When Harried Met Sally


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attempted to school career federal prosecutor Sally Yates on the law, and it did not go well.


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Yates, who served as acting attorney general for 10 days of President Donald Trump’s administration […] appeared on Capitol Hill Monday to testify before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism.

While the hearing was focused on Trump and his associates’ alleged ties to Russia, some senators, including Cruz, instead focused on Yates’ refusal to defend [Trump’s executive order that would ban travel from certain Muslim countries].

While questioning that decision, Cruz, also a lawyer, cited a portion of U.S. code that allows the president to block immigrants from entering the country if allowing such entry would be “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

Yates immediately fired back by citing another statute that says visas cannot be denied due to someone’s race, nationality or place of birth.

Watch the video at the HuffPo link above, and see why Sally Yates could have eaten Ted Cruz’s lunch but didn’t care for what he ordered!


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11 responses to “When Harried Met Sally

  1. Friend of the court

    CaCa Cola. LOL. That’s what Trump’s butler should bring when the POS pushes the red button on the Resolute desk.

  2. the little political joy we get these days come from Sally Yates’ testimony & Macron election. Oh, that and my twitter feed reaction to that. So, yeah. last 48 hours – kick ass 🙂

    Thank you, nonnie.

    • I watched the testimony and recorded it just in case the dog had to go out to poop or if the phone rang. It was like a breath of fresh air (except for Cruz’s lunch). John Cornyn looked almost as stupid as Cruz when he got his ass handed to him. At least the moron from Louisiana was as happy as a clam (though I suspect he might have been drinking). 😀

      • just in case the dog had to go out to poop

        Well, that could be Cruz’s dessert.

        If Yates is in the Justice League of America, she needs a proper superhero name — Super Sally or Cruz Crusher or something like that. Maybe a cape too. But this incident illustrates the super power our heroes have that the villains lack — intelligence. All through the primaries the wingnuts were talking about how Cruz was such a super-hotshot lawyer, but he didn’t know the law on the very issue he was trying to lecture Yates about.

        Gah. I can smell those sandwiches from here.

        • Cruz’s poop dessert should have corn kernels in it. My dog’s poop is not stinky enough to outstink Evil Teddy.

          I knew you would catch the belt buckle. When I do posters now, I always wonder what I should stick in to amuse Infidel. 😉

          I think Evil Teddy knew the law, but he thought he was going to throw Sally for a loop. Too bad for him that she is as cool as a cucumber and has a brain like legal Rolodex.

  3. A good one man upmanship. She is way more intelligent than Cruz and I’m glad she made him eat lunch. I think it’s funny as hell. What the eff did his questions about immigration have to do with reason she was testifying? The GOP are pros at deflecting. And now Trump is still Twittering away that all of it is fake news and, etc. etc. I am so sick of the bunch of lying low down buzzturds.

    • Male Rethugs cower in the wake of strong smart women. They were seriously outmatched today, and they tucked their little weewees between their legs and fled. Sally Yates reminded me of Elizabeth Warren, but Warren’s speaking style has a tendency to annoy me a bit, while Yates was a pleasure to listen to and watch.

  4. the loony tic

    yates is the poster lady for modern women. i hope they’re watching because she’s a model for being a victor instead of a victim.

    • In other words, a white male Rethug’s worst nightmare. Being smart and composed and cool is bad enough, but they have to deal with the fact that she’s attractive, too.