13 Has Never Been a Lucky Number

From CNN:

Just hours after House Republicans managed to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Senate is signaling it will write its own proposal — announcing a group of 13 Republican members who will be responsible for crafting the Senate’s plan.

12 angry men

Original DVD cover

The members range from alabaster to light beige and are all of the male persuasion.

A GOP aide defended the makeup of the group.
“We have no interest in playing the games of identity politics, that’s not what this is about; it’s about getting a job done,” the aide said. “We’ll work with any member of any background who wants to pass a health reform bill that will reduce premiums and take away the burdens that Obamacare inflicted.
“To reduce this to gender, race or geography misses the more important point of the diverse segments of the conference the group represents on policy — from members who support Medicaid expansion, to those opposed to it, to those who have called for long term full repeal,” the aide added.

The diverse all-white all-male all-Rethuglican Twitler-states group consists of:
Mitch McConnell (KY)
The following assortment of Johns:
Cornyn (TX)
Thune (SD)
Barrasso (WY)
Lamar Alexander (TN)
Mike Enzi (WY)
Orrin Hatch (UT)
Mike Lee (UT)
Ted Cruz (TX)
Tom Cotton (AR)
Corey Gardner (CO)
Rob Portman (OH)

I guess the female senators will be busy making sandwiches so the fellas don’t get hungry.


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6 responses to “13 Has Never Been a Lucky Number

  1. Really! Somehow I feel it is about to get worse. Americans have been had. I hope folks remember these so called politicians when voting time comes around. We the voters need to drain the swamp.

  2. Donald Watson

    Well those sandwiches aren’t going to make themselves are they?

  3. vincelamb

    When Ted Cruz is the “diverse” member of the group, you know it’s pulled from a very shallow pool.