Odium for the Podium


Much like her father, Sarah Huckabee Sanders could probably benefit from deleting a tweet or two.

The deputy White House press secretary under President Donald Trump—who some Americans (and mock reporters on Saturday Night Live alike) are saying should replace her boss, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer—is facing new criticism for messages she posted on Twitter before accepting a role in the Trump administration.


Original bobblehead

Just days after Sanders defended Trump for his controversial decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, Twitter users pointed out the “hypocrisy” in her 2016 tweets defending the head of the agency. At the time, Sanders was blasting former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton after it was reported that the FBI was probing newly found emails on her longtime advisor Huma Abedin’s shared laptop with her husband, Anthony Weiner.

“It’s not Comey’s mess,” Sanders tweeted after Comey made the controversial announcement in late-October. “It’s Hillary’s. Actions have consequences, even for those who believe they’re above the law.”




Sanders isn’t alone in her Twitter controversies. Her father, the former governor of Arkansas who says he uses the social media site as a platform for his “unique” style of comedy, regularly finds himself battling back accusations that his tweets are racist, counterproductive and otherwise politically incorrect.

Sanders has been in the White House limelight since covering a number of daily press briefings while Spicer fulfilled his Naval Reserve duties last week.


But Sanders’ old tweets may prove she’s no less controversial than her boss, who is often charged with misstating the facts on a variety of White House and international developments on a near-daily basis.


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12 responses to “Odium for the Podium

  1. Sherry Shirk

    Bad, nonnie. Seriously lol bad!

  2. One thing is certain, Model T surrounds himself with the scum of the Earth. She is indeed her father’s daughter. Huckabee is just about the most degusting piece of work that ever came out of Arkansas. He is one of the most biased and ignorant politicians one could ever been elected. And he continues to rant and rave about things of which he knows nothing.

    • Her parents are among the biggest grifters around, and I would not be surprised if it was announced that at least one of her brothers was a serial killer. Sarah, just like her parents, is a hypocritical bible-thumper. She memorizes some phrases but that’s about it.

      • You have that right about Bible thumping. Quoting phrases from the bible means nothing. Anyone that has a memory can quote. They are bigots, racists, crooks and, woefully lacking in common sense.

  3. Oh, that “bull”-shit bucket! You’ll be able to use that item in many images concerning things Trumpian.

    I’m not sure if Spicer is innately all that bad as a spokesman. I think he’s become disoriented and demoralized by constantly having to defend and repeat not only utter nonsense, but unexpected nonsense. Every random thing that pops into Trump’s head and out his Twitter feed instantly becomes a truth that Spicer has to take completely seriously and support in the face of the incredulous media, and there’s no knowing what those “truths” will be from one moment to the next. It would drive anyone crazy.

    Suckabee-Handers is now getting a taste of the same. Comey was Good when he was going after Hillary and so he deserved praise, but he became Bad when he went after Trump. Now that we are at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eurasia. Unfortunately for her, Twitter doesn’t have a memory hole. Yet.

    Trump probably won’t hold it against her, though. With his endless changes of mood toward everyone and everything, he has the same problem, in spades.

  4. Out of curiosity, are you posting from Europe? I just noticed the time-stamps on these comments are 7 hours different from Pacific time.,

    • Poor Little Seanie Spicer is like a chef who is given a refrigerator filled with shit and told to make a feast out of it. I don’t know who can shine Twitler’s unending series of turds or make them smell better. That said, Little Seanie doesn’t exactly have a soothing voice or a comforting persona. He really is like the court jester. Sarah, Complain and Stall is no better. While Little Seanie is the court jester, she is a humorless and nasty person. I read today that Kimberly Guilfoyle from Faux News (and ex-wife of Gavin Newsom) is gunning for the Press Secretary gig. I guess only those people who work for Faux wants administration jobs, because Faux is the only place that would take them back.

      No, I’ve never even been to Europe. Mighty MikkoMouse set the blog up. He is in the UK, so the blog is in Greenwich Time. I guess I could change it, but that would require my finding out how to do it, and it’s sort of sentimental now to keep it this way.

      • Kimberly Guilfoyle? The former SF attorney in the dog mauling case before her tarnished star at Faux aiming for the WH Press Sec gig?

        As for SuckABee QuickSand, she learned of the Comey double standard from Dad and T. T was recently interviewed on Mikey SuckABee’s show and bellyaching about the job of POTUS. What a Wuss.

        • Hello goldblooded,

          Welcome to The Raisin! 😀

          SuckABee QuickSand? 😆 You’re gonna fit in here just fine.

          Hope you’ll stop by often and comment. 😀

  5. Friend of the court

    don’t believe that there is a big stack of applications for that job, anyway. What’s Gotti’s sister doing? She has the right look.