee’s efforts, Burr and Warner wanted to reassure the public that we could have confidence in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s work.

So much for that idea.


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Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff reports today that the Senate’s probe has not only failed to make progress, but it’s also “increasingly stymied by partisan divisions that are jeopardizing the future of the inquiry.”


Democrats on the panel are “privately complaining” that the investigation is underfunded and understaffed, and it appears that those concerns are becoming less private.

Making matters worse, Burr has strictly limited committee members’ access to materials. The North Carolina Republican has also not yet signed letters to key members of Team Trump, seeking documents related to the probe.

The Yahoo News report added that the Senate Intelligence Committee “hasn’t even approached potentially key witnesses to schedule interviews with them” – including witnesses who’ve volunteered to make themselves available.

There’s no reason to be surprised. In mid-December, Burr said he was inclined to largely ignore the Russia scandal. In February, we learned that Burr reached out to reporters about the Russia scandal at the White House’s behest.

And there’s this, from The Fresno Bee:

A violent-crimes prosecutor with the Fresno County District Attorney’s office is planning to challenge incumbent Rep. Devin Nunes in California’s 22nd Congressional District election in 2018.

Andrew Janz, 33, is launching his campaign Tuesday, touting his prosecutorial credentials and his nearly lifelong connections to the Valley – and criticizing Nunes for his close ties to President Donald Trump and concerns over Nunes’ actions related to an investigation of Russian interference in last year’s presidential election.

“I’m not a politician; I’ve never considered running for Congress until recently,” Janz told The Bee on Monday. “Most of the stuff in local and national media has pushed me to get involved,” he added, referring to a House Ethics Committee investigation into whether Nunes – chairman of the House Intelligence Committee – mishandled classified information related to the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia probe.

“I deal with confidential information on a daily basis,” Janz said. “I’m in a profession that’s all about ethics.”


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8 responses to “Not exactly Russian to judgment

  1. Just as I expected, The ethics committee is hog wash and they are all in bed with Trump. Further more the GOP doesn’t give a fig about the how’s and why’s Model T got elected. They don’t want their party tainted and as long as Model T performs on the fringe, no one cares except the Democrats who are woefully outnumbered.

    • They aren’t all in bed with Twitler, but it appears that many of them are in bed with Russia and its oil. I’ve read that Richard Burr is heavily invested in it, so that might explain the foot-dragging. We need to see the tax returns of all of these asswipes to see whose side they are really on.

  2. This seems really short-sighted. First, the Russia investigation is the surest route to impeachment and replacing Trump with Pence, whom many Congressional Republicans would actually prefer. Second, failing to impeach Trump means he remains a millstone around their necks going into the 2018 elections. Third, quashing the investigation hands Democrats a huge issue for those same elections (Janz looks like an early example).

    The issue won’t just fade out of the mass public mind. The intelligence agencies will see to that.

    Oh, and Trump is probably mad at you for making fun of his classy golden toilet. 🙂

    • The only sense that I can make of it is that a lot of Rethugs (including Burr, from what I have read) have a lot of bucks invested in Russian oil. I have to wonder if the Rethugs in Congress, who know Pence well, know something about him that makes them hesitant to impeach Twitler. It always feels like it’s just a matter of time before another timebomb is going to go off. Maybe because there’s always one going off.

      P.S. Thanks for noticing the toilet! When I put little jokes into the posters, I always think to myself Well, at the very least, Infidel will see it! 😀

  3. I don’t know how we don’t have daily head explosions, all of us. Every fucking day there is something horrible.

  4. This is all such a big mess. Talk about a tangled web that has been woven. . . I want it all out in the open–all that is hidden. And then I want justice! The problem is I am old and don’t have that long to wait. Are ALL the Republicans corrupt?

    • Dearest Eleanor, there is a DVD with 3 film noir movies on it, and it took very little manipulation to fit modern-day Rethugs into it, so I will hazard a guess and say that the answer to your question is yes. They are all corrupt. Maybe not the dead ones, but all the other ones are.