You better watch out, we know that you lie, you sold voters out, and people will die

From Jennifer Rubin at the Right Turn at The Washington Post:

By my count, six Republicans in districts that voted for Hillary Clinton voted in favor of the American Health Care Act in committee before they had the Congressional Budget Office scoring. These were: Reps. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.), Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.), Mimi Walters (R-Calif.)Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.), Ryan Costello (R-Pa.) and Leonard Lance (R-N.J.). […] In some cases Clinton won by big margins in these Republicans’ districts. (In Curbelo’s district, she won by more than 16 points; in Paulsen’s by 9.5 points.) One supposes Democrats will put these members at or near the top of their list of incumbent targets in 2018.


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These are the faces of men who will kill Americans in order to give a massive tax cut to the very, very rich. Top row: Dave Reichert, Carlos Curbelo Bottom row: Erik Paulsen, Ryan Costello, Leonard Lance

Washington state is deep blue, and Reichert has faced tough competition in the past. He has gone out of his way to try to reassure nervous voters worried about losing Obamacare. The Seattle Times noted, “Last month, in an interview with KCTS 9 before the legislation was released, Reichert said: ‘No one is going to lose coverage, let me just make that clear, again, no one will lose coverage.’” He was off by 24 million. That’s sure to come up in 2018.
Curbelo may find it especially uncomfortable since his Florida colleague Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) opposes the bill because of the number of people who will lose insurance. […] Both lawmakers represent Democratic-leaning districts won by Hillary Clinton.” Interestingly, Curbelo doesn’t seem anxious to brag about his vote.
By contrast, Walters put out a statement cheering passage of the AHCA in committee. “Our constituents need healthcare plans and programs that work for them, not Washington. It’s our duty to rescue this failing healthcare system and develop a system that offers Americans access to quality, patient-centered care. Passage of the #AHCA is a critical step towards that goal.” Considering the millions who will lose coverage, the price hikes for older Americans and those who will be priced out (including those dropped by Medicaid), she may have some difficulty explaining that.
Paulsen already has drawn fire from the Democrats’ congressional committee. In a statement after his vote on the Ways and Means Committee, Democrats blasted him: “Erik Paulsen is now on the record in favor of jacking up health insurance premiums and ripping away coverage from millions so that Republicans can cuts taxes for health insurance CEO’s.” Remember, Clinton won his district by more than 9 points so he’s going to face an onslaught in 2018.
In Costello’s district Clinton won by less than a point, but he’s only in his second term. Although the district has been reliably Republican in House races, nothing prevents a Republican primary challenger from emerging. He likes to think of himself as a “pragmatic conservative” but pragmatists usually insist on having the facts before making decisions of enormous consequence.

We’ll see if these members come to regret their votes. But keep in mind there are a total of 23 Republicans who sit in districts who went for Clinton. Given the reception the bill has gotten and the CBO score, it will be interesting to see how many risk their seats by voting for Trumpcare.



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5 responses to “You better watch out, we know that you lie, you sold voters out, and people will die

  1. Well they went and passed their dam detrimental and deranged bill to undo the AHCA and I hope and pray that the Senate is a whole lot smarter than the deplorables in the House.

    GOP politicians have no scruples and I can’t understand how any of them can sleep at night. Obviously they identify with Model T and are willing to sacrifice their integrity just to make sure they follow party lines. Of course most of them have no integrity.

    Americans need to wise up but most folks seem unable to face realty and Trump continues to lie about anything and everything. There you go- tax cuts for the elites.

    Wonder how all the coal miners that voted for the lying buztard, will feel when their black lung disease and other job related health issues are no longer covered because they had a pre-existing condition.

    • I bet there is not one member of Congress who could look at the list of preexisting conditions and not identify with at least one of them. If shitheads who voted for them don’t now realize that they were hoodwinked by assholes who care nothing for them, then I give up. They are either stupid or selfish beyond redemption, and they deserve whatever they get. It’s too damned bad the rest of us have to suffer along with them.

      • You have the problem correct. The rest of us must suffer due to the ignorance of folks that could not apply reasoning and/or the ability to see through a politician that was lying his ass off. Anyone with a shred of common sense should have been able to determine that Model T was a lying bazturd. I still can’t fathom how he brain washed so many people. I feel that he would very much like to make the US a dictatorship. But yes, I give up too. I don’t have any words left except that I’m filled with despair.

  2. vincelamb

    Was it deliberate that your title can be sung to the melody of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”?