Rotten to the News Corps

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Is this what implosion looks like?


Bill Shine & Jesse Watters hopefully about to get hit by a train.

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In the week since Bill O’Reilly’s ouster from Fox News, the cable news network has struggled to stay on message. The Murdoch family has stated firmly that it is seeking a culture change. But the culture of Fox News seems quite resistant to changing — and the allegations keep piling up. In addition to a network-wide culture of sexual harassment that ended the Fox News careers of both Roger Ailes and O’Reilly, a racial-discrimination lawsuit against comptroller Judith Slater is gaining complainants and is similarly sordid in its details of harassment and employee exploitation. (Among other complaints, the black employees of Fox News allege that they were subjected to arm wrestling white employees for Slater’s amusement.)

But that’s just the legal mess. On-air and in public, the network’s image problem is also a mess. The promised culture change isn’t evident in what the network’s been putting on air — or who they’re promoting to plum timeslots — leading to a smug and typically bigoted debut for Tucker Carlson at 8 p.m. Monday that feinted towards inclusion before reveling in mockery.

Then, on Tuesday’s episode of “The Five” — which moved from 5 p.m. to a primetime 9 p.m. slot, just on Monday — co-host Jesse Watters ended a segment about Germans booing Ivanka Trump by making a literal blowjob joke. “I really liked how she was speaking into that microphone,” Watters said, gesturing cylindrically with one hand and grinning in what most women know as the street harasser’s go-to jerkoff motion.

And on Wednesday, Sean Hannity — one of the network’s longest-running anchors, and its most recognizable personality now that all the rest have left or been booted — took to Twitter for a public meltdown, hinting at a conspiracy to take down Fox News from the inside. The tweets were a response to a report from New York magazine that Bill Shine, the Fox News co-president implicated in covering up or permitting the network’s culture sexual harassment, wasn’t able to get a statement of support from the Murdoch family. Hannity tweeted portentously that if Shine goes, Fox News “as we know it” goes with him.


In Fox News’ first week of attempting to change its corporate culture, it appears to be in complete disarray. Without the casual sexism and race-baiting — without the bluster and bombast — what does this network stand for? Or are these gaffes and goofs and Twitter meltdowns just indications of what many have long suspected — that Fox News is rotten, all the way to its core.


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13 responses to “Rotten to the News Corps

  1. Wow and wow. The revelations keep oozing out and smell fetid. Who would have ever thought that Foxy news would fall into disgrace? I haven’t read anything of late about Model T defending O’Reilly anymore. I think someone told him that he best keep his thoughts from his public domain of Twitter.

    Anyhow, that old saying/adage of what goes around comes around sure has a lot of truth. All the lies and degradation of Clinton, Obama and the democrats are now coming back in a way that none of the bigots and racists ever thought possible.

    I must add that I get better news from reading your posts. Now lest you get big headed just remember to remain humble. 🙂

    • Twitler is too busy feeling sorry for poor Michael Flynn to defend BillO.

      The purpose of this blog is to have fun and to maybe point out stories to Raisinettes that they might not see otherwise. There is so much distraction from the real news these days.

  2. the loony tic

    the only way to change a work culture is to replace the pervs at the top. and it wouldn’t hurt to include a few women in the mix. somehow, i don’t see that happening in faux news’ future.

    • I just saw on the news that Bill Shine is out, and they put 2 women in charge. That might be good, or it might be just a distraction. It all depends on who those women are. The one in charge of programming, Suzanne Scott, worked under Roger Ailes (don’t quite know how to phrase that to make it less vomit-inducing). Some ex-employees have said that she was worse than Shine when it came to female employees’ concerns. Not sure who the other woman is, unless they mean Amy Listerman, the new CFO. In the meantime, the lawsuits keep pouring in, and Faux News is under investigation, because they paid out hush money and disguised the payouts as salaries. Big no-no!

  3. Can we start calling it News Corpse yet? At this rate, soon all the shows at Fox will consist of views of unoccupied desks. Maybe they can get cardboard cut-outs of newsreaders. Or maybe not. This being Fox, even the cardboard cut-outs would sexually harass each other.

    One can’t help comparing the incessant sleaze and scandals at Fox with the situation in Trump’s cabinet (though the scandals there are different in character) and the sex scandals that fundamentalist churches seem so prone to. Maybe it’s an effect of the increasingly authoritarian quality of the right wing in this country. Authoritarianism naturally breeds corruption — just look at any undemocratic government.

    • There’s a website called News Corpse. It’s been around for many years. I am hoping to see a lot of those empty offices over at Faux News being replaced by jail cells. Even if Faux is besties with Twitler, there are a lot of rich shareholders who have to be pissed off that so much money went to pay people to keep their mouths shut. When a lot of rich people are pissed off, things seem to happen. Here’s hoping!

      i read an article today about a married pastor with a wife and 4 kids knocked up a teenage congregant. It was referred to as black-collar crime. I don’t know if that’s a new term or not, but I like it! By the way, the dirtbag only got a couple of years and only has to register as a sex offender for 15 years (unlike an 17-year-old kid who had consensual sex with his 15-year-old girlfriend, who has to register a sex offender for the rest of his life), because, you know, Jesus.

      Thanks for the mention over at C&L, Infidel. Appreciate it sooooo much!!! ❤

      • And thank you for your posts! Glad to help make more people aware of them.

        “Black collar crime” is definitely a thing. Bruce Gerencser’s blog has been chronicling it for some time (scroll down a bit for his “recent posts” list to the right). There’s been a tendency to go easy on those guys, though maybe that will change as the pervasiveness of such crimes becomes better known. Other countries are less forgiving. Ireland has been one of the bastions of Catholicism for 15 centuries, but the Church’s influence pretty much imploded after 1996 when the priestly child-molestation scandal hit there. A couple of years ago the Irish Republic legalized gay marriage in a referendum, and it’s now considering legalizing abortion. Before, those things would have been unimaginable.

        I wonder if the prison authorities would let O’Reilly resume his TV show from his cell. They’d have to make sure his cell is nowhere near Alex Jones’s, so the taping isn’t ruined by the constant yelling.

        • I’ve read Bruce’s blog before, thanks to clicking on links at your place, Infidel. It’s how I learn about stuff that I didn’t even know I didn’t know. When will people admit that being religious does not equate being a good person or doing good things? I have met some very kind and good religious people who try to do the right thing, and I have met some who are the biggest liars on the face of the earth, as well as the biggest hypocrites.

          I think your idea about BillO is awesome! What would be even more awesome would be MSNBC airing an episode of Lock Up that centers on him and the rest of the gang from Faux News and Rightwing radio. 😆