Writers’ Schlock

From twitchy:

Blame Matt Yglesias for setting off Monday’s torrent of fake news about Chelsea Clinton with a tweet suggesting she’s running for office, which of course she’s never said she’s doing.

You can click over there and read the collection of tweets (because I still can’t figure out how to embed tweets here). I want to focus on some of the male  journalists who have nothing more important to do than to diss Chelsea. Among them: the aforementioned Matt Yglesias, Josh Barro, and CNN’s new hire Chris Cillizza.


Chris Cillizza indicates the size of their collective weewees as Matt Yglesias and Josh Barro look on.

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From the tweets that I have seen, it seems that Yglesias, Barro and Cillizza all have a problem with Chelsea, because they think she has never earned anything and is just an entitled child of privilege. Cillizza also seems to have a problem with Chelsea, because she’s not Ivanka Trump. But let’s start with Ygelesias.

You can’t blame Matt for his bitterness toward privileged Chelsea, since his life story is a sad but uplifting one. Matt Yglesias was the child of sharecroppers in Mississippi. He would pick cotton during the day and read by the light of one match (which he relit over and over again, because his family could only afford one) at night. Oh wait, wrong Matt Ygelsias.

Our Matt Yglesias was born to Rafael Yglesias and Margaret Jaskow in 1981. Poor deprived Little Mattie attended The Dalton School in New York City and then Harvard University. Daddy Rafael is a successful novelist and screenwriter. His late mother was an associate art director of Newsweek. Little Mattie’s paternal grandparents were Helen and Jose Yglesias. Helen was a novelist and the editor of The Nation from 1965 to 1969. Grandpa Jose was a novelist and wrote articles for The New Yorker and Esquire, among others. And now Little Mattie is a columnist. Can you say dynasty?

Let’s move on to Josh Barro. He was raised in the mean streets of Chicago where he dodged bullets on his way to school each day, and where he was forced to drink water shipped in from Flint, Michigan. Oh, dammit! My bad again. Wrong Josh Barro.

Our Little Joshie was grew up in Massachusetts, son of Harvard professor and macroeconomist Robert Barro. Professor Barro is considered one of the most influential economists in the world. Joshie somehow overcame that underprivileged background to work for The New York Times, Business Insider and Bloomberg. He also appears often on MSNBC. What a touching rags-to-riches story!

That brings us to my favorite, Chris Cillizza, the bastard child of Andrea Mitchell and Mark Halperin.  Chris Cillizza has not said anything important since 1976. Cillizza was born in 1976  and raised in the hoity-toity slums of Marlborough, Connecticut and attended the Loomis Chaffee School. You might have read one his latest columns for the CNN, where he defended Ivanka Trump and pooh-poohed those who hissed at her when she appeared as her father’s representative in Germany.

The easiest course here would be to pillory Ivanka. After all, it’s indisputable that her father has said things, repeatedly, about women that all people should acknowledge are unacceptable. His comments in the “Access Hollywood” tape, his regular references to women as “pigs”, and his comments about Carly Fiorina’s looks during the 2016 primaries have zero defenders. And Donald Trump has apologized for a total of none of them.


But, it’s important to remember that Ivanka is, first and foremost, her father’s daughter. As such, she is going to defend him — as would almost every daughter in any situation in which her dad is under attack. And, whatever you think of the Trumps, it’s beyond debate that they are a very close-knit family who always sticks together.

Soooooo…..It’s okay for any of the Trump children to say anything they want about anything (and there’s no nepotism going on there), but Chelsea has to reply to our delightful triumvirate of journalists with pledges signed in blood while she pinky swears, crosses her heart and spits three times in order for them to believe her?

It’s a good thing there is nothing terrible going on in the world that warrants the attention of journalists, and they have plenty of time to cover the only thing that is threatening our country right now. Chelsea Clinton.






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16 responses to “Writers’ Schlock

  1. vincelamb

    These guys must be bad for Michelle Malkin’s online rag to show sympathy for Chelsea Clinton. The only good thing I can say about Twitchy, which isn’t up to the levels of Breitbart or The Blaze, is that it’s name is truth in advertising; that’s a good description of how it makes me feel.

  2. I suppose these there so called journalists but who are actually scum bags needed to find someone to pick on and heaven forbid that Ivanka Trump would be dissed. After all she is already in the WH and has some sort of position made to tailor by her father, Model T.

    It rattles my brain to think these guys needed to pick on Chelsea C. I don’t understand why folks just can’t leave all of the Clinton’s out of the news. After all Model T is the president so I think the political writers and pundits need to stick with what’s going on in the WH.

    • They all suffer from Clinton Derangement Syndrome. I don’t know why they hate so deeply that they have to pick on Hillary’s daughter. These (and a few others who are just as guilty) are supposed to be fairly liberal, so i don’t know what the stick up their asses are from. All I know is that their reaction to Chelsea leaves a stain on everything and anything they write.

      • Yes very much so. Sometimes I think, that possibly it is displaced anger or Some people love to hate and what is better than hating someone from the past? All of if is so old it reeks like dead fish.

        • I think it’s more like self-hate. Each one of them grew up in privilege, and they never want to admit they never would have had the success they had if their parents had not given them every advantage. They strike out at Chelsea, not for anything that she has done, but for being a child of privilege. They forget the part where her parents did not grow up rich, and the part where she had absolutely no privacy while she was growing up. Any of those asswipes would be lying in bed under his blanket and hiding from the world if they had had to endure what she had to while growing up in a fishbowl.

          • One can’t help what they are born into. I think Chelsea is a classyu young woman. But the asswipes are a different matter and as you say, they were given a huge hand up in life but don’t want to admit the fact.

  3. the loony tic

    these adorable little white boys know that there’s a possibility that chelsea may want to pursue politics and be eligible to run for president. (after twitler, everyone is eligible.) so they must cut her off at the pass before this idea germinates because god forbid we evah have a female leader of this great nation!

    • They are just transferring their Hillary hate to her daughter and trying to bully her. Notice that they don’t say a word about George P. Bush or any of the Kennedy boys. I’m happy to see that Chelsea is too smart for them, and she doesn’t take the bait. She makes them look stupid instead. Best way to deal with bullies.

  4. Friend of the court

    Very nice. You G(O girl!

  5. They need to leave her alone. I think they crap on her because they can’t do anything more to the father and the mother. Besides, they need to train their eyes on the Frick and Frack Trump boys and unearthing what is really at the core of Ivanka.

    • I don’t think Ivanka has a core. She’s the female version of her father but with better manners. Everything she says is meaningless, and everything she does is for self-enrichment. As for the other children of the corn, her brother Darryl and her other brother Darryl, if they hadn’t been born into a wealthy family, they would be asking “paper or plastic” all day and mopping up broken glass in aisle 5.